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Benjamin_Grimm t1_j4hyn88 wrote

Anyone know if Richard Moll or Marsha Warfield are going to appear? Moll is 80 and may have retired (he doesn't have any credits for the last few years), but Warfield returned to acting recently.


phred_666 t1_j4ixi1v wrote

Moll has said he has no interest in revisiting Night Court. Marsha I think, if I recall correctly, has had some health issues and has just started doing some roles again (most recently in 9-1-1) on a scaled back basis.


OozeNAahz t1_j4ihjrk wrote

Huh, thought they were both dead. I know Harry is and the lady bailiff before Marsha took over the role.


Benjamin_Grimm t1_j4iou38 wrote

Harry Anderson, Markie Post, and Charles Robinson all died relatively recently. Both bailiffs before Roz died during the original run of the show.


deesguys t1_j4j059b wrote

Fortunately we got the real Night Court finale we deserved on 30 Rock before those three great passed,


pen_is_mightier t1_j4iaea7 wrote

He has a couple of credits in post prod currently. I'm sure both would be up for at least an appearance, I don't believe either of them had resentments over the show ever stated publicly.


OozeNAahz t1_j4ihp7a wrote

And if Moll does appear will it reference his character’s alien origin?


clain4671 t1_j4i3ubp wrote

not currently, but there is a bailiff who, just from outward appearance seems to be intended as a new version of moz