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ArchDucky t1_j5uzat3 wrote

Its a fucking travesty that Niles isn't in this show.


Muad-_-Dib t1_j5wj4gu wrote

No Niles, Daphne, Roz, Bulldog or indeed Martin and Eddie for more obvious reasons.

I loved Frasier but it was a series that worked thanks to all the characters, not just the titular character.


Redwinevino t1_j5xqxvb wrote

To be fair, that is what people said about a Cheers ---> Fraiser


I_Hate_Knickers_5 t1_j5xtn0k wrote

You are correct but I still know that this show will stink. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Dross is all around me, that's just the way it goes.


truethatson t1_j5yye2v wrote

RIP Mahoney and Moose. If they wanted to do this right, they would at least have Gilpin, Leeves and DHP in it.
If Grammer wants to do a one man show it should be on stage as Lincoln while he grifts the local ice cream store.


PerfectZeong t1_j5z1g5j wrote

And cheers worked for the same reason and yet frasier ended up being a successful and beloved show despite having none of the other cast from cheers. I'm not saying this show will be good but who knows.

This said a series with Niles dealing with a son that has Martin's sensibilities and is a huge meat head would be amazing.


ChickenParm98701 t1_j5v6h1w wrote

His son David is in it tho.

I'm sure Niles will show up as a guest star during Season 2's Christmas episode


HardcoreKaraoke t1_j5w7pxy wrote

Yeah I have a feeling they're going to see how season one does and if it does well Niles will show up in whatever new city Fraiser is in.


KmoonKnight t1_j5xclam wrote

Well if Jess Salgueiro is in it it's probably Toronto doubling as... well any American City.


Lemonwalker-420 t1_j5xl10o wrote

David Hyde Pierce (Niles) isn't in because he overplayed his demands. The majority of the OG cast was supposed to return but once Niles was out, they reworked the premise of the show.


PerfectZeong t1_j5z2j87 wrote

Dunno he's got a main cast gig on an HBO show seems like hes doing fine.


Lemonwalker-420 t1_j5z3h2k wrote

It was reported a couple months back. He kept demanding more money until he overplayed his hand. I'm not saying I like it, I'm just stating what the article i read said.


PerfectZeong t1_j5z4bh7 wrote

Vulture asked Hyde Pierce in an interview back in June about the possibility of his appearance in the Frasier revival, to which he responded: “No one ever approached me about it so it wasn’t something I turned down. But it was also not something I was looking to do, so I wasn’t an engine behind it, either."

According to him he was never really approached but wasnt particularly interested either. Which makes sense as he definitely has been more interested in smaller but more artistically rewarding projects than trying to make as much cash as he can.


whythehellknot t1_j619l09 wrote

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. He probably told his agency he wasn't interested unless it was some ridiculous amount and let them handle the negotiations to which they probably just kept saying "more" until the studio said "nevermind"


PerfectZeong t1_j61bs22 wrote

Yeah he very well could have given them a fuck off offer.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j5v0bj2 wrote

Much of the original cast isn't back, and neither are the writers (the very things we loved - the performances and the stellar writing). Why would any fan of the original series get excited about this?


diiejso t1_j5v68io wrote

You could have said the same thing when they spun off Frasier from Cheers. You never know it might be great.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j5v990v wrote

I thought of that - the thing is, Frasier's award-winning writers were from Cheers.

That's the problem with this new Frasier reboot. It's an island. Nobody from Cheers/Frasier/Wings/Modern Family (same group of writers on all shows) are on this new reboot.

I'm not saying it's impossible for a surprise hit, but it's really unlikely given the TV track record of these reboots that have almost no attachment to the previous successful group. We will have to rely on a new set of writers and that could go any way.


Lemonwalker-420 t1_j5xl9r0 wrote

Exactly what I was going to say. Other than Frasier himself and the occasional guest appearance, Frasier had no resemblance to Cheers. This is another phase in Frasier's life and shouldn't be a simple continuation of the last.


GigiRiva t1_j5wceyu wrote

It's so difficult for me to believe they'll find the same calibre of intelligent writers and manage the same mix of slapstick and highbrow as the original, it was all too perfect of a storm, and even discounting the absence of Martin, Niles, even Eddie, it still seems like an insurmountably uphill battle considering the standards of sitcom writing and dilution of the Hollywood writing pool that has come with the exponential increase in content volume


Prax150 t1_j5vcs6i wrote

My hopes aren't high either but Frasier itself was literally a spinoff of a show where he was one of the worst characters, so who knows? Plus if you're going to reboot something might as well try and do something a little different rather than just the same show over again 20 years later.


Empeor_Nap_oleon t1_j5wggfe wrote

Hey cheers era Fraiser is hilarious and I'll die on that hill.


Prax150 t1_j5z3gaf wrote

Hell, I'm not even disagreeing with you. I liked Cheers Frasier but if we're power ranking Cheers characters? No way he goes ahead of Norm, Cliff, Sam, Carla, Woody, Coach. Maybe he's ahead of Diane and Rebecca.


mikevago t1_j5vqp5c wrote

(glares at That 90s Show...)


dashrendar t1_j5vv21e wrote

With love and a desire for more.

Love that show. It's not as good as the original but it hits a lot of the right beats, and I look forward to it stretching it's legs out (haven't finished the season yet). Just wish it had more than 10 episodes a season so we can really get to know this new cast.


RespectThyHypnotoad t1_j5w5797 wrote

They didn't carbon copy the teens in the show, some absolutely have similar traits but it's not all 1:1.

I think the appeal and point of doing That 90's Show is to lift from That 70's Show. Not sure why anyone would expect a different take. It's a new cast, new characters in the 90s with something familar. It should have a degree of sameness to it.

It's a comfort food comedy show.

Quality could be better but comedies/new casts need a minute to gel.


Prax150 t1_j5z28lx wrote

I actually just watched the first ep last night and didn't hate it?


awh t1_j5xcn88 wrote

> Much of the original cast isn't back, and neither are the writers

The same was true of Night Court and it's going okay so far.


DebbieDunnbbar t1_j5xa318 wrote

Because Kelsey Grammer could read the phone book and make it funny.

I literally cannot wait for Reddit to eat crow when this show is good.


ILoveRegenHealth t1_j5xywu5 wrote

> Because Kelsey Grammer could read the phone book and make it funny. > > > > I literally cannot wait for Reddit to eat crow when this show is good.

Quoting you in case this tanks hard.


DebbieDunnbbar t1_j5y204k wrote

I’ll take that bet. Winner pegs the loser, dry slam only.


Gerrard1995 t1_j5v3d76 wrote

I'm a big fan of Frasier but without Martin was bad enough (Not his fault of course)... not having Niles either is really not getting my hopes up. Where's the cork master?!


Kevbot1000 t1_j5va9nq wrote

Martin is a sad passing, but Niles was seriously my favourite character.


ThisIsCreation t1_j5vcm4o wrote

This is like bringing back Seinfeld without George, Kramer & Elaine. It's not worth it. What made Frasier so good is the chemistry between the cast. It felt finely tuned. This, I have no interest in watching without the core cast.


Herramadur t1_j5vt5es wrote

..or bringing back Friends but just with Joey.....


Darmok47 t1_j61etir wrote

Ironically, I imagine the success of Frasier convinced NBC that Joey could be a good idea. Single character from wildly successful sitcom set on East Coast moves to West Coast, has new adventures with sibling...


mikevago t1_j5vqx78 wrote

So you're suggesting that there's no way you could pluck the character of Dr. Frasier Crane from an ensemble show and put him into a new ensemble? Yeah, that would never work.


ThisIsCreation t1_j5vu7mt wrote

While I totally get what you're saying, the foundation of the Frasier show came from the chemistry between the cast, without them it's just another sitcom.


FunkyChug t1_j5vwsnn wrote

How do you know the new cast won’t have great chemistry?


RemnantEvil t1_j5wdhbs wrote

Nobody's saying that, the concern is that the original cast had award-winning chemistry and the show's considered one of the - if not the - greatest sitcoms of all time. So to bring it back, it has to either match or exceed the original, otherwise it's just gonna be a downer. And part of trying to match or exceed the original would be the foundation of that great chemistry. Without it, you've got to bottle lightning a second time for the show to work.


hujambo11 t1_j5ye9za wrote

You mean in this upcoming nostalgia-based, cash grab reboot of a classic series with an actor past his prime, made to stream on Paramount+?

Gee, I wonder why people think it won't be good.


Orleanian t1_j5x9yji wrote

I wouldn't call Frasier an Ensemble Cast though.

They plucked the character of Frasier Crane from the Ensemble Cast of Cheers, and developed an intimate look into his life with supporting characters.

It's a bit tougher to flip a protagonist into a successful spinoff of himself, I think.

Doctor Who did it, so it's possible, I guess.


tidho t1_j5ygo8y wrote

or starting with the Cheers cast and only having Frasier?


al-in-to t1_j5wmmar wrote

or bring the cast of cheers back without Sam, Diane, Coach, Carla, Norm Cliff etc oh wait


StJohnMollusc t1_j5vr00r wrote

I pray it's good, and I like to think DHP is in it but they wanna keep him as a last minute surprise


[deleted] t1_j5uv58x wrote



allergenicsunshine t1_j5v0d3i wrote

It shouldn't but it gives me bad 90s american sitcoms vibes adding brits - James Dreyfus in some Bette Midler show and random grange hill actors lol.


LittleRudiger t1_j5v7v3l wrote

> It shouldn't but it gives me bad 90s american sitcoms vibes adding brits

There was a show in the 90s called Frasier that had a brit in a lead role.


JeffCentaur t1_j5yqdtx wrote

I was planning to skip this show entirely, for the reasons being detailed in this comment section. Mainly, none of the original cast returning apart from Kelsey.

But then they announced that Nicholas Lyndhurst was joining the main cast, and I've always been a big fan of his. It'll be interesting to see him in an American sitcom.

So basically I'll be tuning in to watch the Nicholas Lyndhurst show, but I hear that Frasier character may make a few appearances on it.


RealCoolDad t1_j5z1faf wrote

I have morning brain still. I thought it said “Anders Holm” and I got excited.


canobeano t1_j64k1di wrote

Salgueiro is hilarious in Letterkenny and Shoresy. I’ll give this a shot based on her alone.


[deleted] t1_j5vhwyu wrote



CapnSmite t1_j5vk6uj wrote

> She is great on Avenue 5

She's not on Avenue 5. That's Lenora Crichlow.

However, Jess Salgueiro is great as Mary-Anne on Letterkenny.


TootieSummers t1_j5urlvt wrote

I’m waiting for someone here to complain that the baby in the last episode of a 20 year old show was not cast in the reboot and that it’s just gonna “take them out of it”.


Molnek t1_j5v9ce3 wrote

Well yeah man, I don't care what Martin said that monkey was adorable.