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grandmofftalkin t1_j6i1z7o wrote

Making O'Neill a wisecracker was a good retcon. They explained in show that he was dealing with grief over his son. I always felt like the one thing that would've elevated Stargate the movie would have been a funnier Kurt Russell performance, like his Big Trouble or Tango and Cash roles


CloudZ1116 t1_j6ltz3e wrote

I honestly don't consider that a retcon, since we already got glimpses of O'Neil's true personality ("Give my regards to King Tut asshole!") in the film. At the start of the film he was suicidal due to what happened with his son (making him the perfect candidate to lead the expedition), but by the end he's come to terms with it and decided to go on living, paving the way for Richard Dean Anderson's subsequent portrayal in the show.