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neoblackdragon t1_j5pus0r wrote

Mostly likely?

The Flash was the last show standing and it ends this season.

Make sense not to depend on a long continuity, especially with how Supergirl ended.

Even Stargirl ended before it could attempt a crossover(reusing Jay Garrick).

If the show continues, i wouldn't be surprised if it goes to streaming.


fla_john t1_j5qxh0t wrote

>Stargirl ended



DaoFerret t1_j5r0el1 wrote

At least it ended well.

The was enough closure that it stung a lot less than all the cliffhangers shows usually get canceled with nowadays.

Kudos to the show runners for doing that (and still providing space for more if it wasn’t cancelled).


vitorgrs t1_j5s78g7 wrote

Well, it's a Max Original in Latin America already.


Innsmouth_Swimteam t1_j5u13eg wrote

TIL that The Flash, a show i loved in S1, is still on the air.

S1 was a lifetime ago.