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Sorry I know there was a thread on the show recently but I just have to gush about it.

I'm just at ep. 7 and it's completely blown me away. The writing, the acting, the sets, the score, the characters - HOLY S*** the characters! I've watched just about every other Star Wars spin off recently and IMO it's just heads and tails above everything else, even The Mandalorian which I enjoy quite a bit.

It almost feels like I'm not even watching Star Wars, but in the best way possible. I mean it feels like I'm watching a really well made sci-fi show that just happens to be in a SW setting. I get how some might not like that but for me it was sublime. The characters that we follow on the imperial side of things in particular are a joy to watch.

Maybe I'm just excited but I might even say it's my favorite live-action Star Wars thing ever. To anyone who's maybe written it off because of some of the other not-so-great spin offs - I'd recommend checking it out. It just feels different.

EDIT: I promise I'm not a disney shill just some dude who wants to share his enjoyment with others. Or maybe that's just what a shill would say hmmm... 🤔



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