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Knife2MeetYouToo t1_j5zkaqw wrote

It is mindboggling that people don't seem to think a company earning billions and billions in extra income isn't going to spend the majority of it on marketing...

Hell you can find Reddit censoring thousands of stories about negative effects of medication and side effects simply because Merck paid them a shitload to do it.


danathecount t1_j607qaf wrote

The issue isn’t the Drug Maker’s motives, it’s the credibility and journalistic integrity of 60 Minutes. Which until this story, was relatively high in the public’s opinion.


guyonthissite t1_j60go10 wrote

Only to fools. 60 Minutes has been lying to push their agendas (paid for or otherwise) since the hour was invented.


DanielBrian1966 t1_j62cy3n wrote

"Now back to r/CryptoCurrency, lying about the COVID vaccine, and accusing Democrats of being groomers and pedos."

Of course you're mad at 60 Minutes and their evil agenda alsoknown as "let ignorant, hateful Republicans speak".


Darkknight1939 t1_j62ifds wrote

Most averageredditor tier comment I've seen in a while.

>Gets triggered by comment, combs through OP's post history, sneeds, writes "my side good, your side bad" copypasta

LMFAO, beyond parody.


monchota t1_j60uvmx wrote

Not in atleast 10 years if you are under 50.


maqikelefant t1_j60r0yz wrote

The vast majority of people are well aware of that. What's surprising here is hearing that 60 Minutes will let someone buy their way onto the show. A lot of older people especially view 60 Minutes as a trustworthy source.


monchota t1_j60utiq wrote

Yep, in both r/news ans r/worldnews. They will take anything down that they are paid for.


MAD_ELMO t1_j638s6f wrote

I’m impressed your post has lasted 18h so far