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nevereatpears t1_j6fngy6 wrote

So that's why they left the live action show? Doubtful. They seemed pretty salty about it.


b1ame_me t1_j6fol93 wrote

They walked away because of “creative differences” I mean I think Netflix already announced that Katara is now older than Sokka which changes a lot about their characters so there’s something right there. They probably just made too many changes and the OG creators were just done


nevereatpears t1_j6fp2th wrote

>No they walked away because of “creative differences”

You realise, you're agreeing with me right? I've pointed out how OP was wrong and how the creators were salty about leaving


b1ame_me t1_j6fyx9o wrote

I know I probably shouldn’t have started my sentence with no but I was agreeing with you I was just adding more context sorry


Lucky-Carrot t1_j6huvch wrote

My guess is it’s a combo. They were frustrated with having less creative control than they had before and then got a much better offer. For the record I think avatar live action is a bad idea