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jdmurphyx t1_j27zkyc wrote

It’s a character focused show. You need to sit down and watch it without simultaneously being on your phone or whatever.


Hairless_Human t1_j282ch9 wrote

Holy shit the amount of times I've caught my family members having a show running and they are not even looking at the tv or not even in the same room. Then wonders why they miss so much and have to keep going back episodes.


sevsnapey t1_j286067 wrote

it makes you wonder how much tv people actually watch vs how much they think they do. if you're binging a whole season in a day but you've paid attention to 40% of it did you actually watch it?


Bodmonriddlz t1_j280ax6 wrote

Lol I love how subtly defensive you are getting over this. Instead of taking OP’s comment at face value, you assume that he “must” be watching the show distracted or on his phone. You don’t even try to persuaded OP otherwise…it’s just an instant “you’re opinion is different than mine and automatically wrong”


jdmurphyx t1_j280n9z wrote

Not defensive, just a common problem with people and this show I’ve noticed. If he’s actually doing that and watching it he can disregard my reply. If he’s not he can take the advice and give that a shot.


pardybill t1_j28251s wrote

Idk why this guy is pretty upset with you. I’ve noticed a lot of shows lately are either embracing or rebelling on this issue overall.

Either you can sit and watch a show while not missing much by glancing at your phone, or you can glance at your phone then look up and go “wait what the fuck happened” after missing a minute.


Bodmonriddlz t1_j281esy wrote

Fair play. But telling someone they “need” to do something that they didn’t even mention or ask for in the first place…


ObjectiveJackfruit35 t1_j281qdf wrote

I think it's great advice, considering the amount of times a phone can be a distraction. I've yet to see Better Call Saul, but when I do, I'll definitely take note that I must put my phone down and pay attention, thanks to that post. It's not only aimed towards OP, there are plenty of people like myself who can appreciate the advice.


MasterRed92 t1_j281y3i wrote

I've seen BCS in totality and you 100% should focus on it, there's not a lot of wasted scenes


pardybill t1_j2828cb wrote

I mean. A lot of shows seem to be adapting to the “screen distraction” stuff lately. Either they give you some leeway with it, or don’t. It’s not him telling anyone they “need” to do it, but just addressing BCS as a show you have to pick up on details and non vocal cues.


Bodmonriddlz t1_j282hyb wrote

Sure…isn’t that any TV show though? Like, I’d imagine OPs issue with BCS runs deeper than “I was sitting on my phone and didn’t get it” as the reasoning for why he/she doesn’t like the show. Instead of constructive criticism about BCS, it just resorts to “well something must be wrong with YOU if you didn’t like better call Saul.”


theiwc0303 t1_j280my3 wrote

I think you’re the one projecting here, dude just used it as an common example of how it requires a lot attention


Bodmonriddlz t1_j281i24 wrote

Sure but that isn’t really what he said is it? OP simply said he just doesn’t like the show. This guy said he “Needs to put down his phone”


jdmurphyx t1_j284hc3 wrote

He said “change my mind” so I pitched a solution to a common problem i see people have with this show.

It’s not that big of a deal, some shows you can watch while browsing Twitter or multitasking and others you can’t.


B_L_T t1_j27zuz2 wrote

I hated the pilot and thought the first season overall wound up being ok. Then it becomes one of the best shows ever.

It really finds its rhythm in Season 2 and is really worth sticking with it.


and_dont_blink t1_j28008b wrote

>but in the beginning of episode 6 season 1 and I’m not getting hooked.

Not everything is for everyone. It's like books -- you'll never get through everything and there's so much out there that if you pick up something and a few chapters in it's not doing it for you, put it down and pick up something else. You'd know by now if the qualities the show was offering worked for who you are and where you are, and if it's boring to you try something else.


fionaapplepie t1_j27zj4u wrote

You'll missed out on Kim Wexler's character arc. One of the greatest tv characters.


[deleted] OP t1_j28034k wrote



l3reezer t1_j280569 wrote

What changed?


[deleted] OP t1_j280prc wrote



l3reezer t1_j28159b wrote

Yeah, I just meant is there something transformative that happened in S5 specifically I'm forgetting or did another show come out whose character overtook her place?


gregyong t1_j283q0u wrote

She became more than a female lead and became my waifu...

Oh why....


EggSandwich1 t1_j28clua wrote

I kept watching because the Mexican part of the story got interesting


Salt-Discipline2090 t1_j27zohx wrote

It is a much slower, focused character study than Breaking Bad was, even though Breaking Bad was no slouch in that department....very much worth it to stick it out, top tier TV.


readMyFlow t1_j280ihy wrote

if you hate it you hate it. go watch something else bro.


zorokash t1_j282hfl wrote

Ikr. Weird thing to watch 5 seasons of a show you could never connect with. Season 6 doesn't have any more bombastic scenes than any previous ones.


malapropter t1_j2834ii wrote

They're on episode six of the first season. I had to give it a double take too.


zorokash t1_j2844u6 wrote

Oh. My bad. Still, thought the kettleman case was actually pretty good story.


Fthewigg t1_j283h9t wrote

Sometimes a person wants an informed opinion about a show that receives effusive praise. I have begrudgingly stuck with a couple shows because I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and it was admittedly a chore.

Threads like this are actually pretty useful, because they balance out some of the gushing. Others will relate to this instead of just wondering why they don’t like this seemingly universally loved show.


l3reezer t1_j280c25 wrote

It's a popular opinion that it's boring at the start. A lot turn over once its initial storyline culminates in S3, some still don't like it and then only enjoy it once it gets into back into the gangster activity of BrBa in S4-6. At its crux are the characters though, so if you actively dislike them, then it might just not be for you. It really is one of the best shows ever though


-Haddix- t1_j28043g wrote

this is how a majority of my friends felt through season 1-2, and all ended up regarding it as one of the best shows they’d ever watched by the end of it.

stick with it


freshkicksss t1_j280kcw wrote

I found season 1 boring but stuck around. After they each season becomes drastically better than the previous until the show is amazing. It’s no surprise given how much time has passed but I also found the production quality to be much better than Breaking Bad.


jaiox t1_j280n1n wrote

It’s crazy cause I disagree with this… BUT I can totally understand why someone would say that.


thegoodcunt t1_j28ggn9 wrote

I'm the same. While i have always loved and enjoyed the show, there's no escaping the fact that those first two seasons were slow af. Like almost taking the piss slow. I'm constantly impressed by how much restraint they showed early on. No fucks given.


a_saddler t1_j280pwp wrote

In the world of instant gratification, of course a lot of people are going to find BCS boring. It's a show that has several seasons of build up before things truly start to pay off in the last couple of seasons.

If you can't stand the pace and getting bored, then it's simply not for you. You don't have to like it just because a lot of other people do.


idkjustredditing2 t1_j27ztww wrote

Honestly I’d always watch a few episodes in a row then I would just stop for awhile and struggle to get back to it cuz I’m just not interested


Kiko7210 t1_j280ko8 wrote

do you like Breaking Bad? First couple episodes of Breaking Bad were pretty slow for me, but then it picked up quick. Better Call Saul.. the whole first season was slow, as well as part of second season, but then it picks up and matches the energy of Breaking Bad.


Csub t1_j281hpj wrote

It started slow and I wasn't as super into it early on but I feel it got a lot more interesting/better as time went on, especially the last few seasons.


quixotictictic t1_j281n5x wrote

I found it one of the most thrilling shows but I was very invested in the characters and their relationships. Jimmy and Kim also have high entertainment value. What's not to love about negotiating an execution in the desert down to one broken leg per victim?


gla_ddos t1_j281ofc wrote

I like the idea of the show and in times it is really interesting

I definitely see the appeal for both bcs and breaking bad

But i just couldnt finish either, for me its just tooo dragged out.

But like i said, i can see value in both shows


Queifjay t1_j2821tf wrote

It is a slow burn. I too was not exactly hooked by season 1 but in my opinion it really picks up and pays off. My advice is to stick with it. Watch season 2 without expectations and if you don't see any reason to continue after that, so be it.


Watchadoinfoo t1_j2825xn wrote

Yea you're on season 1, it's boring af if you aren't able to invest yourself into Mike's storyline or Sauls and his brother's

btw it's like this up until mid-way to season 3 when we get the real meat of the show


kyubez t1_j282iz5 wrote

Its if breaking bad removed the action and replaced it with more focus on characters. If the action part is what drew you to breaking bad, its probably not for you


bwahb1kenob t1_j283wg5 wrote

I def wouldn’t categorize S1 as binge worthy. Took me years to watch the show after it became available to stream. But by the end of the series halfway through this year, it basically ruined any other tv series for me. I’ve had to switch to watching movies or non fiction. It’s a must watch for any breaking bad fan.


jeanpsf t1_j284bks wrote

I was hooked from the start. Maybe because I loved the character from watching breaking bad. Can't help you here.


EDDiE_SP4GHETTi t1_j284dl3 wrote

It’s a slow burn. By seasons 4-6 I began to contemplate if it’s actually better than Breaking Bad, and Breaking Bad is my all time favorite show.


EggSandwich1 t1_j28cxjj wrote

Same I’m glad Nacho Varga got more story time he really grew in the show


ProfGilligan t1_j28584u wrote

Here is my standard response to this question:

BCS is fantastic, but you’ve got to go into it with the right expectations. If you go into it expecting—or waiting for it—to become “more Breaking Bad,” you’ll probably end up disappointed or frustrated. It’s just not that kind of show.

It’s a very tightly-written character drama that focuses on how we got the guys we know as Saul and Mike in Breaking Bad. So don’t expect: —train heists —roller-coaster-like anxiety and thrills —cartel assassinations —frequent episode-ending cliffhangers —etc.

Do expect: —lots of detail about the personal lives and relationships of Saul and Mike —how Saul and Mike’s relationship started and evolved —regular antics/scams that lead to Saul’s style of practicing law —routine involvement of the legal profession and law enforcement in the plot lines —how Saul got connected with the cartel to begin with —Mike doing his cool PI-like stuff

If you loved the characters of Saul and Mike, this show is a goldmine. It is a high-quality production, with the writing, cinematography, and acting ensemble rivaling Breaking Bad.

It moves at a much slower pace than BB. It feels leisurely, like it’s not in a hurry to go anywhere, but it knows exactly where it’s headed. There is no filler in the show; everything you see on-screen has a payoff (eg, stuff that happens in the first 4 episodes is still hugely relevant in seasons 5 and 6). Lots of detail that matters, and lots of little call-backs to Breaking Bad. BCS only feels slow if you’re waiting for “something else” to happen.

One of the great things about BCS is all the background you get about how the drug trade is organized in the ABQ-verse and what the various motivations of the different factions are. Breaking Bad is a very narrow look at Walt and Jesse’s interactions with the New Mexican underworld. BCS reveals the broad strokes of what that underworld looks like and how it’s organized.


IceOCafe t1_j287jpi wrote

Let me take this post seriously. How can I change your mind? What do you want to know? I’ve watched my fair share of TV. Better Call Saul has among the richest character development I’ve ever seen across any show. And showcases some of the most tense moments on TV as well. Though they are sparse, the absence of tons and tons of “big moments” really helps pack a punch to the ones that do develop. It’s fucking incredible TV. Respect the craft. It is also like Breaking Bad, in which each season outdoes the last.


GenralChaos t1_j288ilp wrote

To quote Don Draper: “Listen, I'm not here to tell you about Jesus. You already know about Jesus. He either lives in your heart or he doesn't.” If you don’t find BCS interesting from the beginning then it ain’t for you. There are a lot of other options on TV/the internet that will probably pander to whatever it is you need to be interested in.


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SquadPoopy t1_j280yt0 wrote

That's definitely an opinion.


Nubbs2016 t1_j281gia wrote

Sometimes you can’t appreciate something’s worth. You can always examine the objective merit of arts conception, but not always be able to appreciate it.


RELAXNMAXN t1_j281p8z wrote

I'll say, hated the Mike arc with the bald nerdy glasses drug dude. S1 has alot of highs but the lows are drags, nobody is lying when they say it continually gets better as you watch it though.


Xenomorph_kills t1_j283h4r wrote

I think binging the entire series would be more appealing. I did that for breaking bad and loved how every character developed. I should’ve done the same for this


supmandude t1_j283m6c wrote

That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.


SKRILLEX_SK t1_j283s7j wrote

Have you seen breaking bad ? What are your favourite TV shows? It's a character driven show, maybe you just don't have attention span for it


julianwelton t1_j284eaa wrote

I'll probably finish it at some point but I felt the same way. I watched the first three seasons a few months ago but decided to take a break because it was just missing something. I've loved plenty of character dramas in the past (Mad Men, Deadwood, Rectify, Six Feet Under, and etc) but everything in Better Call Saul (so far) feels so inconsequential that I can't really connect with it. The Mike storyline with everything he went through, the daughter in law and all that, really saved the show for me and it's probably the reason I made it to season three in the first place.


Flimsy_Ninja_6125 t1_j284iw2 wrote

if you are expecting intense scenes, you wont see it until last season.


numbr87 t1_j286rom wrote

I didn't really like the earlier focus on Jimmy's brother, but once it starts to shift to other characters more I couldn't get enough of it.


YungTill t1_j287bwn wrote

Season 1 is kind meh.

And you did watch Breaking Bad first correct?


Paymepoo t1_j2880y2 wrote

Just put a video of someone playing subway surfers underneath it like god intended


Davoswannab t1_j289l7v wrote

I found the first season kind of boring myself. It really hits its stride in the next season and by the end it was almost as good as BB.


colin8651 t1_j28aesf wrote

It was very slow; it’s like it was a pet project after Breaking Bad.


heartofgold48 t1_j28cltm wrote

Actually I enjoyed it until I got tired him constantly screwing up his own life despite his obvious intelligence and talents.


tacobell999 t1_j28e9ff wrote

I gave it up early … snoozefest compared to Breaking Bad


BenchMasterHeneryHo t1_j29jod1 wrote

It’s 100% a slow burn of a show. The first season especially wasn’t the most engaging but i’m a huge fan of the breaking bad universe so I was enthralled by every episode. But if you didn’t like it much, that’s completely fine because its no as exciting as breaking bad imo.


MrArmageddon12 t1_j2814ip wrote

I agree. I got to season 4 and I came to realization the whole show was a struggle to get through to that point. The acting is top notch and characters are great but they just never seem to be in engaging situations besides for the ones in the cartel storyline. Loved Nacho and Mike but their subplots just got bogged down by the brutal pacing of the focus on Saul’s legal career.

Spending a whole season on a retirement home lawsuit and beating the point over our heads that Saul doesn’t belong in the conventional legal world was just as exciting as watching paint dry.

Breaking Bad was one of my favorite shows but I just have lost most interest in continuing Better Call Saul.


Ankhleo t1_j28289x wrote

Unpopular Opinion: You don't have to get convinced, the way you phrased this title is evident enough that you are not interested in putting some time in for a show like this to begin with, so move on, words are mere hearsay, and also much much less impactful than watching it for yourself. Bye.


TaskForceZack t1_j283vw7 wrote

I've tried twice to make it through season 1 and never did. Even though I finished breaking bad I also thought it was very boring.

You at not alone.


Vnima929 t1_j2851x8 wrote

Ok go back to watching Teletubbies dude


Modig7176 t1_j28fdyv wrote

So was breaking bad


dazzlher t1_j2817tn wrote

cool opinion


Hyperb0le t1_j282bye wrote

You’re entitled to your unpopular opinion.


UnluckyStrategy8 t1_j2832af wrote

Yep that's what I think about that show also.


loganaw t1_j2816r1 wrote

Shut your mouth.


phileat t1_j281pwk wrote



[deleted] OP t1_j2839xr wrote



PortoGuy18 t1_j284v0s wrote

Da fuck? Lmao

You are a loser and this is just a tv show ffs

Don't make Better call saul into your personality


ReginaldFarnsworth t1_j286ick wrote

I'm not. OP just has a shitty taste in TV shows if they find Better Call Saul boring. I think that YOU are a loser and you clearly show signs of small dick energy. Sorry 'bout it.