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LeoIrish t1_j66bpso wrote

Always wished for a S2.


ender278 OP t1_j66dbd3 wrote

You're in luck!!! They're making it!


RealAvonBarksdale t1_j66ex6f wrote

Theres been one update since 2018 which was knight saying they'd probably start filming at the end of 2023, so I'm a bit skeptical. Hope they actually do it, I really enjoyed the show.


ender278 OP t1_j66gppf wrote

Are you really the real Avon Barksdale


LeoIrish t1_j66k4s6 wrote

Thanks! Did not realize they were working on scripts.


LeoIrish t1_j6bp9m7 wrote

I wonder if Freevee might grab a S2 since they are currently streaming it.


mr_math24 t1_j66ghz4 wrote

It's certainly his mumbliest!


contaygious t1_j67jc11 wrote

Haha dark knight wants a word.


Lil_Mcgee t1_j685wqq wrote

He sounds weird as fuck and at times a bit slurred in Rises but I wouldn't say it's his 'mumbliest'


INMATEofARKHAM t1_j68jhkg wrote

>Haha dark knight wants a word.

Better make it subtitled... 🤣

By far the worst experience I've had in a theater with regular hearing.


hessian_for_hire t1_j667b7p wrote

Bronson is my favorite


contaygious t1_j67jdod wrote

Yeah gonna be tough to beat that ever. Too bad no one saw it.


elvers t1_j67oin0 wrote

except, lots of people. Cool thing to say, but very untrue


contaygious t1_j68tbgc wrote

It made 2m dollars . That is very underrated my buddy


elvers t1_j68yp72 wrote

Odd metric to use for ‘underrated’ but do you, buddy


contaygious t1_j690t9p wrote

Underrated and under viewed 76%

As fans of the movie can't we get along my guy rofl


nesh34 t1_j67s9iu wrote

Came here to say this, fantastic movie.


AzovApologist t1_j66vw9q wrote

Mmmmmm Nootka

Taboo is one of my favorite shows ever. It hits such a hyper specific niche that won't appeal to many, but inject it into my veins


GigiRiva t1_j687rnc wrote

Absolutely loved it, though I thought the final moments of the season >!with that big, loud, messy shootout was a weird choice for a show that had so gracefully showed it's Machiavellian lead bringing an elaborate plan together.!< But so good regardless.


Ardbeg1066 t1_j67yz25 wrote

Agree. Wish there were more flashbacks of his time in Africa.


ender278 OP t1_j66x5lg wrote

You said it so much better than I could!


MOOzikmktr t1_j66gsit wrote

When I heard about the series, I already liked Tom quite a lot as an actor, but that show blew away nearly all my expectations. Life during that time was just hardcore.

It would make a great binge weekend with this older Cinemax series called The Knick, starring Clive Owen and Andre Holland.


pisandwich t1_j67b3r0 wrote

The Knick is a true hidden gem. Such a shame it got cancelled.


horseren0ir t1_j67jl2m wrote

It’s coming back too


Dmoney14 t1_j680u5j wrote

Wait...what!?! You for real?


horseren0ir t1_j681b0o wrote


MOOzikmktr t1_j68pcbi wrote

I've read about how they're trying to develop it for a third season, but there probably won't be much movement on it based on so much shakeout from streaming services.

As you can imagine, creating a period piece that uses such specific medical equipment and set dressing is extremely expensive to make. Adding to this problem, the showrunners are currently attached to ANOTHER period specific series, Perry Mason. I liked that show, but I also know that it's going to take a lot of effort to keep that production afloat at HBO. It doesn't leave much time for the showrunners of The Knick to boost interest and raise money for the backburner project.

I'd love to see it though.


Panther90 t1_j676t3y wrote

Alfie Solomons for me. Love that character.


anasui1 t1_j669vlz wrote

either Bronson or Locke for me


bludgeonerV t1_j66h1e9 wrote

Locke for sure.


nesh34 t1_j67sdsg wrote

This is easily the best film I've seen that's about a phone call from a concrete mixing contractor, set entirely on the motorway.


anasui1 t1_j66o775 wrote

grand movie innit? Although I find Bronson a true showcase of Hardy's terrific range and the more rewatchable one, Locke is Tom at his best


bshaddo t1_j66jpa5 wrote

I like the one part where he grunted.


reyska t1_j67b4nb wrote

Locke for me. Other roles of his might be more showy, but in Locke he is on screen 100% of the time and he makes it absolutely riveting. The character is just pure determination and calmness personified.


theblackfool t1_j66j7ih wrote

For me it's Bronson cause that movie is so fucking weird and he absolutely nails it.


anasui1 t1_j66onl9 wrote

nothing closer to my heart than a cup of British chaaah


almo2001 t1_j678jbk wrote

I haven't seen it. But is it really better than Alphie in Peaky Blinders?


bahumat42 t1_j682t44 wrote

Nah its locke hands down, one man tour de force


NeuroDawg t1_j68stu0 wrote

Came here just to say this. Locke is head and shoulders Tom Hardy's best performance.


mysidian t1_j69cmry wrote

It didn't click with me at all, and it doesn't help no one fucking understands the guy either.


[deleted] t1_j6b53vn wrote

Same. I think Taboo is his worst. He's way too aware of himself and the camera. It's a very stereotypical amalgamation of every possible "bad guy" character trope and the character doesn't have any unique traits.

Bronson, Alfie Solomons, and Fitzgerald are his best.


XenomorphXx121 t1_j66mw5e wrote

I always liked him in Inception, first role I saw him in and he took it to the park then swung till it was over the fence and a home run.


horseren0ir t1_j67izo9 wrote

It’s been so long I can’t remember anything about it other than that I liked it.


Calcutec_1 t1_j684vm5 wrote

It's a great show, but his best performance in my opinion is Locke. It takes some serious skill to make a movie that is essentially a man on his car phone talking about concrete (mostly) for 2 hours as suspenseful as it is, and keeping the viewers attention the whole time. I can't praise that film enough.


Twigling t1_j687zti wrote

Agreed. Still waiting for a season 2 ........ over the years it's been mentioned time and time again as 'coming soon' but never happens.


lostbelmont t1_j68tdq5 wrote

In TV, yes

in movies, Bronson


pisandwich t1_j67b1wu wrote

Tom Hardy is fantastic in general, but in Bronson he really transformed into a replica of a madman. Such a great performance.


Punkinpry427 t1_j69wkr5 wrote

This role and Alfie on Peaky Blinders are my top favorite roles for him.


PeterNippelstein t1_j6gz84v wrote

grunting noises

spits, snorts something, sets something on fire


dratsablive t1_j66rcm5 wrote

After the 3rd episode or so aired, I told my friends how I thought the season would end, with Delaney putting together a team and heading to America.


GingerMau t1_j67qy5s wrote

It's definitely my favourite.

If you love costume dramas. If you love them dirty/gritty. (And maybe with a small dose of spooky on the side.)

It definitely hits. Hot damn.


Morrinn3 t1_j67ws6h wrote

Did anyone see “Stuart: A life backwards”? It was one of the earlier performances I saw him in before he kicked ass in Bronson. Great hidden gem, elevated by an amazing performance.


MassiveBoot6832 t1_j6822l9 wrote

Yep. I think it’s his best. Along with him as Alfie on Peaky.


572473605 t1_j687r3c wrote

James Delaney is awesome, but Alfie Solomons is godlike.


SorryImProbablyDrunk t1_j68n5o0 wrote

There was a show on ITV in the UK years ago called The Take, first thing I saw him in and it was immediately apparent that he was different gravy. Random scene


InourbtwotamI t1_j68obnn wrote

Totally agree. His portrayal of James Keziah Delaney made you cheer for someone who’d haunt your dreams


ArkyBeagle t1_j69k4jg wrote

I dunno; Alfie Solomons is a fantastically great character. You get the vibe that they just let him roll with it and some of it may be more or less improvised.

The suppressed rage of James Delaney is something else though. Great series.


Johnnygunnz t1_j69lsan wrote

There are very few Tom Hardy performances that are bad. Even Venom isn't as bad as it could be because of Hardy.

Personally, I think Bronson is still his best performance. Taboo was an absolutely phenomenal show, though.


xOLDBHOYx t1_j6aiq14 wrote

Hard to argue but Alfie would be the close second


Brainiac7777777 t1_j68l5e5 wrote

Tom Hardy would have made the perfect MCU Wolverine