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When my mother visits, we usually pick a tv show to watch after the kids go to bed. Heard great things about For All Mankind so we started it a few weeks ago. We just finished episode 8 of the first season. While my mom does think it's a very good series, she is enjoying it less and less due to how dark and depressing it gets. The misery is just relentless. Almost no one is happy.

Does this change at all? Since my father passed away last year my mom is not too keen to keep watching if it remains as dour as it has. If this is how the show will continue then I'll watch it on my own going forward and pick something else for the two of us to enjoy.



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tinoynk t1_j6944fh wrote

Surprised to hear you guys are finding it depressing/dark. Maybe it's because all the other stuff I watch, but I find watching likeable mostly good people working hard to solve problems the opposite of depressing.

Yea situations get intense and dire, and there's high stakes, but depressing/dark/dour? Not to me. If anything I find the idea of a reality were government cares at least a tiny bit about scientific progress incredibly invigorating, but maybe those elements don't come into play until a bit later.


Locke108 t1_j697wfh wrote

Episode 8 of season 1 is the one about the Baldwin son though. But you’re right, other than that storyline, the show’s not dark.


StuffonBookshelfs t1_j694rbd wrote

If you think it’s depressing now, then yes. It will always be depressing.

People are always going to die for space exploration. That’s part of space exploration. And that’s not just this show. But any show that’s even close to realistic about the cutting edge of space technology. It’s incredibly dangerous.


reddig33 t1_j69mtr4 wrote

I would say yes. Still a good show except for the last season (which got ridiculously soapy).


ForgivenessIsNice t1_j6ackzs wrote

Nothing wrong with a soap. One of the best shows of all time is a quintessential soap: Mad Men.


CheesyObserver t1_j6asf0r wrote

House of the Dragon is just a $200,000,000 soap with the occasional dragon and it's great too.


midasp t1_j6950fw wrote

Ultimately, the first two seasons were about people coming together to get things accomplished.


Scotsmania t1_j696xlj wrote

It's a realistic alternate universe to the one you are currently living in where events unfolded a bit differently. Watch something else if you want to lift her spirits.


mdavis360 t1_j6an3sn wrote

It’s a show with complex emotions and massive payoffs. The situations can be depressing but they lead to outcomes which can be uplifting and inspiring.


x6ftundx t1_j6agm9z wrote

space is hard, getting into space is harder. no one hears you scream in space