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I love Lois & Clarke - The New Adventures of Superman & I also love the more recent series Superman & Lois, so with that in mind do you think that Smallville would be something I would enjoy or would it be too different?.



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JohnGillnitz t1_j5qqh2j wrote

Smallville was a rebound show after Buffy went away. It's fun as long as you don't take it too seriously. It's so campy that it is almost a parody of itself. The show did have some standout actors. Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum are solid as the hero, the girl, and the villain. John Schneider and Annette O'Toole do great as the Kents.


visitorzeta t1_j5qoaqw wrote

I'm not a Superman fan, but I loved Smallville. The first 7 seasons at least. I'd say watch the first episode, if you think it sucks, don't watch anymore, if you enjoy it, keep going.


wildadragon t1_j5qnwdq wrote

It's different he's just learning and developing his powers also spoiler >!Lois isn't immediately there she shows up later.!<


im_a_dick_head t1_j5riotc wrote

That's not really a spoiler it's a good thing to know before watching tbh


StJohnMollusc t1_j5qou4d wrote

show is a villain of the week thing with epic final fights that last 12 seconds and incredibly attractive teenagers strolling around. Overall a good cheesy show, loved it when I was 18, just don't expect Superman being Superman


PositiveStress8888 t1_j5rnftr wrote

Just watch out for that Chloe Sullivan character, somethings not right with her, can't put my finger on it, just keep an eye on her


rapter200 t1_j5rxnos wrote

I had such a huge crush on her in high school. What a shame.


DaveLambert t1_j5qql7v wrote

It's a pretty good show, and was the framework for all the shows which came later on The CW from Greg Berlanti (Arrow was created just as they were deciding to end Smallville). Also, the two main showrunners for Smallville are the pair who teamed up with Tim Burton for the recent Wednesday series on Netflix.

But mainly keep in mind that this is Clark's pre-superman days. The rule of thumb was "no flight; no tights": there's only a couple of times that Clark flies, and he's never in the Superman outfit until the very VERY end.

But he's not isolated unto himself: you'll see other well-known DC Comics characters show up. Including Green Arrow, played by Justin Hartley...who wanted to star in Arrow, but was turned down as they wanted Arrow to NOT be a spin-off of Smallville (good thing, too, for fans like me of This Is Us!).

Somebody suggests watching the first episode and deciding from there. I would suggest at least the first FOUR episodes. It gives you a good idea of what the show will be like beyond the initial design, and also here's a hint: Episode 4 is called "X-Ray"...Clark gets a new power! 😎


Apprehensive-Pack309 t1_j5s1ucs wrote

I don’t say this all the time but for someone as ridiculously handsome as justin hartley who did such a ridiculously good job on this is us he is so underrated


DaveLambert t1_j5s5s55 wrote

It is true, he is vastly underrated! I’m looking forward to his new show on CBS this fall, The Never Game.


Nobodycares2022 t1_j5r5v11 wrote

I think it was a decent show throughout its run. If you’re a Superman fan at all you will enjoy it.


Locke108 t1_j5qs009 wrote

The early seasons are more Buffy than those shows. Though season 8-10 are basically Arrowverse shows.


Montecatini OP t1_j5qvpw7 wrote

I didn't realize that Michael Rosenbaum was in the show loved him in poolhall junkies so that's reeled me in right off the bat especially since he's playing a young Lex Luthor.


I'll report back after I have watched the first season to confirm whether it's a yay or nay.


LostInCa45 t1_j5rczgf wrote

It was better than super boy. Check it out. Its more of a teen drama with superman wrap.


im_a_dick_head t1_j5rj131 wrote

I loved it, one of my favorite shows. It's more of a Clark Kent show than Superman, since he never actually wears the suit in the show but he certainly is the last son of Krypton and fights many enemies. It's also classified as a drama and romance show so there's plenty of that too.


Columbus43219 t1_j5tn4gl wrote

There's this one episode where Lana cries that's pretty good.


moosefre t1_j5qp7mn wrote

Smallville is excellent, I think you'll find that while it's still a teen show the writing is leagues more nuanced and natural than modern teen shows (or shows in general). It's got camp to it, but it's fun like The X-Files and Supernatural. And the acting by Michael Rosenbaum, Tom Welling, John Schneider, Annette O'Toole, and even Allison Mack (sorry, I know) are all wonderful. It has a lot of heart.


DavidsWorkAccount t1_j5qs5b5 wrote

Smallville is really goof for the first 3 seasons, and still entertaining up through Season 7. It's post Season-7 that the show takes a nosedive.

You will probably enjoy it, especially the first few seasons. Rosenbaum plays a fantastic Lex and Welling is a great young Clark.


LawfulnessHot8182 t1_j5qsup4 wrote

Highly recommended. I’ve been watching episodes here and there for the past 3 months since the blu-ray release.


stamps1646 t1_j5qu24l wrote

When it first aired, I enjoyed it, and when I watched it again a few years later, it still had a lot of charm that I enjoyed.

I would recommend watching a couple episodes and see what you think of it.


tryintofly t1_j5tb6fp wrote

It has the opposite problem of Lois and Clark- a show I love but he never punches anyone or does anything super heroic besides stand around posing, so the stakes are too low and it devolves into silliness by S3.

In Smallville, there's too much action too soon in this one same small town, so it becomes over-the-top ludicrously absurd. Just the idea that he coincidentally meets all the villains and Justice League when they visit the town, yet he still isn't Superman, just became too stupid to bear after awhile. So if you like anything with emotional realism, then neither. If you just like Superman, neither are particularly faithful to the character. You'll probably like it.


AMA_requester t1_j5qqlzz wrote

Do you have the patience for Clark to take 10 seasons to become Superman?


smesch83 t1_j5rief4 wrote

"Smallville" did not work for me and I didn't enjoy it (I saw about 5 episodes over multiple seasons, read episode guides and reviews etc.):

it seemed mediocre and just... un-charming, and about as middle-of-the-road as "Charmed" or "Merlin".

there is a good standalone comic book called "Superman: Secret Identity" (Kurt Busiek) that I really like, and - this surprised me - the "Smallville" "Season 11" comic book (ca. 2011) was fun: I read five volumes and was sad when it ended after nine collections.


ozgun1414 t1_j5t4u49 wrote

its a bit dated for now. i enjoyed it then, with my roommate we binged it and it was joyful for weeks but i dont think i would enjoy it today.