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drinkallthepunch t1_j69dff3 wrote

Dudes got a whole camera crew are you high?

If they are paying livable wages it should be in the ballpark of $200k budget.

At least…….

Equipment, lodging, plane tickets, passports, guides, FOOD…..? Oh yeah and wages?

Can we have Sense8 or Daredevil back?

Show is subpar, to say the least.


eduzueck t1_j69vmp1 wrote

I mean, yeah, not saying you can make it with a couple bucks but still like probably 1/10th of the budget for a show like Sense8, which guess what, people didn’t watch and couldn’t justify its budget.


RawrRawr83 t1_j6c2n42 wrote

Actually 2% the budget if $200k is the accurate number


RawrRawr83 t1_j6c2lmd wrote

Uh.. so if you google, Sense8 cost $9 million per episode. So if you calculate the cost per view.. yea