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DMonitor t1_j6hchmc wrote

yeah, because it’s a huge tv show that they watched when they were kids. of course that’s what they’d associate with Star Wars


grandmofftalkin t1_j6i2yyf wrote

I'm trying to think of something the show actually retconned from the prequels. I think it just did a great job filling in the gaps between movies, better contextualizing the impact of major events.


GamingTatertot t1_j6ifkfq wrote

Pretty famous fun fact, but I do love that the Clone Wars does gymnastics around Anakin meeting Grievous all for the sake of one line in Revenge of the Sith


PerfectZeong t1_j6ie07m wrote

A lot happened in 2 years. I feel like the clone wars should have gone on for like a decade but that wasnt an option for when they made the show.