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LoretiTV t1_j5gx2tk wrote

Best show of 2022 imo. It just came out of nowhere and got better every single week up to and including the amazing finale. Really looking forward to Season 2!


Stockpile_Tom_Remake t1_j5hn8ka wrote

The last episode was one of the most intense stress inducing episodes I’ve ever seen. Up there with the start of Chernobyl


cerpintaxt33 t1_j5hrrhi wrote

I thought there were 10 episodes instead of 9. You can imagine my frustration when I finished episode 9 and realized it was the last one.


interp21 t1_j5iqa8q wrote

The same happened to me. I literally screamed when I realized that there were no more episodes left!


jmcgit t1_j5k9y76 wrote

Apparently the showrunner said that they had originally intended to do a tenth episode to show the fallout but ultimately decided they liked the cliffhanger effect better. Ben Stiller might have been "blamed" for the idea they all loved.


kewizo OP t1_j5h0ksp wrote

Honestly, I have been MISSING OUT big time. I can’t believe I barely heard about this show throughout last year. I think this is really great tv that we haven’t been able to experience in a long time. Discovering the Rehearsal and Severance, I’m having a good start of the year


Ooften t1_j5h58ei wrote

It’s so hard to explain what the show is without giving away too many details, I think that’s a big part of why word of mouth hasn’t spread as much.


danarexasaurus t1_j5hda8i wrote

I feel like Dark is like that. Like, you can’t explain any of it without spoiling it


opiate_lifer t1_j5hwqh4 wrote

Its basically Dollhouse had a baby with LOST, except instead of a mysterious island its a mysterious corporate headquarters that is basically a labyrinth.


kewizo OP t1_j5h5uoe wrote

Ah, that’s a good point… on top of that- I don’t live in the US, and it was not marketed the same way as they did in the states. I hope it continues to grow the hype worldwide so everyone can eventually catch up.


immaownyou t1_j5hpvgo wrote

If you barely heard about that's on you because it's been all over the place on Reddit lol


SackofLlamas t1_j5i11xi wrote

>Best show of 2022

Agreed, and 2022 was absolutely stacked with high end TV, so it's a hell of a year to be "best of".


No-Midnight-2187 t1_j5h864r wrote

Yeah it was truly captivating. My partner and I were pretty blown away by how hooked we were on this and having to see what happens next


swentech t1_j5hag3n wrote

Best new show I’ve seen in years hands down. Can’t wait for Season 2.