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This has been a long but great year for Anime and the surge of new fans that came along with it. Anime has always been a great medium for expansive stories and out of the box concepts and genres! Now that we are in the last couple weeks of 22’ what has been your favorite anime to watch or even rewatch this year? Were there any new anime this year that stood out to you? What do you look forward to seeing more of when it comes to anime series or even films?



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cb445 t1_j04mb1m wrote

My Dress Up Darling, Spy X Family, Ya Boy Kongming, My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho, Chainsaw Man, Made in Abyss, The Eminence in Shadow, Kaguya-Sama, Kotaro Lives Alone, and of course Demon Slayer + Attack On Titan were all my favorites this year. Awesome year for anime!


wujo444 t1_j05upuk wrote

I haven't watched that many titles this year, only a handful, but Mob Psycho 100 S3 has been way above everything else. Amazing season.


krazy_kat_laddie t1_j04sx8d wrote

Reincarnated as a Sword is a surprisingly good series. Started watching cause it sounded like such a dumb premise, but it's been extremely cute and a lot more bloody than I would have thought.


rikashiku t1_j05km2q wrote

Same reasons I watch it now. Some Anime sound so stupid I have to see it. Then it turns out to be brilliant.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j03ogla wrote

I liked My Dress-up Darling. I needa catch up on the new season of My Hero Academia too. But...

I didn't watch much anime this year, and honestly, I don't think a lot of anime got buzz this year. And when I say buzz I mean the kind of buzz that would attract casual anime viewers like myself.

Spy x Family, My Dress-up Darling and Chainsaw Man are the only ones that seem to have had any buzz outside the hardcore anime fandom this year tbh.


NotSoNiceO1 t1_j080dev wrote

SpyXFam has been my favorite this year. Very cute show if you are into that.


conker1264 t1_j05c3nj wrote

Top Tier:

Made in Abyss

My Dress Up Darling

Spy x Family Season 2

Ranking of Kings

Good Tier:

Chainsaw Man

Bocchi the Rock

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

Spy x Family Season 1

Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2

Call of the Night

Lycoris Recoil


havocssbm t1_j068h4o wrote

Bleach has been riding a nostalgia wave on top of nice looking animation but this arc, like most of the back half of Bleach, is terrible. Jump cancelled the manga and rushed its ending for a reason. It's possibly biggest overrate in recent anime history, currently bouncing around #1 or 2 all time on MyAnimeList.

Chainsaw Man will only get better if they adapt the manga well. Should be a can't miss going into next year.

Bocchi the Rock has come out of nowhere and has no right being as fun as it is. Ostensibly it's a K-On knock off with the character personalities shuffled, but somehow it's far more enjoyable than that premise. Though I'm sure a lot of anime nerds (including myself) on Reddit can easily relate with the social anxiety.

Since it's around that time of year, I watched Tokyo Godfathers for the first time. Absolutely wonderful movie, it feels like a wholesome Tarantino movie with the somewhat frenetic pacing and exploration of Tokyo's castaways.


smack54az t1_j04hs9k wrote

Spy X Family

Gundam the Witch from Mercury

Bleach TYBW

I'm not sold on Chainsaw Man yet.


ITstaph t1_j04nkt2 wrote

Man, I wanna see a crossover with Briareos from Appleseed and Batou from GITS.


Diabolik9 t1_j05w5o4 wrote

Spy X Family, Urusei Yatsura and Chainsaw Man


Dandellionprincess t1_j05e2rj wrote

Ok this is obscure but I’m actually really loving Human Crazy University/Human Bug Daigaku. It’s absolutely bonkers and a lot of fun. The animation is nonexistent, but the opening and ending are great, and the voice actors are insane? Like Takehito Koyasu, Hidenari Ugaki (Majima from Yakuza), Tomokazu Sugita, and Saitou Souma (Diavolo from JoJos). Go into it with no expectations for each episode and be pleasantly surprised


SilverMullet22 t1_j08kvnq wrote

Skeleton Knight from Another World was my sleeper hit of the year. Watched it as background noise about 3 times now. I am not sure even why, it just clicked with me.

This year's season of Ascension of a Bookworm season end episode made me cry like a little girl.

Alot of the others in the thread are great, spy x fam, s3 mob psycho, lycoris recoil.


MABfan11 t1_j1muuxd wrote

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie