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Mig1997 t1_j6nwmrb wrote

Lanterns in the True Detective style

I won.


sgthombre t1_j6o3n74 wrote

It's crazy that this idea seems so obvious and yet the Green Lantern show was in development hell for years before finally landing on this.


Doompatron3000 t1_j6oaho3 wrote

I don’t know if it’s the same show. The Green Lantern show that was in development hell was being produced by JJ Abrams. This show is produced by James Gunn.


sgthombre t1_j6och2t wrote

> The Green Lantern show that was in development hell was being produced by JJ Abrams.

It was being produced by Greg Berlanti, and the original pitch was a 'multigenerational story' that Gunn described as a space opera with Alan Scott Green Lantern in the 40's, Guy Gardner in the 80's, and Simon Baz/Jessica Cruz in modern day. Which hey, seeing some of those characters in live action would be cool but doing every Earth Lantern except the two most popular and the two that make for a really obvious buddy cop paring seemed like a bizarre choice. Eventually it was reworked to be a John Stewart show but Gunn has said that version of the show is 100% cancelled and Lanterns is a totally new project.


Fuzzikopf t1_j6nz9qc wrote

Pretty ambitious to say something like that, let's see if they can actually deliver on this


drdrshsh t1_j6o4rxu wrote

Great pitch, but the cool part about Green Lanterns is that they are cosmic cops and not limited to Earth

I hope some of their investigations is off world


VagrantShadow t1_j6o4asm wrote

Kid: "Mr. Can I have your autograph?"

Booster Gold: "Sure thing kid!"

Booster gives autograph

Kid: "Oh, I thought you were Green Lantern :(.


ThePizzaMan100 t1_j6nylxe wrote

> Paradise Lost: The duo describe this HBO Max series as a Game of Thrones-style drama set on the all-female island that is Wonder Woman’s birthplace,

A Game Of Thrones style Themyscira Show? I’m in.


firesyrup t1_j6o9dum wrote

I wonder if Amazons will keep speaking with Gal Gadot's accent without her.


hawks-make-me-sad t1_j6oei59 wrote

I sincerely hope they recast her or if nothing else, minimize her on screen time.


ILuvMemes4Breakfast t1_j6ofryz wrote

idk about paradise lost. i feel like DC have so many great characters, a “game of thrones style” drama focusing on random families from themyscira doesnt intrigue me personally


Titan67 t1_j6oiolh wrote

I think if the show actually happens there’s a good chance it will involve the Greek god pantheon since they do appear a bit in the WW comics. Pretty sure they have stuff like Ares and/or Zeus hooking up with Diana’s mother.


Mysterboxofrubbish t1_j6o2f7j wrote

They better cast that guy from top gun as booster gold, he’s got the charisma whether the characters’ is fake or not

Edit: glen powell


AmericanNewWave t1_j6o8ueo wrote

If I were Glen Powell and his agent, I'd be holding out for a bigger role, e.g. DCU Batman ("The Brave and the Bold").


CowbellPrescriptions t1_j6o9t5j wrote

Maybe it's just because I saw him as a cocky fighter pilot, but he's my pick for Hal Jordan


ILuvMemes4Breakfast t1_j6oeo1a wrote

idk if i buy him for the father of a 10 year old he still seems youngish


dabocx t1_j6oj2yq wrote

They could always say Bruce and Taila hooked up when Bruce was in training and only 18-20. That means he could be a 30-35 year old Batman pretty easily with a 10-15 year old son.


cadtek t1_j6o6znp wrote

'that guy' yeah..


Mysterboxofrubbish t1_j6o8wfh wrote

Can you rememebr the actors name? I can’t lol


cadtek t1_j6o9kij wrote

Idek know what character you're referring to. actor Miles Teller?


JohnnyAK907 t1_j6pfw1s wrote

"Yes Rooster, I AM good. I'm VERY good."
No, not Miles Teller.


InappropriateTA t1_j6odunx wrote

That is a good pick.

I’ve said it in other discussions, but I feel like I’ve seen someone that would be perfect for BG. That was before I saw TG:M. I think Glen Powell would be a really good casting choice. But I still feel like there’s another actor that I’m associating very strongly with my concept of BG.


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_j6nqfwu wrote

Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters

Creature Commandos:

>An animated seven episode series, written by Gunn, that is already in production. Originally a team of classic monsters assembled to fight Nazis, this is a modern take on the concept. The voice actors have yet to be cast but the executives are looking to find people who can voice the animated characters and also portray the live-action versions when the anti-heroes to show up in movies and shows.


>A spin-off of Gunn’s own HBO Max hit series, Peacemaker, Viola Davis will return as the ruthless and morally ambiguous head of a government task force. It is being written by Christal Henry (Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver, the creator of the Doom Patrol TV series.


>Greg Berlanti’s long-in-the-works Green Lanterns TV series has been scrapped and the duo have parted ways with the longtime DC series steward. In its place will be a new take on the space cops with power rings. “Our vision for this is very much in the vein of True Detective,” Safran described. “It’s terrestrial-based.” It will feature prominent Lantern heroes Hal Jordan and John Stewart and is one of the most important shows they have in development. “This plays a really big role in leading into the main story we are telling across film and TV.”

Paradise Lost:

>The duo describe this HBO Max series as a Game of Thrones-style drama set on the all-female island that is Wonder Woman’s birthplace, Themyscira, filled with political intrigue and scheming between power players. It takes place before the events of the Wonder Woman films.

Booster Gold:

>an HBO Max series based on a unique and lower-tiered hero created in 1986. Safran said of the series, “It’s about a loser from the future who uses basic future technology to come back to today and pretend to be a superhero.” Gunn described it as “imposter syndrome as superhero.”


CptNonsense t1_j6on5av wrote

>In its place will be a new take on the space cops with power rings. “Our vision for this is very much in the vein of True Detective,” Safran described. “It’s terrestrial-based.” It will feature prominent Lantern heroes Hal Jordan and John Stewart and is one of the most important shows they have in development.

What the fuck are you talking about?


ehxy t1_j6ogbch wrote

I'm looking forward to all of these except the creature commandos but hell I'll watch it.


HandLion t1_j6oh6xr wrote

I'm looking forward to it solely on the basis of "written by Gunn"


kch_l t1_j6oyqv7 wrote

Is the booster gold show the same with Xolo Madrisomethoing (I forgot his last name)?

Edit: nevermind, I got confused with blue beetle 😅


SevenSulivin t1_j6nubpy wrote

Booster Gold has me so hyped, beyond a dream for me.


DokFraz t1_j6nwkt1 wrote

I will legitimately be disappointed if they don't sell ad-space in the show itself for BG to be hawking products.


DCAbloob t1_j6obcmp wrote

If ever a show can be custom made for product placement, Booster Gold would be it.


tagen t1_j6nxqdw wrote

I really wished we had gotten to see Donald Faison be Booster Gold for longer than 5 minutes on Legends of Tomorrow, I feel like he’d be great at it


statiky t1_j6nx97j wrote

I know that Blue Beetle was announced as "pre new slate", but I'm really hoping they keep that movie in continuity and have Booster make a teaser. Booster and Ted/Jaime have always been a favorite of mine and I'm really excited about Xolo ever since I saw him in Cobra Kai.


AnyHoleIsTheGoal t1_j6o3hic wrote

It’s post Flashpoint so I could see it. Aquaman 2 is as well as that’s obviously not moving into the new continuity so I could see Blue Beetle going either way.


JohnnyAK907 t1_j6pfozt wrote

Agree. Jaime is my boy, and Xolo getting cast had me sqeee'ing like a preteen harajuku girl. Hope he gets rolled into the prime continuity and isn't left in the wings with the Elsewhere stuff.


Zannetidis t1_j6ny61k wrote

Not sure if I'm more excited about Berlanti parting ways or Booster Gold/Lanterns. It's definitely a win-win scenario though.


lilob724 t1_j6of6aa wrote

I'm just so glad that DC movies and TV are finally converging into a coherent universe. Berlanti needed to go.


WhenRobLoweRobsLowes t1_j6oh3hb wrote

Berlanti spearheaded the most consistent DCU projects to date. The movies have been flailing around trying to find a plan, and Berlanti led a 10-year effort on a single network.

Was it all gold? No, but it was far more structured and ultimately, more successful, than any other DC effort since.


lilob724 t1_j6ot0wm wrote

You're definitely right, the blame should fall more on the CW than the people in charge of it. He did the best he could do with what he had.


WhenRobLoweRobsLowes t1_j6p5smu wrote

He made shows that appealed specifically to the CW market. You can't fault him for that. And as much as I've hated some aspects of that "universe," there was still more good than bad. Hell, some of it, you can lay at Geoff Johns' feet since he pushed for the Flash and moving Arrow away from the more Nolan-inspired take of the first two years.


Azor_ash_hi t1_j6ntc03 wrote

Can't wait to see Hal Jordan work with John Stewart in Lanterns. Also, excited for Booster Gold


dagreenman18 t1_j6o03tz wrote

You had me at Booster Gold. If we get a similar honest and goofy portrayal in the vein of Peacemaker that’s the show that will stand out. Booster Gold is a fun character. If they bring Ted Kord in I’ll be over the damn moon.

Wasn’t there an animated Superman show in the works that focuses on him and Lois? I hope that isn’t dead in all this.


ThePizzaMan100 t1_j6nvkap wrote

I’m really hyped about the Lanterns show.

“Our vision for this is very much in the vein of True Detective,” Safran described. “It’s terrestrial-based.”

That sounds good. A Lantern show in the vein of True Detective is such a cool idea. Following different Lanterns solving different cases would be awesome.


kugglaw t1_j6nxmir wrote

I hope they don’t all have the same tone.


Snoo-50498 t1_j6odhcs wrote

The duo are putting a premium on screenplay writing, saying that would prevent the dreaded feeling of “superhero fatigue” and also give the projects a tonal and thematic difference from each other. Gunn called out the degradation of screenwriters in Hollywood and also said that the duo wanted to be respectful of the voice of filmmakers they were working with … up to a point.

“It’s not the Gunnverse, it’s not,” Gunn said. “It’s got to be all these different feels from all these different stories. That’s what makes it so fun. The stories are completely different and each has the individual expression of the writers and the director that are making those projects.”


NoNefariousness2144 t1_j6ov38p wrote

If they make all these projects have different tones that is leagues ahead of what the MCU still can’t do after nearly 15 years.


bruckbruckbruck t1_j6o5d92 wrote

looks like it. He did say Swamp Thing would be tonally different.


DisturbedNocturne t1_j6p1qi1 wrote

It'd be awesome to finally get that big-budget superhero horror movie that Marvel occasionally made it sound like Doctor Strange 2 would be.


thomasguyregis t1_j6p9uy4 wrote

While still not a true horror film, marvel did show improvements with the Werewolf by Night special. But yeah, Dr. Strange 2 was definitely not the horror film they were trying to market it as.


AlbertoRossonero t1_j6nxgut wrote

Is Lanterns HBO proper or an HBO Max show? Gunn said it was HBO in the video.


dragonmp93 t1_j6o64yi wrote

Well, given that HBO MAX is kicking the bucket in March when it gets absorved by Discovery+.


MulciberTenebras t1_j6nzu6b wrote

At this point HBOMax is dead, so it'll be HBO proper.


DCAbloob t1_j6o8fjn wrote

No, anything announced for HBO Max will just go into the merged streaming platform.


MulciberTenebras t1_j6o8yi9 wrote


It'll just be Discovery+ with a reskin, and all the quality HBO stuff behind a paywall and shoved full of ads.


beautybetrayedme t1_j6o6mnb wrote

I'm intrigued by Lanterns and Paradise Lost. I'm a casual DC fan so this sounds interesting. Waller looks good too.


krazy_kat_laddie t1_j6nshad wrote

Fuck yeah, Creature Commandos! Guessing Agents of SHADE iteration with Father Time.


Evorgleb t1_j6o6pqn wrote

I was left a little confused. It seemed like they are starting over... except not really because Waller and the Peacemaker characters will continue on.


DCAbloob t1_j6o8txk wrote

They're keeping some things and discarding others. The Flash movie presumably will allow them to control the extent of the reset.


D20_Buster t1_j6p81d3 wrote

Any news on Young Justice?


The_Notorious_Donut t1_j6okl1r wrote

I like this a lot. Specifically green lanterns and the Amazonian series


e-rage t1_j6omnx5 wrote

Give me Sinestro Corps War and then Blackest Night. That’s all I’m asking for.


SeanOuttaCompton t1_j6nwya1 wrote

I like Booster Gold, I’d especially like if it’s an adaptation of his story in 52 but that’s probably a bit too big of a story to do without prior buildup


WhenRobLoweRobsLowes t1_j6ohbd1 wrote

Given Gunn's track record, it'll probably be a more comedic take in the vein of Booster's JLI years.


HaTTrick617 t1_j6o24oi wrote

Excellent reveal!

What I like most, is none of this feels like something Marvel would do. That was my biggest fear with in developing a shared cinematic universe for DC. And I love the idea of quality over quantity regarding their annual releases.


zogurat t1_j6oh9g1 wrote

Feel like they're making a similar mistake the MCU has, way too many random TV series for people to follow on top of a bunch of movies. Are these all connected?


Kryptoniian t1_j6owx5g wrote

i was extremely hesitant about their plan, but i can’t lie, Paradise Lost sounds amazing


leolegendario t1_j6oeota wrote

James said that the Lanterns series will be set on Earth, but I hope that other Lanterns will appear in the series too, mainly Kilowog, Ch'p, Arisia and Laira.


Titan67 t1_j6oj6l7 wrote

Sounds exciting!


hawks-make-me-sad t1_j6oj9o1 wrote

For those familiar, does DC have a tradition of actually executing on their announced projects? I know when I see a list of upcoming MCU phase 5 and 6 projects, there's a high likelihood the shows will actually air. I don't know whether I should have the same confidence here.


DisturbedNocturne t1_j6p3kqn wrote

It's really hard to say at this point. Historically, DC has had a ton of things in various stages of development that never went anywhere, but that was all under entirely different leadership. If these projects are successful, I don't think we have to worry about execution. If they struggle out the gate, who knows?

But, I'm guessing most of these things will be in production around the same time, so I'm doubting there will be many changes within the first slate.


lostmonkey70 t1_j6okpig wrote

So Waller is Peacemaker without Peacemaker? I can't imagine its a John Cena thing, he killed it and seemed to like the show.


jez124 t1_j6oux5c wrote

seems they want to wait a bit probably because gunn is busy shepherding the universe overall and writing superman.

Peacemaker etc seem to be in the waller show instead.


VRomero32 t1_j6ovaqh wrote

I am really excited for Booster Gold especially as an HBO Max series. I came across that Comic Book by accident when it was in a stack of comics I was buying that I somehow I accidentally grabbed and loved it.


HappyAndProud t1_j6p223k wrote

So the HBO MAX Green Lantern show that we've been waiting on for years is cancelled, and instead we're getting a completely different Lantern show?


JohnnyAK907 t1_j6pfa3z wrote

We've been asking for a third season of Green Lantern TAS for years, and instead we get a live action buddy cop/true crimes hybrid?
"Beware my power" on a TV budget doesn't exactly wow me here, Jimmy.


Carl_Spakler t1_j6p16h8 wrote

seriously. the well has run dry. when. I can't believe there are people who keep wanting to know more about Superman after it's been told again and again and again and again.


Realshow t1_j6p4sui wrote

People don’t “want to learn more” about him, they want to see modern versions of their favorite characters on the big screen, and the DCEU simply wasn’t a cohesive adaption.


CptNonsense t1_j6omxsp wrote

Amanda Waller is the worst part of the DC universe. Who does Viola Davis have dirt on?


RitoRvolto t1_j6papxv wrote

Viola Davis is great as Waller, not sure what your problem is.


lightsongtheold t1_j6ny7eq wrote

Meh..not excited by any of these announcements and pretty disappointed that Peacemaker series two is indefinitely delayed due to Gunn working on the Superman movie and the general DC rebuild.

Also not keen on the news they are only aiming for 2 DC TV shows per year. DC Universe used to manage more than that volume on their own! If HBO Max cannot afford to produce the DC shows then I’m sure Apple, Amazon, or Netflix would love to fund and air them!


__War_Eagle__ t1_j6nz3wr wrote

Are you talking about the horrible CW shows? 😂

I'm sure Gunn could put out 10 CW quality shows a year if he wanted to.


lightsongtheold t1_j6nzc2l wrote

Nah…they used to pump out 4-5 shows at the CW annually. I’m talking about DC Universe where they had stuff like Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Titans, Stargirl, and Swamp Thing.


ArsBrevis t1_j6nqi1t wrote

I'm pretty disappointed in this reveal. I may be in the minority but I don't really care to watch an Amanda Waller show or a GoT style drama set on Themiscyra.


porphyry16 t1_j6nuh2c wrote

You are downvoted but I dont see anything exciting other than Lanter show.


DokFraz t1_j6nwipd wrote

If you aren't hyped for Booster Gold, you don't understand what magic is coming your way.


Fuzzikopf t1_j6nx6m0 wrote

Booster Gold has a very interesting premise IMO.


Prax150 t1_j6o63un wrote

I'm open minded but I get it. Both seem pretty derivative on the surface and you have to wonder if they'll actually be comic book shows. Or will they just have a light DC skin on them. Is Waller going to be its own thing or a Jack Ryan style thriller with a DC character? And they've done the DC Game of Thrones already, it was called Krypton and it wasn't very good. I trust Gunn enough to give him the benefit of the doubt though.


ArtistChef t1_j6nshj4 wrote

( yawn ) Let's hope Lanterns and Paradise Lost have full frontal male nudity.


ArsBrevis t1_j6nst11 wrote

You hoping for full frontal female nudity too? Keep dreaming.


Greedy-Creme-995 t1_j6npwgy wrote

Most of these have been done to death. Underwhelming except for swamp thing.


Rckstedywatudoin t1_j6nzz36 wrote

Ironic you use that complaint, than say you're excited for Swamp thing, who's had a movie and a show at this point.


sgthombre t1_j6o5yv5 wrote

He has two movies actually!


HandLion t1_j6ohheb wrote

And three shows! Swamp Thing is literally the only thing on the list that could reasonably be called "done to death"


DisturbedNocturne t1_j6p2pi0 wrote

>“One of our strategies is to take our diamond characters — which is Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman — and we use them to prop up other characters that people don’t know,” explained Gunn.

From the sounds of it, this is a little intentional. They're using "Chapter One" to introduce lesser-known characters, and then presumably they'll be able to bring more characters that have not been done to death to the forefront.

But really, between Creature Commandos, The Authority, Booster Gold, and Waller, I'd say they're already doing a decent job at not focusing entirely on the most known characters. Plus, James Gunn indicating they're exploring all of DC's imprints certainly opens the door for some interesting things in the future.


hawks-make-me-sad t1_j6p5rz6 wrote

Also compared to say Gotham, Themyscira (Paradise Lost) and Green Lantern corps (Lanterns) have not been done to death. We have had so much world building and adjacent content for Batman, Superman, and even Flash / Green Arrow, but there's been very limited filmed world building for Wonder Woman or Green Lantern.