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happybarfday t1_j45e76p wrote

Yeah true, but from what I can remember the connections are a very small part of the plot and don't really affect things in the actual show much - you have to kind of be looking for it to show up. You could watch each whole season independently without even realizing those characters are connected and you wouldn't feel like you missed anything.


Mattyzooks t1_j46cpad wrote

Keith Carradine was the main cop's father in season 1. In season 2, the main law enforcement character is the younger version of that character played by Patrick Wilson. And another character ends up being a minor head gangster from season 1. Several characters from season 1 return at the very end in a brief flashforward. Season 3's main connection was bringing back one of the characters from season 1. And season 4 includes an origin story for an antagonist in season 2.
Adding to that, the first season connects to the movie as well via the case of money.
The connections never really matter to the plot but do somewhat make the world all feel a bit more connected.


ErtGentskee t1_j478ql4 wrote

Yeah, you're right. I wouldn't want it to be all about the first season folks, just an update or a cameo because it is my favorite. If it's the final season, I think going full-circle would be a good move.