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(My phone keyboard is not working well , sorry for the typos :( )

I just finished my two-day binge watching session of Severance. II’ve heard about this show a lot recently, so i decided to check it out. To be honest until then, i never took interest in Apple tv content. For some reason their content never stood out at me at all. But i decided to watch it because the topic seemed interesting, also Adam Scott, so maybe worth checking out the free episode.

I kinda knew the general concept of severance beforehand(from one of those horrid youtube shorts), but never so much in detail. But I just thought it was gonna be a mediocre sci fi office type of serious drama just dealing with one dimensional philosophical dilemma of “severence”.What i didnt expect, was a ⭐️✨masterpiece💫👑. I won’t get in to detail because you’re just gonna have a blast going in blind.

I just want to rant a bit because I just finished the series. I went through some shit watching that last episode. and I was furious for about 3 minutes that this series left me hanging like that. It was one of the best TV series finales ever.

i’m just gonna write the good things down as a list:

  1. Ben stiller directed it. (Co-directed, I think) What. I knew he directs, ive seen his work- but Something felt different with this show. + Also found out about the creator of the show Dan Erickson. His writing is near genius, and his story seems quite bizarre too.

  2. Cinematography Subtle lighting looked greaat, it really sets the tone right. 👌👌👌

3 the PERFORMANCE. Simply phenomenal from every. Single. Cast. How is that even possible, I dont know. What a blessing of a cast.

  1. Music. Is weird, and fitting. It has some very interesting choices in tone with some scenes. and I think the overall direction was bit experimental, which I think it was executed perfectly. Deserved the emmy!!

  2. Opening sequence this one- is trippy good. But it shouldn’t have been the only thing to be awarded with the music.

I honestly can go ooon and ooooon about this show right now. But I’ll stop here. I hope people who haven’t seen severance try to give it a shot. It was worth paying the monthly fee just for that 9 episodes. Truly amazing show.

Hope I didn’t spoil much.



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LoretiTV t1_j5gx2tk wrote

Best show of 2022 imo. It just came out of nowhere and got better every single week up to and including the amazing finale. Really looking forward to Season 2!


Stockpile_Tom_Remake t1_j5hn8ka wrote

The last episode was one of the most intense stress inducing episodes I’ve ever seen. Up there with the start of Chernobyl


cerpintaxt33 t1_j5hrrhi wrote

I thought there were 10 episodes instead of 9. You can imagine my frustration when I finished episode 9 and realized it was the last one.


interp21 t1_j5iqa8q wrote

The same happened to me. I literally screamed when I realized that there were no more episodes left!


jmcgit t1_j5k9y76 wrote

Apparently the showrunner said that they had originally intended to do a tenth episode to show the fallout but ultimately decided they liked the cliffhanger effect better. Ben Stiller might have been "blamed" for the idea they all loved.


kewizo OP t1_j5h0ksp wrote

Honestly, I have been MISSING OUT big time. I can’t believe I barely heard about this show throughout last year. I think this is really great tv that we haven’t been able to experience in a long time. Discovering the Rehearsal and Severance, I’m having a good start of the year


Ooften t1_j5h58ei wrote

It’s so hard to explain what the show is without giving away too many details, I think that’s a big part of why word of mouth hasn’t spread as much.


danarexasaurus t1_j5hda8i wrote

I feel like Dark is like that. Like, you can’t explain any of it without spoiling it


opiate_lifer t1_j5hwqh4 wrote

Its basically Dollhouse had a baby with LOST, except instead of a mysterious island its a mysterious corporate headquarters that is basically a labyrinth.


kewizo OP t1_j5h5uoe wrote

Ah, that’s a good point… on top of that- I don’t live in the US, and it was not marketed the same way as they did in the states. I hope it continues to grow the hype worldwide so everyone can eventually catch up.


immaownyou t1_j5hpvgo wrote

If you barely heard about that's on you because it's been all over the place on Reddit lol


SackofLlamas t1_j5i11xi wrote

>Best show of 2022

Agreed, and 2022 was absolutely stacked with high end TV, so it's a hell of a year to be "best of".


No-Midnight-2187 t1_j5h864r wrote

Yeah it was truly captivating. My partner and I were pretty blown away by how hooked we were on this and having to see what happens next


swentech t1_j5hag3n wrote

Best new show I’ve seen in years hands down. Can’t wait for Season 2.


Herramadur t1_j5h8ygj wrote

I loved it but I worry where they go from this point, it's going to be completely different.


bob1689321 t1_j5iu0vf wrote

I'm worried we'll lose the mundane office satire stuff. That was my favourite.


Two_Twenty_Two t1_j5jp3a1 wrote

Same way I felt about Westworld. It never had the same magic after the first season for me.


omykun123 t1_j5lftpc wrote

Its like that to me with almost every show/anime, mysterious premise plus intriguing characters instant hook.

Then usually after the first season the initial premise runs its course and the follow up is not as good, or the characters lose what made me like them in the first place.


kewizo OP t1_j5ha3f8 wrote

I know! I really hope it doesn’t do the whole ‘road trip on a mission’ with the characters. I just hope it keeps the right amount of Wtf as the first season


Other_Canary2231 t1_j5kcycb wrote

I have a good feeling the second season and following ones will be just as sharp. I could very easily be wrong, but I just have a good feeling that they’re gonna be just as strong. These writers seem too smart to mess it up from here, so fingers crossed!!


Effective-Celery8053 t1_j5rp7hj wrote

I'm predicting mark s (Marx) leads the office to some sort of revolt which sounds pretty cool to me.


Rumbleinthejungle8 t1_j5kob84 wrote

It's the problem with mystery type shows. Once the mystery is out they tend to lose what made them special in the first place. I really hope they can pull it off and keep it interesting though.


andtheniansaid t1_j5jt77i wrote

Yep, the only thing we can hope for is that they've already worked out a 2 or 3 season storyline and stick to it, rather than constantly leaving it on a cliff hanger with no real plan of where to go.


ShadyCrow t1_j5kp2d7 wrote

Agreed. Feels like inevitable diminishing returns from here. Just hoping for a slow descent rather than a nosedive.


SunnyWynter t1_j5jtf9o wrote

I also hope people do not expect everything to make perfect sense in the end because it won’t.

The entire show should be mostly enjoyed as subtext and not literally


spydiddley404 t1_j5h53yj wrote

Severance created obsession in me like no show had in a long time. I was dreaming about it. As soon as I finished the season I started again.

Glad you loved it too!


kewizo OP t1_j5h5i3a wrote

I’m about 2 hours in, and I 100% know what you’re talking about. I’m rewatching the show tomorrow.


Starkydowns t1_j5hjo02 wrote

The only other show that did that for me was breaking bad. This is the best show I’ve seen since then.


blondechinesehair t1_j5h75k4 wrote

Best season finale I’ve seen in a long time. Every single second of it.


byfuryattheheart t1_j5hwkmt wrote

The quality of the show did not dip at all from the first second of episode one to the final second of episode nine.

Best season of TV in years for me. Can’t wait for S2.


blondechinesehair t1_j5i7i14 wrote

I mostly agree with the exception that I think the finale hit a totally different level.


kewizo OP t1_j5h7c6u wrote

Literally left me in the same position i was in at from opening to credits. It did not let go of me.


uggsandstarbux t1_j5hbcm9 wrote

Unrelated to the content of the show, but I knew Zach Cherry before he went into acting. He helped run some admin/logistics at a nonprofit. He's the nicest human being I've ever met. An amazing listener and an incredible storyteller. I saw him shortly after he was on Kimmy Schmidt and he was gushing about getting to meet Tina Fey.


kewizo OP t1_j5hcmsm wrote

Oh yeah, i absolutely loved his character arc. He very hard to read in the beginning, so it was definitely surprising to see how everything turns out for him. + i would freak out for Tina fey too!


Datsyuk_My_Deke t1_j5iu67u wrote

Watching him hold his own with the likes of Walken and Turturro was great. Glad to hear he’s a good guy.


MilhouseVsEvil t1_j5i9l3v wrote

I have liked him since his small part in Succession. I am glad he is a cool dude.


OmniManDidNothngWrng t1_j5irxst wrote

I'm an enigma. You can't pigeon hole me. I'm there and then I'm gone. I'm intellectually promiscuous, but culturally conservative. I work hard, but I DO NOT play hard. Why would you play hard?


grump66 t1_j5gyiae wrote

>the PERFORMANCE. Simply phenomenal from every. Single. Cast

I wonder if there's a connection between an actor being the director, and the phenomenal performances of ALL of the cast. It certainly seems as if Ben Stiller allows his actors to do their absolute best. I wasn't as captivated by Severance as many are, but I really, really agree with the idea that the performances of the individual cast members is among their best. I wonder if Stiller's extensive experience as an actor may have informed his direction.


kewizo OP t1_j5h0xbk wrote

I thought about this too. It was just exceptionally good from everyone? That just made me question the method, and i think it might has something to do with Ben. I’m just really looking forward to digging in to the bts of it all


ZombieStomp t1_j5jcfdn wrote

Ben Stiller also directed the miniseries Escape at Dannemora which features fantastic performances by Paul Dano, Benicio del Toro and Partricia Arquette as well as the rest of the cast so yeah I think he's just a solid director who gives his actors what they need to perform.


grump66 t1_j5ka0sd wrote

> Stiller also directed the miniseries Escape at Dannemora

Oooh, I didn't know this, it was a pretty good show, and I agree, the performances were uniformly excellent in it.


ReelWatt t1_j5ibhao wrote

Yes, the performance of each character was outstanding. They made the experience something that was living and breathing.

And it was not a formulaic program. Like the ending I seriously thought was going to go in a different direction. Totally unexpected ending. Not really discussing the details to avoid anyone from being spoiled.

But it took some powering through. But the ending was 100% worth it


Joessandwich t1_j5jfts9 wrote

I’ve heard it said that there are directors who direct cameras, and there are directors who direct actors.

Obviously many are both, but some directors focus more on the shot while other focus more on the actors performance. It would not be surprising that a director with a significant acting career would be great at getting the right performance.


MigratingPidgeon t1_j5iqwsi wrote

> It certainly seems as if Ben Stiller allows his actors to do their absolute best.

Think every director wants that. But it does look like Stiller can succesfully draw out the performances he needed from his actors.


jl_theprofessor t1_j5h1bfh wrote

No exaggeration; it was not just the best show I watched in 2022; it was one of the top five shows I've ever watched. I've rarely been on the edge of my seat as I was during the season finale. And this was for a show that typically kept a rather casual pace, for the most part. It's just that it was so good at planting tidbits and pieces along the way that it kept driving you to want to know more. As you noted, the performances are excellent. The cinematography is great and often off putting. The music switches from weird and subtle, and then you have explosions of jazz that just make it even weirder. It all comes together into such a unique package that I was completely taken by it. I screamed when the finale came to a finish. That final moment? Screamed. I've introduced it to all my friends and all of them love it.


kewizo OP t1_j5h1wux wrote

Yeah, i cant wait til the morning comes and i start blasting my friends an family about this. It’a gonna be good.


Natriumon t1_j5iv5ad wrote

At the end of the finale I realized I gripped my shirt to my throat for the last 15 minutes. My heart was racing. Haven't felt this intensity from a show in ages.


peteman28 t1_j5h8lqp wrote

It started a little slow for me and then by the end I was so stressed out for the characters. Can't wait for season 2


kewizo OP t1_j5h9u67 wrote

Agreed, the first episode is intriguing enough to keep you going, but it’s not the most exciting episode of the 9.


Zarathustra30 t1_j5ikxf5 wrote

Theory time: the first four episodes were originally written as three, but stretched out in order to end the 4-episode critic screeners on a cliffhanger.


RichestMangInBabylon t1_j5h5hxq wrote

This is one show that the weekly release enhances the experience. Spending a week going "what the fuck" with everyone really makes it even better.


kewizo OP t1_j5h6awy wrote

Damn, I wish i got to enjoy that :(


danarexasaurus t1_j5hd5ja wrote

I’ve only watched the first episode and it felt kinda slow with a lot of footage I felt like I could live without. I am gonna keep watching it though because it did intrigue me. Glad to hear it’s worth following through


daairguy t1_j5i10nq wrote

A lot of those slow scenes are actually building to the story…..


danarexasaurus t1_j5i16k0 wrote

Yeah, it felt VERY intentional, which is why I think I want to push through it! I was literally laughing when he was walking down the maze like hallways in episode 1. It was so ridiculous I assumed it’s part of this bigger story.


kewizo OP t1_j5hdnhw wrote

Oh it’s gonna worth every second of it. Enjoy!


kermit639 t1_j5hvnap wrote

I could watch the scenes with Christopher Walken and John Turturro on repeat. A master class is acting.


kewizo OP t1_j5iyxsq wrote

It was so beautiful. I can write a book about just that.


cateisgreat77 t1_j5hb7wt wrote

Watched it while recovering from COVID in July and was stunned. I agree with everyone who said it was the best TV show they have watched in a while. I went into it with no knowledge of what it was about and no spoilers. I didn't know anyone who had watched it. Forced my husband to watch it as soon as I was out of quarantine and he told me he thought it was slow. I was floored when he said that. I found it gripping from the first moment I started watching it. We are both big science fiction junkies so I was surprised by his lackluster response. He finally got into it in the final two episodes but said he would probably have stopped watching it if I had not insisted. Looking forward to season two!


kewizo OP t1_j5hcc90 wrote

I think It does have a certain atmosphere that speaks to certain people more, including the minimal set designs and awkward vibes. Im glad you loved it during your recovery, hope all is well now!


TheHadalZone t1_j5haj03 wrote

Ngl episode 1 dragged for me so I never got to finish it. Might try it again.


kewizo OP t1_j5hamo1 wrote

Ah pleaaaase watch an episode more


zukenstein t1_j5hi3wu wrote

Once you get to the end of the second episode, you’re gonna be hooked


camelCaseAccountName t1_j5k0w31 wrote

Definitely give it another shot, it takes a few episodes to get going but the payoff is super worth it


Chibichanusa t1_j5hy32i wrote

I made it to episode 3 and I'm just not feeling it. Should I keep going?


InspectorMendel t1_j5jaftr wrote

If you didn't like it by this point, you probably aren't going to like it.


camelCaseAccountName t1_j5k0cob wrote

Actually I sorta disagree... I watched the first 4 episodes and wasn't feeling particularly hooked, but I pressed on to the season finale anyway and boy am I glad I did, because that was unquestionably one of the best season finales I've ever seen.


NotAHopeInHell t1_j5jqitp wrote

I’d say to try giving it a shot. Personally, I was pretty intrigued by the first 3 episodes, but it wasn’t until episode 4 that I was truly all-in. I’d been watching an episode a night for the first 3, then binged the rest of it after episode 4.

And if it’s still not your thing, then you’re only out about 40 minutes of your life.


camelCaseAccountName t1_j5k0cj4 wrote

Yes, definitely. The latter half of the season really picks up and the finale is 100% worth the investment.


usernameis2short t1_j5ijedu wrote

Nah, the show doesn't revolve any plot points or introduce a new one by the end. Only thing that improves over 9000 is the tension the season finale gives, but it was pretty predictable. Not really worth your time if you're not feeling it after episode 3 because it doesn't change. The show just mostly drags the story into 5 hour hallway scenes like you've probably noticed. Just my opinion tho and the redditors here are likely to come bashing me for it


FinnT730 t1_j5h9og3 wrote

Best show of 2022

And I hope they will release the second season soon


kewizo OP t1_j5haa5s wrote

Yes. I’m tired of having to wait over 1-2 years to have a next season happening.


jmprRdit t1_j5hcn3x wrote

So slow at first, then it keeps building and building to the really great season finish.


kewizo OP t1_j5hdfla wrote

Yeah, but I think there are a lot going there, and i think it’s purposefully slow to give you room to really question about it


jethropenistei- t1_j5i8l8s wrote

Everything you said that’s great about it is true, but I just don’t get it. Like I get the overall commentary that corporate/work life is dystopian and soul sucking, but sometimes it just seems like it’s just being weird for the sake of being weird. I don’t understand some of the symbolism going on, like their job is just to look at a screen that has shapes. Is it just supposed to relate to the feeling that a lot of jobs are seemingly meaningless functions that don’t add real value to the world? Maybe I’m just dumb.


LiveJournal t1_j5jz9ec wrote

If Apple TV doesnt prematurely cancel the show then I'd hope they would answer what all the work actually is. From what I've heard everything has an answer, even the goat room.


machu46 t1_j5hhz43 wrote

I finally watched it a couple weeks ago too and was so blown away. Really incredible show.


mjani t1_j5ih6ch wrote

Apart from being a great science fiction idea, it still made be think a lot about work life balance in real life. Like how we "switch off" ourselves from work and become different people outside of it. Ignoring the toll its taking on your life, because there is no other choice, you have to keep working.


TeH_MasterDebater t1_j5hn62i wrote

Totally different type of show but Blackbird is also a fantastic miniseries on Apple TV, based on a true story


kewizo OP t1_j5iynpq wrote

Got that subscription so I might as well check it out. Thanks!


annaflixion t1_j5i8wuu wrote

I just finished the first season myself-watched it all today. I like it but I have reservations. I actually think it's kind of overacted at times. The fact that everyone is sooooooo dramatic all the time actually makes it harder for me to take it completely seriously. Like, the core people, sure, they're going through shit. But all the outside people except maybe the brother-in-law are also batshit overinvested in every fucking thing? It's just so much it starts to feel a bit silly. Also, I'm enjoying it a lot, but at this point the payout better be pretty great, because this feels like the mystery aspects of LOST without any of the beautiful scenery or cute down moments. I just feel like they could potentially shit the bed a lot harder than other series because of its tight focus, if that makes sense. I mean, I really like it and I'm invested, but I'm trying not to get too excited in case I get let down. And honestly, I'm done with the main bad guy actress for awhile; she's been in other stuff and she's usually good but was just too much for me in this.


blank988 t1_j5hel0n wrote

Season was great but the finale was phenomenal


ImaginationDoctor t1_j5htnue wrote

Isn't the finale glorious? Talk about on the edge of your seat.


UncleCornPone t1_j5hgefm wrote

it really is great. i was skeptical, but by the middle of the 2nd episode i was in. watched the whole season in less than 36 hours lol


mdavis360 t1_j5hhbwb wrote

It’s brilliant. Like you said at first the premise seems like basic but 10 minutes into realizing the actual experience of these people and it’s horrifying. The best season finale I’ve ever seen. Time for a rewatch.


thesobrietysociety t1_j5hk1nt wrote

Welcome. Wish I could watch it for the first time again.


kewizo OP t1_j5hlryw wrote

Actually a post on reddit saying exactly the same words as your comment is what got me in to watching the show. Reddit did one.


thesobrietysociety t1_j5l6jje wrote

Nice. I say it about books and movies all the time. There's nothing like the going into something blind (I started watching it the day it came out and there was zero hype att). Glad you love it too.


nutsotic t1_j5hx8gr wrote

I was real worried by episode 5 that the ever increasing weirdness wasn't going to pay off and I was going to be pissed. Boy was I wrong. Can't wait for season 2, totally will get a month of Apple


usernameis2short t1_j5ijqjk wrote

But there was no payoff lol. They didn't do anythint relevant by the end and it just kept dragging and relying on unresolved mystery boxes and not introducing new ones. Just my opinion tho


kewizo OP t1_j5j08bd wrote

I agree with ya, I was getting a little worried too. But they hit a home run. Now im worried about the second season. The cycle begins


[deleted] t1_j5iakqy wrote



kewizo OP t1_j5izq70 wrote

Second time being recommended! I guess there are some good shows on apple tv worth checking out. Thanks!


lospollosakhis t1_j5jqk52 wrote

The concept of consciousness and our moral compass will always intrigue me. It’s something so abstract and something as humans we can’t ever truly grasp. I love shows and movies that delve into this space.


kewizo OP t1_j5jrq48 wrote

I love it as well. We’re a bunch of weirdos.


lospollosakhis t1_j5kaz4x wrote

It’s why I loved Westworld even when the quality dropped. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Her’, check it out.


KnotSoSalty t1_j5mjayj wrote

I enjoyed it, but the more I thought about it afterward the more it reminded me of the first season of Westworld. A high-concept Sci-fi show which ended season one on a real high note. Hopefully they have interesting answers inside all the puzzle boxes they’ve showed us.


kewizo OP t1_j5nv5jc wrote

Exactly. I really wish it doesnt follow the same footsteps as Westworld, and actually have genuine explanations to the puzzles.


sb505 t1_j5h6xe5 wrote

I've used the phrase 'season 1 of Severance is one of the best seasons of TV I've ever seen' several times over the past year. I just worry about a drop-off.


SackofLlamas t1_j5i193h wrote

It's a concern. They're leaning heavily into the mystery box, and those can be hard to pay off in a way that feels satisfying.

For the time being it's excellent, though.


two4you8 t1_j5hc0uk wrote

I usually watch the trailer to decide on a show, within the first 20s I knew this was the show. I had to close out the trailer to avoid spoilers. Psychological triller mystery is right up my ally and severance is probably the best I’ve seen since Dark.


kewizo OP t1_j5hd6e1 wrote

Im just glad i didnt step on any major spoilers until now. Like REALLY glad


opiate_lifer t1_j5hx4hj wrote

LOL there is nothing that can really count as a spoiler so far! The audience knows nothing about what is really going on.


ChelsMe t1_j5heb5g wrote

Just finishing my rewatch to come here and find the subreddit and this is the first post I see! I have comments!


kewizo OP t1_j5hf24p wrote

I joined severance sub, and I just cant wait to calm down and do ‘top posts of all time’


OldChili157 t1_j5hmmvh wrote

Ted Lasso, Trying, and Mythic Quest are all pretty rad too.


kewizo OP t1_j5izm40 wrote

How is Ted Lasso? I never imagined it to pick up the hype it created, so I’m wondering if it’s comically amazing or if there is something else in it


noahsmybro t1_j5j9azx wrote

Ted Lasso is probably the most ‘feel-good’ show you’ll ever see.

It really is very funny, but just leaves you with a wholesome, wonderful feeling.


Muellercleez t1_j5hst16 wrote

Anyone know when S2 premieres?


kermit639 t1_j5hvorf wrote

You should check out The Morning Show on Apple TV


adflet t1_j5hwy9o wrote

"welcome to the party, pal"


makuniverse t1_j5hx1ej wrote

I almost fell asleep during the 1st episode but I’m soooo glad I gave the 2nd episode a shot, was absolutely hooked after that - and the finale was amazing


sysaphiswaits t1_j5hx6ol wrote

Amazing show. Can not wait for the next season. So many interesting questions.


Chalupaca_Bruh t1_j5hyqpd wrote

It’s honestly the best show I’ve watched of the last 10 years. I haven’t been that gripped since the first season of Lost.


Eticxe t1_j5iqy10 wrote

Another show to watch on Apple TV is Blackbird staring Taron Egerton, based on a true story


KalChoedan t1_j5is6sh wrote

> i never took interest in Apple tv content. For some reason their content never stood out at me at all.

Holy crap my dude. There has been SO MUCH good stuff from Apple TV recently; I think 90% of my top shows last year. Severance, For All Mankind, The After Party, Ted Lasso. I even loved Foundation which I know was a bit contraversial. Servant. Mythic Quest.

If you're about to dip your toes in because Severance piqued your interest you're in for a real treat!


kewizo OP t1_j5j04h6 wrote

Haha you’ve described it perfectly! I’m loving all the apple tv recommendations pouring out. Definitely gonna be checking them out


ansky201 t1_j5k7c86 wrote

I watched the first 3 episodes and just couldn't get into it. Maybe I'm just not understanding the concept.


Zeba93 t1_j5kgwsq wrote

Best show I've seen in a while, was hooked straight away. The season finale was great, cannot wait for season 2.


tidho t1_j5ki2ky wrote

1st episode just seemed depressing. Chose not to invest futher time.


MSAPW t1_j5m0vf8 wrote

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been meaning to check it out due to Ben Stiller's involvement and your post finally got me over the hump.

Although the pacing is a little slow in the first episode, I appreciate how much was further explained in episode 2.


kewizo OP t1_j5nuyk8 wrote

Im glad you decided to check it out :) I don’t think the pacing/atmosphere suits everyone, but if it does- I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy it!


ArchDucky t1_j5pxrri wrote

Based on your comments, I would assume you haven't seen "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and you should see it immediately. If you have seen it, you clearly don't remember it so you should again... watch it immediately.


kewizo OP t1_j5pz53d wrote

Haha I did watch it, and I don’t remember it that well as you said! However, the skateboarding scene will forever be etched in my memory.


Doubleyoupee t1_j5hey29 wrote

Apple TV only? Not helping


AltonIllinois t1_j5hkk8i wrote

You can just pay the $7 to watch the 9 episodes and then cancel


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j5hubt9 wrote

And if you haven’t seen Ted Lasso, those $7 will be WELL spent


kewizo OP t1_j5izh0q wrote

I saw Ted Lasso as a short skit years ago before it picked itself up as a series. I like Jason Sudeikis so I wanted to check it out. Did it ever change in tone, or is it just light hearted comedy?


peacefulwarrior75 t1_j5j5tyz wrote

They recycle a joke or two in the first episode, but the Lasso character is tweaked in some very important ways from those commercials. And the overall plot seems derivative of another sports movie AT FIRST. But it becomes a show that transcends comedy and touches some really deep emotions. One of the most important shows of recent memory, there’s a reason it won two consecutive emmys.


RitoRvolto t1_j5i0ata wrote

There's some great stuff on Apple TV that would've been massive hits had they been on more popular platforms.


bearxor t1_j5jq5tb wrote

Honestly I think ATV+ is the best streaming service rn. Everything is high quality over quantity. I’m not a fan of every show but there’s enough to justify the $7/mo.


matticusiv t1_j5ibuou wrote

Just started it last night, i’m so in. These are the shows that actual feel worth my time.


Veinsmeet2 t1_j5ii9jt wrote

Best show I’ve seen in a long while


Daxoss t1_j5iip3w wrote

Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for season 2


quietly_questing t1_j5irgop wrote

OMG I just had the exact same experience! Finished my two-day binge yesterday. I honestly believe it might be the best piece of sci-fi I have ever seen. Just the entire concept, and the implications, the way they use it, the way they work it into the plot. Absolutely masterful.


kewizo OP t1_j5izysa wrote

Yeah the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. I love that there arent a lot of things just sprayed around with the sole purpose of being “weird”. There are, but a lot of them actually makes sense, eventually. and it was very pleasing to have that much info on things when they would have kept it mysterious until season 3 if it was any other show.


SpiffyShindigs t1_j5j2sa2 wrote

I'm about halfway thru and I just feel like I'm gonna get some Divergent tier worldbuilding any minute.


ACardAttack t1_j5j8ies wrote

I was a little hesitant as the other things I've tried from Apple Plus didnt click with me, but loved Severed. Cant wait for more


Oswald6767 t1_j5jh7ku wrote

I just finished it and saw your post wtf


AHarmlessFly t1_j5joe8c wrote

Honestly, I am easy to entertain, I will be first to admit that. But Severance by far, has my #1 show of all time. Just everything about the show, the suspense, how uneasy and the dread you feel for the people, the character development, interactions, just WOW. I love it so much.


kewizo OP t1_j5jrluo wrote

Absolutely. The quality on every department worked on that show was fantastic as well. It’s a perfect season of TV series.


F22_Android t1_j5kmrmi wrote

There's some decent shows on Apple TV +. I really loved Severance, but I'm also a big fan of See, Ted Lasso, and Mosquito Coast.


novashocker t1_j5ky8g7 wrote

Hopefully doesnt end up in messy second season and go downhill like westworld


kewizo OP t1_j5l0ev1 wrote

Yeah what happened to Westworld was such a shame :(


nilsy007 t1_j5lsk70 wrote

TLDR: Wow wow wow


SylvesterLundgren t1_j5qudtq wrote

If you liked Ben Stillers direction then I can’t suggest Escape from Dannemora enough. Fantastic series as well


pillowreceipt t1_j5rj6i8 wrote

"I like to imagine my Outie’s love made with a MILF or two, which is obviously badass, but I do pity the husbands."

God I love me some Dylan.


justicebiever t1_j624c5h wrote

For anyone else that loves this show; watch Devs. Only one season, perfect.


RealNCColumbus t1_j5ia5c2 wrote

While your floored, I'm busy swabbing the poop deck on one of my three super clean sailboats.