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For me, it's Shawn and Angela. They had more chemistry, their struggles felt more realistic and less lovey-dovey and this made them more believable as a couple than Corey and Topanga ever were. Not that I don't like Corey and Topanga, but they were pretty vanilla. Shawn and Angela were vanilla and chocolate.

Still so pissed that they completely ruined their relationship on Girl Meets World and how they trashed Angela's character to build Katy up and make her appear more appealing for Shawn. It didn't work. In my mind, that show is not canon.

What about you? Which couple made you the happiest?



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krazy_kat_laddie t1_j1rq39m wrote

Eric and Jack


astrocanyounaut t1_j1rule0 wrote

I loved Cory and Topanga, but I think Angela and Shawn were more realistic. Not better, but one was a fairy tale and one was grounded. Most people don't marry their childhood sweethearts. It makes sense when Angela came back in GMW that she had moved on, had a full life. She clearly didn't regret having the additional time with her father.


TheFantasticXman1 OP t1_j1s3qn4 wrote

It would probably be more realistic for Shawn and Angela to have ended up together than Corey and Topanga tbh.

And of course, Angela would have moved on in the years since BMW ended. It was only right that she went with her dad and spend more time with him. But I hate how the reunion was handled. They made Angela into a villain who maliciously broke Shawn's heart and dumped him. When he's the one who encouraged her to go with her dad and had the opportunity to make her stay, but made the selfless decision not to take it. Even Corey treated her very hostily, despite him literally being their biggest cheerleader. And why TF would Angela spring back into an ex boyfriend- who she has not seen or spoken to in over a decade's, life only to ask him "hey, should I have kids with my husband?" Really stupid.


49mercury t1_j1s9x5u wrote

Shawn and Angela’s relationship was far more interesting. Everyone rooted for Cory and Topanga but to me they seemed pretty boring, especially towards the end. Topanga was overall a good character but half the time Cory was an immature, whiny brat.

Shawn and Angela’s relationship seemed to have more substance. And, given the characters’ backgrounds, idk it just made sense how they interacted with one another.

Plus, it was refreshing to see a multiracial couple on TV back then. Sad to say but that was kind of rare for the time.


joeshill t1_j1s3dh9 wrote

George Feeny and Lila Bolander. Mr Feeney cared so much for all the kids, and he deserved to find his own happiness. Bonus points for Lila being played by William Daniels real-life wife Bonnie Barlett.


dantemanjones t1_j1syt3a wrote

Amy and Alan were the best couple.

Best relationships including friendships were Cory and Shawn, Eric and Feeny, Minkus and Feeny, Eric and Morgan, Eric and Jack, and Shawn and Mr. Turner. All of those were better relationships than the two you listed.


TylerRiggs t1_j1rpsx5 wrote

Well seeing as Corey and Topanga got married…

But really, for me Shawn and Angela always seemed forced.


TheFantasticXman1 OP t1_j1s3tgz wrote

Blasphemy! Shawn and Angela were a far cry from "forced." But you do you. Everyone has a different opinion.


Big-Ambitions-8258 t1_j1thz2l wrote

I wouldn't necessarily say they were vanilla, but Cory and Topanga's relationship really frustrated me at times. They retconned a lot of her weirdness and made her suddenly childhood sweethearts with Cory despite them not knowing much about each other at the start of Boys Meet World and it felt like the writers had to have them be together despite there being an interesting alternative of it simply not working out but having a lot of love for each other.

He chases her with a sign that he'd follow her everywhere the first time they break up. Topanga gave up Yale for him. He initially lies about kissing another girl. She breaks up with him bc of her parents divorcing. I just felt that their relationship was super codependent at times, where they "HAD" to be together to be complete when they should have focused on who they were outside the relationship. Neither of them really dated other people in a serious manner.

I did think they ruined Angela's character in the GMW series. They openly dreaded her returning into their lives which didn't make sense to me bc she and Shawn broke up on good terms to discover their identities outside of their relationship and grow up and experience other things. Not only that but she barely spoke to Topanga despite them being best friends for a significant portion of their lives. Allow the characters to have the maturity of growth. They didn't have to get back together, but to use her as a prop for another character was disrespectful to the actor and the character.


TheFantasticXman1 OP t1_j21bz3y wrote

Yeah, it was weird how much they retconned surrounding Cory and Topanga's history and Topanga suddenly not being the weird hippy anymore. There wasn't even any sort of slow transition. She just dropped the hippyness after season 1.

I did really used to love Corey and Topanga and I still do, but over time, I kind of realised how insufferable the two are, both apart and together. More so Corey though. Like the whole storyline of him having an emotional affair with Lauren, Topanga telling him to go on a date with Lauren and Corey actually LISTENING to her. Like WTF? I never understood why she broke up with him when he ultimately chose her over Lauren, but now I definitely do and she was quite right to.

Yeah, still so pissed at their massacre of Angela- all for the sake of Katy. A character who will never EVER measure up to Angela and again, a character who they had to tear down someone else to prop her up. And then they tried making us believe Shawn loved her more than he ever loved Angela? Pfft. Give me a break!

The reason why Topanga and Angela didn't have a scene together in GMW was because Danielle Fischel and Trina McGee still weren't on speaking terms at the time the episode aired. Danielle only apologised for her past actions recently. It's a shame, but not surprising.


TwoDrinkDave t1_j1s9ndt wrote

Shawn and Katy is fire, so your take on that is bad. But the real best couple is Alan and Amy.


TheFantasticXman1 OP t1_j21ca8s wrote

Yeah. The fire that burns my eyes out XD

Ditto on Alan and Amy though. Can't go wrong there!


nottoday988 t1_j1usey7 wrote

Agree completely. Shawn and Angela were the better couple. They were actually interesting unlike Topanga and Corey. Shawn and Corey's friendship were more exciting than T & C.

I'm still not sure what Shawn saw in Katy, and agree that they screwed over Angela to prop up that bland ship.


ch_limited t1_j1w31mb wrote

Riley and Maya are the best couple.


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wildadragon t1_j1rq4mt wrote

Corey and Topanga, Angela seemed like a pain in the ass at times.


TheFantasticXman1 OP t1_j1s3z96 wrote

Angela was one of the chill ones. Corey was much more of a pain in the ass than Angela ever was IMO.


Fcivish4 t1_j1uwip2 wrote

Angela seemed like the type of GF who would wear you down over a couple months and eventually leave you feeling like a prisoner in a bad relationship.

Give me Topanga any day every day.


wildadragon t1_j1uxjpv wrote

Hell even Theresa Kiner TK could have been better, at the end of that episode she was trying to soften up.


Audrin t1_j1w9l5u wrote

I don't even remember an Angela so that should answer your question.


ThisGuy6266 t1_j227wi0 wrote

Shawn and Angela because a woman as hot as Topanga would never look at someone like Cory in the real world.


ConfidenceKBM t1_j1vb5p9 wrote

this show was about SO much more than teen romance and i hate that people want to talk about that aspect of it more than anything


ubiquitous_archer t1_j1tf02k wrote

The one that stayed together was objectively the better couple.