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mugenhunt t1_j66d77y wrote

My understanding is that you don't need to watch it, but knowing who these people were 20 years ago makes some jokes funnier.


HabitApprehensive889 t1_j66dras wrote

you may wonder why the laugh track goes crazy when random people show up, and why certain one liners get crazy laugh track pop...other than that - you can.


Starbuck522 t1_j68umu7 wrote

Do you think it's a laugh track? Or a live studio audience? A live crowd would go nuts when Kutcher walks in, for example.


bhind45 t1_j6bw98g wrote

I think you can kind of tell it's a live studio audience when Fez first appears, He goes to say something but the audience is still going off their heads and he has to wait a bit longer.


Starbuck522 t1_j6cvqu6 wrote

Ya, I am now thinking a live audience might be too much!


rocker2014 t1_j66dyb6 wrote

You can, but it's going to make it a lot better if you just watch That 70's Show first


-GoneInSpace- t1_j66qzmr wrote

If you're interested in That 90's show you may as well just watch That 70's Show because it's better.


Butters_1017 t1_j66ewz5 wrote

Yes and no

There's a ton of references and characters that you need to know to get jokes/dynamics or understand why XYZ is happening

But at the same times it's a braindead sitcom, you don't actually have to know anything about it. You'd just understand the callbacks and characters more

70s is way better, I'd just watch that instead honestly


RayZinnet t1_j66txh7 wrote

you could watch 90's first and then do 70's a prequel :P


preppytarg t1_j67nad5 wrote

Sitcom and "necessary viewing" are like oil and water. Just starting watching the 90's show, I'm sure you'll be fine.


fiercetankbattle t1_j66jo4o wrote

I didn’t and I liked it quite a lot. There were a few obvious call backs to old characters but it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the show.


HelicopterRegular492 t1_j6ah1ct wrote

It isn't necessary to watch That 90s show, watch That 70s show instead.


njdevils901 t1_j66l5ed wrote

Yeah you’ll know what a good TV Show looks like first


UrLocalTroll t1_j66sdm2 wrote

Well it's much better so you might as well watch it instead


antmars t1_j66xuf7 wrote

The Whole season has call back and cameos the first two episodes especially heavy. So will you get every joke? Definitely not. But you can still enjoy it.


dantemanjones t1_j6722tj wrote

It stands up on its own okay. But you'll definitely lose out on some enjoyment. I would say if you only have time for one, watch the original.


Starbuck522 t1_j68uhft wrote

Honestly, what's enjoyable is the callbacks to the old show. You probably don't need to know anything, it's probably just pretty flat.


Venik489 t1_j6ajocl wrote

I would at least watch a few episodes of That’s 70’s Show just to better understand the references.


Itisitisitisitis t1_j679mcd wrote

Shorten this to “is it necessary to watch that 90s show”


hotfakecheese t1_j67pyff wrote

Watch the new one... and the original will be even better


contrarian1970 t1_j66tyfp wrote

I wouldn't say it's necessary to watch any tv show.


KatzMwwow t1_j66haps wrote

Step 1: Watch That '70s Show.

Step 2: Don't watch That '90s Show.