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OrangeSundays19 t1_j6g0g6e wrote

Landry kills a guy in Friday Night Lights and they basically erase it from everybody's memory. It was a stupid idea to begin with and the show is a lot better for it.


ascagnel____ t1_j6g6lg9 wrote

Bobby kills a guy on Twin Peaks. It’s mentioned once in the show and never mentioned again.

Strangely, the movie includes that scene.


05110909 t1_j6gn33u wrote

Season 3 was basically a soft reboot of the show. The writers all decided to just give up on the season 2 storylines and start over.


muad_dibs t1_j6ji5zp wrote

Writer’s Strike messed up a lot the show’s plots. Like Buddy taking in that kid who played TE.


05110909 t1_j6jo28n wrote

All the bad parts of season 2 were written before the strike