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mickeyflinn t1_j6jr504 wrote

This is literally the first post I have seen about this show.

I checked it out. It is kind of a cool concept but I just couldn't get into it.


kappahelpbot2023 t1_j6k5gk2 wrote

Yeah I put this show is more of just having a VERY loud echo-chamber and well targeted "niche" group. The people who like this show heavily fall into they won't shut up about it but the reality is the show was really not all that much watched and from what I have seen had some fairly high immediate drop offs.

It is pretty much a show that corners of twitter and some forms will just be quite dedicated to and miss how truly small it is in the bigger picture.


Mantis42 t1_j6knm6d wrote

looked it up and was disappointed it wasn't a Buddhist nun doing Kung Fu like you occasionally see in Shaolin movies


Zeelthor t1_j6masaz wrote

It starts off quite weak, honestly, but does get a lot better towards the end of season 1, and then really quite good for season 2. Buuuut yeah, I can see why people would just kinda go 'meh' and walk away after a few episodes, because it really doesn't start that strong.


mickeyflinn t1_j6mfp6q wrote

Hmm, that is interesting to know, I will revisit it.


Zeelthor t1_j6mjav5 wrote

I quit on episode 4 or 5 the first time around, too.


merpderp33 t1_j6nyngo wrote

Yeah agreed S1 was very meh to me, I stuck it out bc it was released during pandemic and I had nothing but time.

S2 got no promotion but I wanted to follow up, overall it got way better (minus the lack of continuity from finale for a hot minute.)

Better action sequences, pacing, storylines - very enjoyable (and binge-able) watch

I def think it deserves another season after S2.


lourensloki t1_j6mtsot wrote

Really? It was all over /r/television recently.


JohnnyAK907 t1_j6pexc9 wrote

Only in regards to the greater discussion of "Netflix doesn't cancel successful shows." Being part of the discussion isn't the same thing as being the discussion.


DiscreteConnected t1_j6jpz01 wrote

Is it though?


OniExpress t1_j6lfgsa wrote

The show was bad. People just want a topic to be angry with Netflix over.


cooperia t1_j6lyl4k wrote

I watched 3 episodes trying to figure out why people love it so much and then I remembered I'm not 15 and am allowed to have my own opinions. I remain confused as to why folks like it.


OniExpress t1_j6lyrl2 wrote

I watched the whole season, some in for a penny mentality. It's incredibly slow, the dialog is bad, and the story is drip-fed to keep people watching only to end the season on a nothing.

If folks love it, fine, sorry for you that it's cancelled. I just can't see any redeaming qualities to it.


Locke_Moghan t1_j6lonso wrote

It's the most talked about because the journalist talked about it.

There's thousands of new shows being produced each year, and only the lucky few that have the money to pay journalists for articles will get anywhere. Or ones that are actively being promoted by their streamer service.


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lqxuq wrote

Lmao Netflix did 0 promotion for the show, you are literally just saying completely false information


Locke_Moghan t1_j6n6e11 wrote

I'm not talking about this show. I'm talking about the other they do, like Wednesday and Tiger King. Never would have zoomed up to the top had they not put those shows on a pedestal already.

And then the article campaigns that kept getting posted on Reddit. You could throw a stick and hit some article gushing about Andor or Wednesday.


Orcus424 t1_j6npo7s wrote

No but you can make it seem that way if you pay off reporters.


Defiant63 t1_j6jpzrx wrote

I've heard zero people on the internet talking about Warrior Nun. I watched half the first season, got bored, and haven't gone back. Does this mean it's gotten better?


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lr930 wrote

Season 1 was okay, season 2 was amazing. It's one of those shows where the first season makes a lot of people stop watching just before it finally gets good in season 2.


VitaLonga t1_j6jsm5o wrote

Twitter is not real life.


inksmudgedhands t1_j6k7q63 wrote

If it was, the latest Avatar would have only made a buck fifty at the box office and everyone would be laughing Cameron right out of Hollywood. According twitter, that movie was going to bomb.


dragonmp93 t1_j6kntiy wrote

Both Avatars are tech demos for theater screens, there is literally no reason to wait for the home release.


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lrjv8 wrote

"The internet"

No one said it was real life.


VitaLonga t1_j6nlgiy wrote

I’m not sure the author has the insight to know the difference. Twitter ain’t the Internet either.


anasui1 t1_j6jtbfj wrote

what's with outlets desperately trying to save this show? it wasn't a success, it got canned, put a stone on it


Buckeyeguy37 t1_j6k3112 wrote

Seems a lot of people these days don't have the ability to just...move on


anasui1 t1_j6mes5t wrote

companies don't care about scores, they care about viewership


Thoughtful_Tortoise t1_j6lv7db wrote

Link is broken...


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lw15r wrote

Their website is having a stroke right now it seems, I have to click it like 7 times for it to load.

Just tried again and it said "maintenance in progress"


jmastadoug t1_j6k0o0j wrote

It’s not, that last of us is. And rightfully so


Shubham2872 t1_j6jqbwu wrote

Enlighten us, who's talking about this show?


LocoCoyote t1_j6jsqu1 wrote

You are…just now


Shubham2872 t1_j6jtio6 wrote

No!!! I was tricked into talking about it.


SteelmanINC t1_j6k411p wrote

"we listened to what people were talking about after reading this article and 100% of them were talking about warrior nun. The internets just cannot get enough of it!"


CountVanillula t1_j6ken4s wrote

Shut up, Leonard! I talked to your son on Family Day. I know all about your gambling.


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lrbvw wrote

Check every Netflix Twitter post or Instagram post I'm sure there's plenty of talk about it.


stechreddit t1_j6kjwsn wrote

It's not, never heard of it.


JCBAwesomist t1_j6m0ucj wrote

Pretty sure the most talked about show is called The last of us.


Metal-Dog t1_j6jqlkr wrote

I've never even heard of it.


LocoCoyote t1_j6jsnst wrote

I don’t know that it is…


elxjai t1_j6kucjg wrote

Someone lied to her because she's not


SnoopysAdviser t1_j6jxiyg wrote

It was OK. Season 1 ending was very disappointing, but thankfully there was a season 2. They still never really satisfied the ending of season 1 for me, and season 2 was just OK.

Season 2 did end with some clarity, so it wasnt a total waste. I grew to really dislike the main character, she just would not listen to reason, or do anything she said she would do.

They killed off a great character and then looked like they brought her back, but no it was a VERY similar but different character with no lines.

A lot of weird choices were made by the show, a lot of cool stuff could have been done, but in the end it was terrible choices moving the plot along.

Would not recommend if you get frustrated at stupidity of the main characters.

Some cool moments, and some OK fight scenes.


SteelmanINC t1_j6k47tk wrote

why is it so common nowadays to have main characters that make insanely stupid decisions constantly? like who is enjoying that?


Veiled_Discord t1_j6lq4lv wrote

Because bad writers can't think of ways other than sheer stupidity to move the plot along.


inksmudgedhands t1_j6k87ca wrote

> They killed off a great character and then looked like they brought her back, but no it was a VERY similar but different character with no lines.

I couldn't finish season two. I tried to but stopped half way. I only stuck for so long because I was hoping a certain someone's death had been faked but nothing came about it. Is that who you are talking about? Because she was my favorite character in the first season and I would have watched a whole show of her going around the world with her trusty sidearm hunting down demons.


SnoopysAdviser t1_j6n1mjm wrote

Yes, exactly. I skipped a few episodes in the middle of season 2. You could tell they were just filler. Watched the last two for the finale, which was all that was needed.


dpezpoopsies t1_j6omsng wrote

I read somewhere the actress who played her couldn't come back for season 2, so they had to kill her character. I definitely think the show runner said they did plan to bring her back in the original story line.


inksmudgedhands t1_j6p057z wrote

I wonder if it was because of Covid restrictions her and her being American. I can imagine going back and forth for shooting would make that difficult. Everyone else already lived in Europe or had the very least, a base in Europe.


ThatIowanGuy t1_j6jy2af wrote

This is literally the first I’m hearing about it.


Tradman86 t1_j6l7l12 wrote

High concept, weak execution, coasting on the power of a catchy name.


FloSTEP t1_j6l8ydm wrote

Didn’t know The Last of Us got renamed


SapTheSapient t1_j6ld40g wrote

I've heard more about Warrior Nun in one post of this thread than I've heard anywhere else on the internet. And some days I'm pretty sure I've read the entire internet.


Jinfire t1_j6m54ge wrote

It’s not.


GCGS t1_j6kioog wrote

Is it ?


mximus t1_j6kwggt wrote

Never heard of it.


lourensloki t1_j6mtt35 wrote

Fun show, sad it was cancelled.


x6ftundx t1_j6n1kwh wrote

because it was 'safe' and now it's 'cancelled' and the peeps want to start up the write in campaign for 'another year'


dustabor t1_j6nicir wrote

Never heard of it on whatever side of the internet I’m on. The 3 shows I keep coming across are lots of praise for The Last of Us (rightfully so) and The Sandman and lots of negative takes on Velma.


JohnnyAK907 t1_j6pem4g wrote

... it's not? Because of this post it's going to be talked about for a day and then go back to the hole it died it.


GodlordHerus t1_j6jw3b9 wrote

Man that second season was a massive drop in quality. Didn't even know it got cancelled


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lqtwt wrote

Because the second season has 100% on rotten tomatoes, it's really good, quite possibly a perfect season of a show. The first season unfortunately wasn't as good so not many people stuck around for season 2. The season 2 finale was also SO good, like after watching it I was just in aw for hours...


dragonmp93 t1_j6knwdh wrote

13% upvoted ?

It seems that this post really hit a nerve in this place.

EDIT: Thanks for proving my point.


Veiled_Discord t1_j6lqokr wrote

Hit what nerve? The post is just wildly inaccurate so people downvoted it using a couple muscles and half a second. You're getting downvoted because you're making that metric out to be an indicator of an emotional response, which is just as asinine as the post itself.


dragonmp93 t1_j6lrrf2 wrote

Well, considering that posts defending Velma hover around 30% upvoted, I thought that it was interesting.