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AgentOfSPYRAL t1_j6nqief wrote

“The Suitcase” from Mad Men will always be mine. Some other candidates….

Ozymandias from BB

Rains from GoT

Pilot of Friday Night Lights

Pilot of BSG

Ron and Leslie, Parks and Rec

Chicanery, BCS

Dinner Party, The Office

Slap Bet, HIMYM

The Colonel, Americans

Remedial Chaos Theory, Community


Blitzcra1g t1_j6nwx1v wrote

Great fucking list. Can't argue with a single one. I'd add Pine Barrens from Sopranos, The Contest from Seinfeld, Pilot of Lost, and The Bicameral Mind from Westworld.


AgentOfSPYRAL t1_j6nz0ed wrote

Hard agree on Contest and Bicameral Mind.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen Sopranos or Lost, I’ve kind of accepted I missed the moment on the latter, but the former is on my watchlist waiting for me to be in that mob/crime mood.


AnEmbarassedRedditor OP t1_j6nsh5i wrote

Omg I agree on Ron and Leslie, that episode made me tear up. Chicanery and Remedial Chaos Theory (and both those shows) are also fantastic!


tagen t1_j6nx38b wrote

Awww slap bet is one of my favorite parts of HIMYM. The initial episode is great, but i also love how it’s just hanging over Barney’s head in other episodes (especially the Thanksgiving ones)

And i like remedial chaos theory too! probably my favorite non-paintball episode


qb1120 t1_j6nua9i wrote

I personally liked "Salud" from BB


Kylon1138 t1_j6np5np wrote

The Leftovers - International Assassin episode

Black Mirror - San Junipero


elealyansteorra t1_j6nrakf wrote

San Junipero is so fantastic. Only episode I have rewatched a ton


amnesiac2323 t1_j6nrteg wrote

International Assassin was the best hour of TV i ever watched


james_carr9876 t1_j6ns41m wrote

Lost - Through the looking glass, The constant

The walking dead - Here’s not here

Doctor Who - Blink, Heaven sent

Community - Modern warfare


SerDire t1_j6nzj0u wrote

The Constant remains my all time favorite tv episode.


Mattyzooks t1_j6nylic wrote

Upvote on the 2 lost episodes. Just fantastic.


second_pls t1_j6ot0gu wrote

I think that the first episode of The Walking Dead is the best pilot episode of all time. Not a huge fan of the show in general but still go back and watch that episode pretty regularly


james_carr9876 t1_j6ou6in wrote

I love maybe the first 5-6 seasons of the show and then it’s a joke haha


UmpShow t1_j6nq3i2 wrote

Mad Men, The Suitcase.


magus-21 t1_j6np0ro wrote

Battlestar Galactica, "33"

Just factoring in when it came out (i.e. before this era of prestige TV) as well as the budgetary limitations of the network that released it (SyFy), it's remarkable how good of an episode it was. And it still holds up today as one of the best in scifi.


AgentOfSPYRAL t1_j6nqnnm wrote

Tough call between the pilot and the first(?) season finale, that ends with >!Adama shot on the bridge!<


magus-21 t1_j6nr0nl wrote

That first season was so good. I was not a fan of the rest of the series, but that first season was pretty much as good of a first season as a scifi series has had.


paulteegoldman t1_j6nr6jv wrote

Twin Peaks The Return Part 8


echoes007 t1_j6nurlq wrote

My family was out of town, so I’d figure I’d take some edibles and enjoy the latest episode of Twin Peaks. As the edible started kicking in, the episode started. The first 10-15 min were typical Peaks, but as the episode cuts to the past and shows the atomic bomb sequence, I was just glued to the couch and couldn’t believe what I was watching. Definitely one of the greatest episodes/experiences I’ve ever had.


Bolthead44 t1_j6nrr5p wrote

Old school: Buffy The Vampire Slayer “Hush” or “The Body.”

More recently, Severance “The We We Are” (s1 finale) and The Bear “Review” (s1, e7).


ISayISayISay t1_j6nrhj4 wrote

Blackadder Goes Forth, final episode.


fleetingflamingos t1_j6nsbhr wrote

BoJack Horseman “The View From Halfway Down” (S6E15)


Zachariot88 t1_j6o3ste wrote

"Oh Bojack, no... there is no other side. This is it."


ChipHazard1 t1_j6nx3o0 wrote

1 - Exactly the same episode of Mr Robot

2- Pancakes, divorce, Pancakes - Review


nyquil99 t1_j6nyfhf wrote

"Or perhaps I simply understood, from the darkest corner of my soul, that these pancakes couldn't kill me because I was already dead."


BelgianBond t1_j6o0hfc wrote

I've rarely eaten pancakes since seeing that episode and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or if I've gained Forest's phobia by osmosis.


Chataboutgames t1_j6o5eld wrote

> > 2- Pancakes, divorce, Pancakes - Review

So happy to see this here. Just such an incredibly, sublime bit of comedy


siriusthinking t1_j6oa1y3 wrote

I can't explain how happy it makes me that this Review episode made it to this thread. It's literally perfect.


AltsOnDeckLol t1_j6np9i0 wrote

The Sopranos - Pine Barrens

the one with the snow and the Russian interior decorator


ocdewitt t1_j6nqz7g wrote

Whitecaps is the best episode of Sopranos IMO


Bright_Beat_5981 t1_j6o4z9m wrote

Its good, different and funny. But its a bit overrated. It doesnt really capture the essence of Sopranos.


MN-Jess t1_j6nr2va wrote

Love your pick of MR. Robot 4x07 Proxy Authentication Required, but imma go with a different episode in the same series.

3x08 Don't Delete Me


BelgianBond t1_j6o05yx wrote

I concur that Don't Delete Me was even better.

But not to start a trend, but I think 4.05-"Method Not Allowed" was better still. Season 4 of Mr Robot was episode for episode one of the most breathtaking seasons of TV I've had the pleasure of watching.


MN-Jess t1_j6o4k3i wrote

I love what 4x05, and 3x05 for that matter, accomplish in terms of being unique episodes on the technical side. One being a no dialog episode & the other a faux 1 take. But they didn't pack that emotional punch that some other episodes in the series did.


quangtran t1_j6nrs3c wrote

Lost - "Walkabout"

I have many favourite episode for this show, but this is probably the ep I'll use to sell any newbie onto watching the show.


james_carr9876 t1_j6ns11m wrote

That episode made me just know that I would follow Lost till the end of the earth.


SkullLeader t1_j6o33rz wrote

Yeah, the little twist in that episode is probably what got me hooked on Lost. I could argue for other episodes of that show being the greatest single episode of TV ever, like The Constant, but Walkabout came first and stands as the greatest.


Owasso_Landman t1_j6nvqry wrote

Lost pilot


omnilynx t1_j6o898o wrote

People in this era of prestige TV don't remember how crazy that was when it first came out. Such a big production that the guy who greenlit it literally got fired.


Owasso_Landman t1_j6oeq5e wrote

I still dream of a world where the writers could have made 10 episode prestige TV instead of having to crank out 24 episodes a season. People always bitch “they didn’t have a plan and had too many loose ends” which I blame mostly on the need to fill that much air time.


Jwishaw t1_j6ovqrr wrote

i was 5 when lost premiered and even i remember how talked about it was even in scotland


LightThatIgnitesAll t1_j6o432t wrote

Number 1 changes often maybe right now I feel that it's: The Leftovers - I Live Here Now

Honourable Mentions:

  • Attack on Titan - That Day and Midnight Sun

  • Band of Brothers - Bastogne

  • Game of Thrones - The Rains of Castamere

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Avatar and The Fire Lord

  • Breaking Bad - Face Off

  • LOST - Exodus Part 3

  • Bojack Horseman - Free Churro or The View From Halfway Down

  • Heroes - Homecoming

  • Clannad: After Story - The Ends of the Earth

  • Supernatural - Swan Song


Jwishaw t1_j6ow1cp wrote

my favourite scene in I live here now is just before Kevin walks in.

"What if there's nobody home?"

"then you come over to my house"


LightThatIgnitesAll t1_j6owu38 wrote

That is one of my favourite scenes too and then when he opens the door and looks at Nora. Got me in the feels.


bongokhrusha t1_j6npx7k wrote

for me it is “the end “ of lost . just 2 hours of pure satisfying character conclusions .


Queasy_Turnover t1_j6oggno wrote

"Wait, they were dead the whole time?!?! They didn't even answer any questions! Why were there polar bears?!?! What a waste of time!"

I still see complaints like this to this day. It's unbelievable how many people watched that finale and managed to completely misinterpret the entire series based on it.


Jwishaw t1_j6ovubl wrote

it's incredible to me how many people can watch 6 seasons of a show and pick up nothing


belac889 t1_j6p1xzf wrote

Every time one of the characters in the flash-sideways got their remembrance montage I turned into a blubbering mess. Especially with Sun/Jin and Sawyer/Juliet.


mickeyflinn t1_j6ntzme wrote

I don't have one I have a list of them:

  • MASH: Abyssinia, Henry
  • STNG: The Best of Both Worlds Part I and II
  • Breaking Bad: The Fly
  • Halt and Catch Fire: Goodwill
  • ER: Love's Labor Lost
  • GOT: The Rains of Castamere and The Battle of The Bastards
  • South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft
  • Band of Brothers: Day of Days

Hopeann t1_j6onbo2 wrote

South Park: Make Love, Not War is still talked about and played often. It combines 2 huge things at their peak and did it successfully.


Darko33 t1_j6nu30r wrote

Middle Ground, S3E11 of The Wire


Zachariot88 t1_j6o50oj wrote

I'd also nominate "Final Grades" or "30."


Darko33 t1_j6o7zso wrote

I'm doing like my 37th rewatch and just came across Final Grades again. What a gut punch it is.


657653 t1_j6nzm0z wrote

The Shield - Family Meeting.


wildadragon t1_j6nrk3y wrote

Avatar: The Last Airbender "The Tales of Ba Sing Se"


SGSTHB t1_j6nz8uc wrote

I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet.

Scrubs, season 3, episode 14, "My Screw Up."

Go watch it. Then watch it a second time and appreciate how well the writers set everything up.


FlintFlames t1_j6ovsvh wrote

Attack on titan “Hero” imo and it really isn’t close. Ozymandias would have to be my second


Defiant63 t1_j6nosbz wrote

I haven't seen all the ones you've listed, but of the ones I have seen, Last of Us Ep3 is the best hour of TV I've ever watched.


j3434 t1_j6ntz2w wrote

The Twilight Zone ….. Eye of the Beholder


Star Trek - The Trouble with Tribbles


BelgianBond t1_j6o09wn wrote

If I have to pick one then I'm going with Tribbles, but I'd take both to my post-apocalypse desert island.


Bojangles1987 t1_j6o3kxe wrote

My answer to this will always be Ozymandias from Breaking Bad. I've never seen an episode that tied together everything it has built up to across every season and let it all collapse at once like that. It was perfect.


BogeyBogeyBogey t1_j6nrv5l wrote

It won't be mentioned much compared to other things everyone will list, but I have to give a shout out to one of the best episodes of a show I ever saw.

AEW Dynamite - The Brodie Lee Tribute Episode "Brodie Lee - Celebration of Life" from Dec 30th, 2020.

It was touching. It was cathartic for everyone involved and those watching. It was incredibly heartwarming, kind, and sweet. It allowed na entire community to mourn and celebrate together in unison.

I'll probably never watch it, again, but damn if it wasn't just the perfect episode of AEW at a time when it was needed. The thing went above and beyond.


x6ftundx t1_j6o5l51 wrote

The West Wing, In Excelsis Deo Season 1 Episode 10.


Jjexx t1_j6o74yo wrote

For me is The battle of the bastards from GoT.


Archamasse t1_j6nu3by wrote

Black Mirror's San Junipero, imho, is better than a lot of movies that have won bagfuls of awards. The writing is knockout, the cast are terrific (and at the time, came out of nowhere to me) and aesthetically and tonally and thematically it grabbed hold of me like little else.

I would love to see it on a theatre screen.


jimjackcoke t1_j6nxhpl wrote

honorable mention to

Carol Burnett Went With the Wind & Mary Tyler Moore Chuckles Bites the Dust

for two all time TV Moments.

They dont make the best episodes lists when you look at the whole episode, and they are way overplayed so the moments are hard to hold up . But in an era of 3 channel tv these were two unforgettable moments.


frenin t1_j6o5cb2 wrote

Rains of Castamere.


Aupps t1_j6oawn4 wrote

Bob's Burgers - The Plight Before Christmas (S13 E10)


Bazzie-Joots t1_j6oj4bo wrote

Any episode of true detective season 1. But most notably the pilot, and the biker episode with the tracking shot.


nomorepartiezz t1_j6pjspu wrote

TLOU Episode 3 is in no way in the conversation for episode ever made imo. S3E17 and S4E19-21 from Attack on Titan are all better.

Id add Ozymandias from Breaking Bad (S5x14), Winds of Winter (S6E13) or The Rains of Castamere (Red Wedding) from Game of Thrones


GiltCityUSA t1_j6nqjtr wrote

In recent years, 'Sweet Tooth' episode 1 was pretty close to perfect.

All downhill from there.

Obviously episode 3 of 'Last of Us' was unbelievable as well.


flowerpanes t1_j6nu93r wrote

“Home”, X-Files. Perfect stand-alone episode, the creepiest and saddest piece of horror in modern day tv.


zozospencil t1_j6o3e8f wrote

Season 5, Episode 12, “Everyone’s Waiting” of Six Feet Under.

(I’m another that’s been weighing this question since watching TLOU e1s3 because that was one damn fine piece of television. Still in awe.)


SkullLeader t1_j6o3ztv wrote

Homeland - There's Something Else Going On


Bright_Beat_5981 t1_j6o453f wrote

Twin peaks the pilot. Game of thrones s2 ep9 blackwater. X files season 2 ep5 Duane Barry. Sopranos is my favourite show but I really cant choose there. I either have to mention none or 15 episodes.


jwehr5828 t1_j6obqdf wrote

Since I was just reminiscing about it, "This Extraordinary Being" from Watchmen haunted me to my core.


anasui1 t1_j6ois20 wrote

Edge of Darkness, "Northmoor". also, to me, the best miniserie ever made


[deleted] t1_j6p3tk3 wrote

"The Body" (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

"Ozymandias" (Breaking Bad)

"Walking Distance" (The Twilight Zone)

"The Visitor" (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)


[deleted] t1_j6p569r wrote

This is an unpopular opinion here, but IMO it's "The Winds of Winter" from Game of Thrones.

There are many shows I like more overall, but when it comes to an individual episode they don't get much better.


25sittinon25cents t1_j6ocl8e wrote

The Last of Us episode 3 obviously!



AnEmbarassedRedditor OP t1_j6ougow wrote

why /s its a good episode


25sittinon25cents t1_j6oyjn4 wrote

/s because there's huge controversy surrounding it, a lot of homophobia going on, some calling it the best episode on tv in the last year, and a lot of people calling it a great story told, but hardly the most entertaining episode ever on tv.