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teacher_comp t1_j6fkjle wrote

I had nightmares of the three foot long black horse dildo I saw one of my former students with. My Little Pony fans are disgusting.


WR810 t1_j6g4fac wrote

What are you doing looking at your students horse dildo?

(I don't know if I meant this sarcastically or not.)


teacher_comp t1_j6gokiy wrote

I ran into him and some other former students at a hotel where there was a My Little Pony convention.


Jjorrrdan t1_j6h67t5 wrote

You were there for the convention, weren't you?


awh t1_j6g0u8o wrote

A lot of us watched the show and enjoyed it and never once thought anything dirty about the cartoon horses. Like how you watch House and don't want to fuck House.


jyper t1_j6g8c88 wrote

> and don't want to fuck House

I think a lot of people would like to Fuck Hugh Laruie


awh t1_j6gdow4 wrote

OK, fine. It's like how you watch The Golden Girls and don't want to... oh, who am I kidding? I would have gone with any of them.