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NotARandomNumber t1_j6gc33r wrote

Stargate SG-1 massively retconned the movie to make it fit a series.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_j6iujxr wrote

yeah the movie was basically ... the stargate went to one planet in a distant galaxy(!), that was it. The alien had been just sorta chilling out there for several thousand years for no particular raisin.

The TV show was a massive improvement even if visually it didn't have the money to out-cinematic the movie


JubalHarshaw23 t1_j6k9p99 wrote

It never would have made any sense to have all of those symbols on the gate if it was only going to one place.


Delicious-Tachyons t1_j6kcqh3 wrote

well if it was a combination lock maybe. Maybe it was originally set up to obliterate people if they got it wrong?