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DiscreteConnected t1_j6jpz01 wrote

Is it though?


OniExpress t1_j6lfgsa wrote

The show was bad. People just want a topic to be angry with Netflix over.


cooperia t1_j6lyl4k wrote

I watched 3 episodes trying to figure out why people love it so much and then I remembered I'm not 15 and am allowed to have my own opinions. I remain confused as to why folks like it.


OniExpress t1_j6lyrl2 wrote

I watched the whole season, some in for a penny mentality. It's incredibly slow, the dialog is bad, and the story is drip-fed to keep people watching only to end the season on a nothing.

If folks love it, fine, sorry for you that it's cancelled. I just can't see any redeaming qualities to it.


Locke_Moghan t1_j6lonso wrote

It's the most talked about because the journalist talked about it.

There's thousands of new shows being produced each year, and only the lucky few that have the money to pay journalists for articles will get anywhere. Or ones that are actively being promoted by their streamer service.


im_a_dick_head t1_j6lqxuq wrote

Lmao Netflix did 0 promotion for the show, you are literally just saying completely false information


Locke_Moghan t1_j6n6e11 wrote

I'm not talking about this show. I'm talking about the other they do, like Wednesday and Tiger King. Never would have zoomed up to the top had they not put those shows on a pedestal already.

And then the article campaigns that kept getting posted on Reddit. You could throw a stick and hit some article gushing about Andor or Wednesday.


Orcus424 t1_j6npo7s wrote

No but you can make it seem that way if you pay off reporters.