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zumera t1_j607j76 wrote

I saw this segment and I've got to say, it seemed like a standard 60 Minutes story. The core of it was about treating obesity like a disease. I came away from it thinking that insurance companies should probably cover anti-obesity drugs rather than categorize them as vanity treatments, that we need better research into the causes and the cures for obesity, and that some of these drugs might have serious complications that need to be better analyzed before they are made widely available.

When Wegovy and Ozempic were discussed, side effects were mentioned. I remember because they initially provided a statement from an insurance group about the drugs being unsafe, but then the doctor rebutting that statement was a consultant for the drug maker and I didn't believe either of them was being 100% honest.


monchota t1_j60v184 wrote

Eat better, exercise. From childhood on, that us what is needed.