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peacefulwarrior75 t1_j5hubt9 wrote

And if you haven’t seen Ted Lasso, those $7 will be WELL spent


kewizo OP t1_j5izh0q wrote

I saw Ted Lasso as a short skit years ago before it picked itself up as a series. I like Jason Sudeikis so I wanted to check it out. Did it ever change in tone, or is it just light hearted comedy?


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j5j5tyz wrote

They recycle a joke or two in the first episode, but the Lasso character is tweaked in some very important ways from those commercials. And the overall plot seems derivative of another sports movie AT FIRST. But it becomes a show that transcends comedy and touches some really deep emotions. One of the most important shows of recent memory, there’s a reason it won two consecutive emmys.