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TheRealCRex t1_j4hp9qd wrote

I was disappointed watching the trailer and seeing the same set styling and color palette as the Big Bang Theory.

People forget. Night Court was grimey. The courtroom was blues and greys. It wasn't meant to be a "happy place for laughter." The laughter came out of the struggle and the situation.

This feels... already like it lacks the soul of the original. If not the soul, than certainly the bones.


Locutus747 t1_j4hx4s8 wrote

One of the actors from Big Bang theory is producing and starring in this.


TheRealCRex t1_j4hz93z wrote

Yes, I'm aware that she plays the daughter of Harry. The producer credit is likely just part of her back-end deal should it get to syndication, etc. I doubt she has a major role in the guts of the show.


nidarus t1_j4kioh5 wrote

FWIW, John Larroquette said that when she first approached him, she wasn't going to be in the show at all. Just going to produce.


TheRealCRex t1_j4lxnyu wrote

I don’t inherently have a problem with Melissa Rauch at all. Again, just pointing out that the color palette and set decoration for the show doesn’t seem to want to appreciate/match the original - and therefore shifts the tone.


Bluest_waters t1_j4jsyxj wrote

are you talking about M Rausc? She is literally the judge, second most important character on the show


colcatsup t1_j4kuvit wrote

I think they meant from a production/operation standpoint, not screen-time role.


grenamier t1_j4jcwzn wrote

It reminds me of that episode when they all worked the day shift and the the whole court and cafeteria were completely different.


markca t1_j4id8kd wrote

> I was disappointed watching the trailer and seeing the same set styling and color palette as the Big Bang Theory. > > > > People forget. Night Court was grimey. The courtroom was blues and greys.

Watching the trailer this was the very first thing I noticed. The courtroom was grey and grimey. Now it looks a bit brighter with a new coat of paint on it. I know it might be nitpicking mentioning it, but the grey, rundown look just worked for the show.


threejollybargemen t1_j4jex4r wrote

100%. Night Court was my favorite show growing up, first thing I noticed was everyone was yukking it up like the entire concept was a joke. The original series had some pretty dark moments.


colcatsup t1_j4kurtm wrote

Probably half the episodes had a “real” scene - non-comedic, with a character dealing with some real emotion. Trust being broken, death, abandonment and more. I rewatched the first 7 seasons recently and it as sort of wowed at how they switched from comedy to dramatic moment quickly, and it was as usually Harry. Quite a talent, I think mostly because he wasn’t an “actor” in the traditional sense.


mazhas t1_j4j7kne wrote

>certainly the bones

People forget Bender owns these


DMPunk t1_j4l1n0y wrote

Not for another thousand years, he won't.


johndoe30x1 t1_j4mvl3s wrote

It’s crazy how Night Court, a ridiculous comedy, depicts a more realistic courtroom than 99% of TV and movies that depict them as looking more like the freaking floor of the U.S. Senate than most courtrooms, which look more like a community college classroom.


jerry_woody t1_j4iznq9 wrote

Also the jokes just weren’t funny. I love John larroquette but will give this one a pass


sfitz0076 t1_j4mm4zk wrote

I was thinking the same thing. The courtroom looks too nice.


FreddyandTheChokes t1_j4inu1d wrote

Kenneth is gonna be soooo happy about this


scottmakingcents t1_j4j96c5 wrote

A reunion of friends....from Night court!


ToddTen t1_j4jn2z6 wrote

Except sadly almost everyone else has passed away.

I miss Markie Post...


Bluest_waters t1_j4jspla wrote

> Markie Post

she'd dead??? shit, people just keep on dying don't they? Its like some kind of epidemic or something


HatesRedditors t1_j4kushu wrote

>shit, people just keep on dying don't they?

It's pretty much what people are best at.


Open-Scar-1635 t1_j4kvtfz wrote

Yes very sad. Only John, Richard, and Marsha are the only surviving cast members from the final season.


dbcanuck t1_j4jsdt1 wrote

he was stuck doing Boston Legal at the time of the recording, he really was disappointed at not being able to attend.

Apparently Larroquette and Richard Moll do not get along though.


alexs001 t1_j4lh37z wrote

This would be a hilarious win if everything I grew up watching in the 80s hadn’t already been rebooted. I’m pretty sure the writers’ strike never ended and the executives are just recycling old scripts at this point. All we need now is The A-Team and Airwolf.


snowlock27 t1_j4n4orb wrote

> All we need now is The A-Team

There was a movie from about 12 years ago.


clain4671 t1_j4r9v9g wrote

a team i can see but i feel like its missing something if airwolf is done today, cause CG has advanced enough you could actually do most of the show on a normal budget and its no longer comically expensive. but it would still have the knight rider/chips effect where somehow every episode has to end in a helicopter battle


Midnight_Oil_ t1_j4huu6e wrote

Larroquette is great in everything. Loved him in The Librarians.


J0E_SpRaY t1_j4jlb66 wrote

My favorite role of his is in The 10th Kingdom, which to this day I’ve only ever encountered one other person who’s seen.

Edit: if you have Amazon prime video, I believe the 10th Kingdom is included, but with ads


amusingmistress t1_j4jluaw wrote

Now you know two! I even own a VHS copy.


Oklawolf t1_j4jo03y wrote

I have copies on DVD and Blu-Ray. Even went so far as to email Miriam Stockley at one point to tell her I thought her version of Wishing On a Star was amazing.


J0E_SpRaY t1_j4jo8aa wrote

That’s amazing. Did she respond?

I still watch the series every year and I never skip the title sequence.


Oklawolf t1_j4joelk wrote

She did! She's a great person and insanely talented.


GameOverDrew t1_j4k78t4 wrote

I have them on VHS because we taped them from the TV presentation. They are a nice time capsule with the commercials from the year 2000.


ThrowawayNo4910 t1_j4l2dxf wrote

Oh my God you know the 10th Kingdom?! I have had that on my computer for YEARS and you're literally the first other person I've ever heard even talk about it.


reddit_beer_map t1_j4l228k wrote

is it just me or can you hear a Whiter Shade of Pale?

I remember when this first aired -- it was advertised to death on NBC as an event miniseries and I don't think it was received very well. But when I met my spouse in the late 2000s, she had this on DVD and convinced me to watch it. And even though it looked beyond stupid and campy, I watched it and actually loved it. It has such a strange energy to it, and tonally it is actually pretty dark in places, but the chemistry between all the actors is great and it ends up being a ton of fun. We've watched it a few times and I wouldn't mind watching it again.


J0E_SpRaY t1_j4l5sxs wrote

I would love to introduce my fiancé to it, but our shih tzu compulsively barks any time a dog is on tv, and a dog is the main character lol.


10acChicken t1_j4ll7o9 wrote

10th Kingdom is amazing and highly recommended! It's my daughters favorite movie. It was a right of passage for her boyfriends to watch 10K with her. The one who enjoyed it as much as her became her husband!


workaccount1013 t1_j4m6hre wrote

I remember watching The 10th Kingdom when it originally aired and being unimpressed. I've never watched it again to see if time has improved it in my eyes.


OneGoodRib t1_j4n0lj5 wrote

I've seen dozens of people on reddit who've also watched it. I still have the DVD set we bought way back when we first got a DVD player. I also bought the novelization, which is out of print so it's a tough find!


J0E_SpRaY t1_j4naopb wrote

> I also bought the novelization, which is out of print so it's a tough find!

Well I know what I'm adding to my christmas list.


tagen t1_j4jzi30 wrote

That’s what I know him from. The show is ridiculous (loved it tho) but he did a great job playing an Arthurian knight turned library bookkeeper lol


UniqueButts t1_j4k1t6s wrote

Loved him in Richie Rich!

“It’s a metaphor, you ham-head!”


LeicaM6guy t1_j4llavy wrote

Peak Larroquette was as the Klingon survivor in Star Trek III.


PervertedOldMan t1_j4nuv0i wrote

I enjoyed The John Larroquette Show. I might of been one of the few people that did.


mhoner t1_j4yj7eo wrote

I miss that show and wish it was streaming somewhere.


PervertedOldMan t1_j4yubn5 wrote

I remember it up to around season 3. I didn't know it got cancelled mid-season 4 (low ratings). It's being shown on Rewind TV but that's cable. Maybe Pluto or Tubi will pick it up but there was never an official release. The DVDs I'm seeing for sale look like VHS rips


SomeKrazyGuyUKno_v2 t1_j4hs20k wrote

I can’t believe those hack frauds Mike & Jay have taken so long to fix Mr. Plinkett’s VCR that Night Court has been revived before he’s watched his old Night Court VHS tape!


TURKEYSAURUS_REX t1_j4ip8xu wrote

Somewhere Kenneth Parcell is screaming with joy.


foxh8er t1_j4o4d7k wrote

between this and MILF Manor all we need now is Bitch Hunter


wkomorow t1_j4ixwp7 wrote

I would love to see John Astin do a walk on as Buddy. I could do with a "but I'm feeling much better now". I am not sure of his health, he is 92, but was still teaching acting a couple of years ago.

He is a really underappreciated performer.


Appropriate-Coast794 t1_j4jmwlr wrote

So glad he’s still with us, he’s Gomez Addams and Buddy in my opinion

(Raul Julia was good too)


wkomorow t1_j4kt5zu wrote

I also remember him from the game show circuit; he and his wife Patty Duke often were on together: Password, Tattletales, Match Game. He just seems like a very gentle man.


alyosha_k t1_j4id85r wrote

He was the weirdest celebrity I ever waited on. Insistent on being moved away from the windows in mid 2010s Portland. No one who worked there, except me, had any idea who he was or had even heard of him. Kept hat and sunglasses on the whole time. Very strange.


SPorterBridges t1_j4jc6ea wrote

He didn't want Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans hearing his voice and mobbing him for autographs.


Ihavenotimeforthisno t1_j4ij9o5 wrote

Dan, Dan he’s our man. If he can’t do it no body can.

Still laughing about this one decades later lol


klutzysunshine OP t1_j4hhnll wrote

Pretty excited about this, although I'm still irrationally upset that Christine isn't Abby's mother (stupidly got my hopes up even though I figured it was probably a long shot). Now trying not to get my hopes up for stepmother.


zaphodmonkey t1_j4hld9x wrote

Something like that will have to be done I’m sure. They can’t leave the legacy of Markie Post out of this


clain4671 t1_j4i3m9k wrote

yeah seems like a safe bet well get something about christine by the end of the first season (mac on the other hand seems less likely cause the original sort of already closed the book on his character)


Doc_Dante t1_j4hlty3 wrote

I just discovered this was happening and have quiet trepidation that it might be good. The original has such an interesting mix of characters I just hope they aren't going to do and this is the new Bull this is the new Florence.


MoseSchruteJunior t1_j4i2tny wrote

Do we know for sure she isn't?


DMPunk t1_j4hlzsd wrote

Both of them having passed on would make that a difficult sell for the story


SPorterBridges t1_j4jcski wrote

I assume Christine will turn out to be Dan Fielding's deceased wife.


Benjamin_Grimm t1_j4hyn88 wrote

Anyone know if Richard Moll or Marsha Warfield are going to appear? Moll is 80 and may have retired (he doesn't have any credits for the last few years), but Warfield returned to acting recently.


phred_666 t1_j4ixi1v wrote

Moll has said he has no interest in revisiting Night Court. Marsha I think, if I recall correctly, has had some health issues and has just started doing some roles again (most recently in 9-1-1) on a scaled back basis.


OozeNAahz t1_j4ihjrk wrote

Huh, thought they were both dead. I know Harry is and the lady bailiff before Marsha took over the role.


Benjamin_Grimm t1_j4iou38 wrote

Harry Anderson, Markie Post, and Charles Robinson all died relatively recently. Both bailiffs before Roz died during the original run of the show.


deesguys t1_j4j059b wrote

Fortunately we got the real Night Court finale we deserved on 30 Rock before those three great passed,


pen_is_mightier t1_j4iaea7 wrote

He has a couple of credits in post prod currently. I'm sure both would be up for at least an appearance, I don't believe either of them had resentments over the show ever stated publicly.


OozeNAahz t1_j4ihp7a wrote

And if Moll does appear will it reference his character’s alien origin?


clain4671 t1_j4i3ubp wrote

not currently, but there is a bailiff who, just from outward appearance seems to be intended as a new version of moz


klgc123 t1_j4jujgw wrote

Court at night? I’m already laughing!


wdmck t1_j4kewuy wrote

I waited on Larroquette years ago, cool guy! Class act.


TripperAdvice t1_j4lup3d wrote


So many new things could be made and we keep getting remake after remake no one is asking for


eremite00 t1_j4j50mz wrote

Huh...Harry Anderson and Markie Post both passed away, so it's gonna be kind of weird.


barriekansai t1_j4jw0o0 wrote

Also Charles Robinson. Richard Moll has said he's not interested. I don't know about Marsha Warfield, although she's only had one role in the past 23 years in either film or TV.


maddogcow t1_j4lspgw wrote

Everyone under the age of 47: “who the fuck is John Larroquette????”


Vegan_Harvest t1_j4isgga wrote

Now we just need to get him back as Maltz on Picard.


slylock215 t1_j4jso06 wrote

I just want to watch my fucking night cour tapes.


HardlineMike t1_j4ibw8t wrote

It's always good to see Vegetative State Guy getting more work.


Kbdiggity t1_j4is2n2 wrote

If he isn't trying to sleep with Harry's daughter, who is the new judge, then the writers need to be fired.


tlw1240 t1_j4lg4am wrote

Dan Dan Fielding


raudive t1_j4nzsj1 wrote

If the original opening theme song is not the song, I may be out on this. That was a banger opening.


fleetwoof t1_j4q0lj5 wrote

A classic favorite TV character who'll be deformed beyond recognition. His character will have a 'slight' edge at first but then he'll get avalanched by woke. He'll be taught a lesson. He'll become just another shameful apologetic stooge for straight white males and the series will sputter out due to general disgust.


Cali_Longhorn t1_j4jefmn wrote

Is he the only main actor from the original still alive?


Riverdale87 t1_j4llxwp wrote

Richard moll and marsha Warfield are still alive


Cali_Longhorn t1_j4lnmjk wrote

Ok. Unfortunately I think the more critical Harry Anderson and Markie Post have left us. It will feel a little weird.


Competitive-Trip-946 t1_j4kamg5 wrote

How messed up was his cameo ( that’s how I think of it) on the Twilight Zone movie!?!


DrVagax t1_j4kqxoc wrote

Never heard of the show besides through RedLetterMedia so I am fully expecting more Night Court jokes


GenXUser t1_j4kt1fe wrote

Peacock needs content so they take popular shoes from the past and remake them.

Guessing The Cosby Show returning is only a matter of time.


murkey-depth t1_j4jtqsr wrote

The trailer looks terrible. :(


Stryker1050 t1_j4k4p1a wrote

God I can't fucking stand laugh tracks, oh well.


sacredblasphemies t1_j4jib8e wrote

This should have been done before half the cast was dead.

It's hard to have Night Court without Harry, Mac, and Christine.

Besides, Dan Fielding was sort of the worst most dated character of the bunch. Just a sleazy sex-obsessed fiend.


dbcanuck t1_j4jsr7w wrote

Dan Fielding was a cad, which was where the humor came from.

He's not a dated character; he was awful even in the 1980s which is why he was funny. Its a stereotype that has always existed.


sacredblasphemies t1_j4jvakh wrote

I think the 80s were more accepting of characters that manipulated others in order to have sex with them.

Dan definitely came off as a bit rapey. Unless they updated the character to have grown past that, I'm not sure such a protagonist belongs in media. Especially in an era when many young men idolize people like Andrew Tate and other figures of toxic masculinity.

It's broadly a good thing in our society that we no longer have characters like Dan portrayed sympathetically.


tfresca t1_j4nvo81 wrote

Night Court ran for two seasons without either of those actors.