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james_carr9876 t1_j6ns41m wrote

Lost - Through the looking glass, The constant

The walking dead - Here’s not here

Doctor Who - Blink, Heaven sent

Community - Modern warfare


SerDire t1_j6nzj0u wrote

The Constant remains my all time favorite tv episode.


Mattyzooks t1_j6nylic wrote

Upvote on the 2 lost episodes. Just fantastic.


second_pls t1_j6ot0gu wrote

I think that the first episode of The Walking Dead is the best pilot episode of all time. Not a huge fan of the show in general but still go back and watch that episode pretty regularly


james_carr9876 t1_j6ou6in wrote

I love maybe the first 5-6 seasons of the show and then it’s a joke haha