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bluegreen8907 t1_j5zbfva wrote

Uhhhh ya think?


Knife2MeetYouToo t1_j5zkaqw wrote

It is mindboggling that people don't seem to think a company earning billions and billions in extra income isn't going to spend the majority of it on marketing...

Hell you can find Reddit censoring thousands of stories about negative effects of medication and side effects simply because Merck paid them a shitload to do it.


danathecount t1_j607qaf wrote

The issue isn’t the Drug Maker’s motives, it’s the credibility and journalistic integrity of 60 Minutes. Which until this story, was relatively high in the public’s opinion.


guyonthissite t1_j60go10 wrote

Only to fools. 60 Minutes has been lying to push their agendas (paid for or otherwise) since the hour was invented.


DanielBrian1966 t1_j62cy3n wrote

"Now back to r/CryptoCurrency, lying about the COVID vaccine, and accusing Democrats of being groomers and pedos."

Of course you're mad at 60 Minutes and their evil agenda alsoknown as "let ignorant, hateful Republicans speak".


Darkknight1939 t1_j62ifds wrote

Most averageredditor tier comment I've seen in a while.

>Gets triggered by comment, combs through OP's post history, sneeds, writes "my side good, your side bad" copypasta

LMFAO, beyond parody.


monchota t1_j60uvmx wrote

Not in atleast 10 years if you are under 50.


maqikelefant t1_j60r0yz wrote

The vast majority of people are well aware of that. What's surprising here is hearing that 60 Minutes will let someone buy their way onto the show. A lot of older people especially view 60 Minutes as a trustworthy source.


monchota t1_j60utiq wrote

Yep, in both r/news ans r/worldnews. They will take anything down that they are paid for.


MAD_ELMO t1_j638s6f wrote

I’m impressed your post has lasted 18h so far


Bippy73 t1_j61744o wrote

I called this in real time. We were posting on the real housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards. Folks were saying she has gotten very thin in the past year and everyone was saying how unusual it is that someone who is 50 or so who has always had some weight on them their whole life all of a sudden is skinny. People started posting that they thought that she was on Ozempic or something similar.

People were asking about some bad side effects that they read about. I said how I had just seen this on 60 minutes and questioned whether the manufacturer of the drug owns the network because there was no discussion of any bad side effects of any of those meds or similar. It was strictly presented as the cure-all, and that insurance won’t pay for it unless you’re diabetic.

I remember having previously read about some dangerous side effects from that med and I was surprised that this piece didn’t have it. As soon as I saw this headline, I knew exactly which episode they were talking about.


zumera t1_j607j76 wrote

I saw this segment and I've got to say, it seemed like a standard 60 Minutes story. The core of it was about treating obesity like a disease. I came away from it thinking that insurance companies should probably cover anti-obesity drugs rather than categorize them as vanity treatments, that we need better research into the causes and the cures for obesity, and that some of these drugs might have serious complications that need to be better analyzed before they are made widely available.

When Wegovy and Ozempic were discussed, side effects were mentioned. I remember because they initially provided a statement from an insurance group about the drugs being unsafe, but then the doctor rebutting that statement was a consultant for the drug maker and I didn't believe either of them was being 100% honest.


monchota t1_j60v184 wrote

Eat better, exercise. From childhood on, that us what is needed.


rit56 OP t1_j5z5ch0 wrote

" Group alleges segment only had experts paid by drug maker, didn't mention risks. "


posyintime t1_j6eux71 wrote

Thanks for posting this! They actually just did a segment on this on The NYTimes “The Daily” podcast and the woman being interview sounded like she was reading from a script. There was something strange and off putting about it…now this.


Disastrous-Orchid-64 t1_j605xcs wrote

Are there any institutions left in this country that we can trust anymore?


Greg-Grant t1_j60ouj2 wrote

Pro-wrestling. You can always trust they will do the worst thing possible to wring out the most wooden nickel out of someone.


gkleinman t1_j63o4kj wrote

Institutionalized racism, classism, and sexism seem to be holding strong.


AmishAvenger t1_j64kal5 wrote

I find the story really hard to believe.

Taking payment for a story without disclosing it is just about the biggest no-no there is. In addition to the FDA issues in the article, it’s an FCC violation.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s virtually impossible that such a high profile show would be able to do that. Even if they’d wanted to, there’s just too many people who’d have to be involved.

Someone somewhere would’ve said something. Not to mention the potential damage to the brand.


JohnnySkynets t1_j5zk9td wrote


Wise_Mongoose_3930 t1_j603hnf wrote

races to shoot the messenger and ignore the message


JohnnySkynets t1_j608d37 wrote

Went to find out more about the messenger before reacting like everyone else

Ever since that America’s Frontline Doctors BS, I make the effort instead of reacting to headlines.


reddig33 t1_j5za5u5 wrote

Shameful if true.


downwardspiralstairs t1_j62qw5p wrote

All of the "news" on CBS is either sponsored or product placement.


i__am_unstoppable t1_j63cte2 wrote

Nooooo. It can't be. Next they are going to tell us Pfizer did it too.


gkleinman t1_j63o9ov wrote

What tipped you off, every commercial on every CBS news story is for a drug that someone needs to prescribe to you? Yeah, the drug companies have their teeth deep into broadcast news and if they aren't doing payola, they are certainly reminding the news organizations who keeps the lights on.


turtleman635 t1_j61xz79 wrote

Highly doubt this is true becuase it would mean the end of 60 minutes


downwardspiralstairs t1_j638tkh wrote

60 Minutes has been suspect since they wouldn't air the tobacco whistleblower interview and that was over two decades ago.


turtleman635 t1_j63mx4t wrote

If I remember right there were issues with veryfying the Info on the whistle-blower leading to not airing it but