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I am absolutely loving Rian Johnson’s new show on Peacock, ‘Poker Face’. It may be a little predictable at times but it is a very entertaining show. I don’t see a whole lot of people talking about this one, but I would highly recommend it! Only four episodes have been released and they’ve all been great. Each episode is centered around a different storyline. If you’ve seen it, are you enjoying it so far?



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GaryTheCabalGuy t1_j6lorr7 wrote

If this was on Netflix it'd be streaming #1 right now. This show was a pleasant surprise. It took me 2 episodes to realize it's not a murder mystery, the mystery lies in how she catches them. It's a fresh take in the genre for sure.

EDIT: Yes....I know it is very similar to Columbo. I knew that before I wrote the comment. When I say "fresh", I mean relative to the other "murder mystery" options out there today.


kinvore t1_j6lx2jh wrote

Not sure about "fresh" as it's very similar to Columbo, a series from the 70's and 80's.

It has a similar formula, where we see the murder first. Then Columbo arrives on the scene and figures out not only the murder but the motive behind it.

Peter Falk was such a delight in it, too. No super powers, he just acted folksy and scatterbrained in order for people to underestimate him (which they always did). It was a LOT of fun.


knightlife t1_j6m1i41 wrote

This. It’s crazy to think it’s considered “fresh” now…not that I’m complaining, I quite love this genre. But I remember barely a decade ago when USA had its “characters welcome” phase that they then moved away from trying be super serious like everyone else. And don’t get me wrong; some fantastic programming came out of that new mandate. But it’s like we all pretended a certain segment of audiences no longer existed and now we’re shocked to discover “oh wait, yeah, people still want to watch this type of stuff”.


bros402 t1_j6n3z12 wrote

I miss the Blue Skies era, it was so good


Prax150 t1_j6n7qbw wrote

There hasn't really been a show like this in a long time and Columbo isn't on a major streaming service I don't think, so I don't blame anyone for thinking it's different.


knightlife t1_j6nc7c9 wrote

That’s…not really the point I was making. I’m critiquing Hollywood’s self-satisfied lauding of the show as groundbreakingly new when the audience demand was there all along and could be seen from precedent.


Prax150 t1_j6ne32b wrote

You said it's crazy that people are considering this show "fresh" and I explained to you why that my be the case for a lot of people who wouldn't be aware of Columbo or even the "characters welcome" stuff from 10-15 years ago.


knightlife t1_j6nei5j wrote

No, I said in general it’s crazy to consider it such, precisely for the reasons I then listed owing the blame to the industry. I never said people are crazy are feeling so.


throwawaylogin2099 t1_j6p8zyt wrote

Columbo is literally available on the same streaming service as Poker Face: Peacock. I've watched the entire run of Columbo on there.


sbisson t1_j6mab72 wrote

It even uses Columbo-style titles.


ComoSeaYeah t1_j6mvmm5 wrote

I love the titles, especially the Roman numeral date at the start. Very 70s.


thetacticalpanda t1_j6monge wrote

Sometimes called a 'Howdunnit'


ProfessorZhirinovsky t1_j6p1sj3 wrote

IIRC this type, where the audience knows who the murderer is and the question is how the detective is going to figure it all out, is called a "Howcatchem."


Eswyft t1_j6m6nya wrote

Archer riffed on the format not all that long ago in a clear not to the genre, rich columbo was a part of


throwawaylogin2099 t1_j6p8q9t wrote

Poker Face is direct homage to Columbo not only in the structure of the show showing the murder, who did it, and how first so we can watch the protagonist figure it out. They also use the exact same font for the credits that Columbo used. Then there is the fact that the protagonist is somebody who is dishevelled, kind of a slob, very friendly and everybody underestimates her. For a few years now I have seen people online talking about how Natasha Lyonne would be perfect to play the lead in a Columbo reboot and I think this series may have been inspired by that talk or at least the idea to cast her was.


ArsenalinAlabama3428 t1_j6nsfye wrote

It kind of remind me of Monk. Though I like the way the kept the mystery of the actual killer throughout most episodes in Monk. Good show though.


The_Narz t1_j6n273k wrote

There’s also a show called The Sinner that’s been airing for a while and follows the same “howcatchem” format.


kinvore t1_j6nt3lk wrote

I liked the first season of that show (what a fucked up ending) but they lost me when one of the seasons was literally about a couple of guys that just discovered Nietzsche in college. My eyes couldn't roll back far enough haha.


spankenstein t1_j6nesr5 wrote

You know... now that you mentioned this, it does have a very Columbo feel to it. Loving the show so far.


iskin t1_j6lqejt wrote

It's a two-Fer on the mystery. Who is going to die and how? How is she going to solve the murder? I think it makes it more fun than a simple murder mystery.


GaryTheCabalGuy t1_j6lrt54 wrote

True. A significant chunk of the beginning is dedicated to the murder itself, which I really like. Keeps you guessing.


cryptic-fox t1_j6lqrxr wrote

For sure. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people can’t watch it because Peacock is not available in a lot of countries.


HowManyMeeses t1_j6nh5qg wrote

I live in the US and have never been able to get the ad-free version to work. Peacock is the only service I outright refuse to use at this point.


kinvore t1_j6nvrx9 wrote

Yeah they apparently don't have any tier with zero ads, which is ridiculous. I'm certainly not paying someone to show me commercials.


lowerdectrlifestyle t1_j6or2oq wrote

And that's my biggest gripe. I was watching it by avter the 3rd commercial break I was out. I grew up with commercials and now the only time I put up with them is sporting events.


[deleted] t1_j6lt2qj wrote



cryptic-fox t1_j6luh5z wrote

As an independent streaming service: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

Through SkyShowtime: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, Nordics, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia.

I know about all that. Still a lot of countries are left out.


[deleted] t1_j6lymo8 wrote



cryptic-fox t1_j6m06b0 wrote

Just because Australia and New Zealand get Peacock shows “all over 5 different services” doesn’t mean it’s the same for other countries.


[deleted] t1_j6lyfiy wrote



cryptic-fox t1_j6lynba wrote

You already said that and I already replied to you. Not sure why you deleted your previous comment (because of the downvotes?) only to reply to me again with the same comment.


MrZeral t1_j6m2zwh wrote

Not all of them. I wanted to watch Heels some time ago, it's nowhere to be found in my country.


Foxta1l t1_j6lyi1x wrote

Just like Knives Out. Such a nice journey to watch.


cmai3000 t1_j6lrskx wrote

Great show, very clever and good acting. I like how the show lets the viewer share the “super power” of the main character.


berlinbaer t1_j6m7fp8 wrote

> very clever

i really like the show, but if you want 'clever' or twists this isn't really the show for you. i know they show the murder at the beginning so it's not really much of a mystery but even the way she solves stuff usually involves a ton of luck and a ton of coincidences. once you realise it's that kind of show it's a fun ride, but if you are expecting holmes like observation and deduction skills, this show is not for you.


astrocanyounaut t1_j6nbss2 wrote

Its not a mystery who did it, but how she's going to figure it out or catch them in a lie. I saw somewhere else its not a "whodunnit", but a "howcatchem". I like seeing how she integrates herself with the victim and perpetrators, and that we also know things are a lie when she does. I still think that's clever.


Prax150 t1_j6n6xak wrote

"clever" doesn't necessarily need to mean that the show has twists. Also that sounds like a weird way to watch a show, twists often don't make for a good story. Quite frankly rejecting that very notion is what makes the show clever to me


smalltalkbigwalk t1_j6mfkjk wrote

> but even the way she solves stuff usually involves a ton of luck and a ton of coincidences.

Oh, so she's just recycling the same character she played in "Russian Doll". First season was charming, second season was completely flanderized. That tells me all I need to know about this series. Thanks for the breakdown!


anoldoldw00denship t1_j6ly0dd wrote

I want to watch, but not enough to add another streaming service


Champloo- t1_j6mks5x wrote

I'd check it out, but there is not even a legal way to watch this in Germany right now.


RichardCheeseLicker t1_j6ms4hw wrote

Ahoy, matey


MaxGhost t1_j6mvs67 wrote

Arrrr, says I, a Canadian.


Briscotti t1_j6nolvn wrote

It’s available via Citytv in Canada. You can either log-in through your cable or satellite provider and watch it on demand, or add Citytv+ as a Prime Video channel.


1Land_1Keep t1_j6o9986 wrote

> log-in through your cable or satellite provider

Not quite. It's on the cable box on demand, but is not on City's site even when logged in. Even with cable, it can only be accessed online through CityTv+ via Prime.


Briscotti t1_j6o9tbt wrote

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’m on Bell Fibe TV and it pops up there on demand.


1Land_1Keep t1_j6oaaxm wrote

On the page itself? Can you link it? Maybe I have access too but can't find it for whatever reason.


Briscotti t1_j6obyk4 wrote

Sorry I mean it’s on the Bell Fibe TV on demand section. Not sure if Rogers or other services their their own standalone service outside of cable box on-demand.


MaxGhost t1_j6ovdmu wrote

Wow, that is very hidden. Prime doesn't do a good job of bringing those extra channels to prominence.

That said, not sure I want to shell out $5/m for access to only one show I care about. Especially when uh, sailing the seas is so easy these days.


RSomnambulist t1_j6mumt0 wrote

There are several good shows on Peacock. If you aren't into the high seas, you could get something out of a month long sub for sure: the resort, killing it, girls 5 Eva, Rutherford falls, Vigil, bust down, wolf like me-- to name those I've seen.

I don't watch psych, but the new psych stuff is on there. One year of premium is $30.


HometownHits t1_j6nfeka wrote

Would add Dr. Death to this as well, enjoyed S1 a lot.


44problems t1_j6n67hn wrote

Yeah they're doing a lot of specials lately, probably because they need subscriber numbers. Might be tempted to pick it up.


CleverZerg t1_j6omele wrote

Paul T. Goldman is amazing and the Macgruber series is solid as well if you're into the movie.


TommyHamburger t1_j6nnmf2 wrote

I get peacock for free, but I'd rather pirate a peacock show than open their buggy/slow and ad-filled app.


stamps1646 t1_j6o4701 wrote

You can watch the first episode for free without subbing, that's at least an option if you care to see it.


OkayAtBowling t1_j6p6u13 wrote

Yep, same boat. I have enough other stuff I still want to watch on the services I already subscribe to that I can't justify adding another one, even though I really want to check out Poker Face.

I might consider adding Peacock for a month or two next time I unsubscribe from something else, but at this point it's really getting tough to justify so many subscriptions, even though most of them have at least one or two shows that I'm really interested in.


bidness_cazh t1_j6lmrma wrote

Yeah I am enjoying the show. I'm a big fan of Columbo so I'm excited to see that kind of narrative style brought back, titles are also really retro. Very clever and fun framework for having cool guest stars every episode, looking forward to the weekly installments.


kinvore t1_j6lx6bd wrote

I bet Natasha Lyonne could do a great impression of Peter Falk, too. She's so perfect for this role.


BartlebySamsa t1_j6mut6r wrote

I sorta thought she was doing a Peter Falk impression.


birdsofpaper t1_j6mzuu8 wrote

Right, my impression was that this is a “spiritual successor” to Columbo after the rather large group of folks online wanting her in a Columbo reboot.


throwawaylogin2099 t1_j6p9cpt wrote

There have been a lot of people online over the last couple of years asking for a Columbo reboot with Natasha Lyonne in the lead as the shabby detective. I always liked that idea.


kirby2000 t1_j6mg6gb wrote

I like the show, but her "power" makes it a bit easy for her to find the murderer each time.

  1. Wait for a murder
  2. Talk to some people about the murder
  3. When you hear they are lying, ask more questions until you guess how they do it.

They've not had many instances where she finds a liar who isn't the murderer.


mecon320 t1_j6mr7io wrote

The neat part is, just like with "Columbo", there's knowing and then there's proving. So the thrill is seeing how she gets the culprit to slip up. But I agree it would be cool to see her superpower take her in the wrong direction once because someone was lying for an unrelated reason.


Gary_in_Tas t1_j6metys wrote

Love the show, in my eyes Natasha Lyonne is the Tom Cruise of television, she plays herself in everything, I don’t mean that in a bad way, I find her totally intriguing and entertaining. I hope I never tire of her.

Soundtrack is good too, the gentle understated banjo just seems to fit nicely.


Archamasse t1_j6mho3m wrote

She's definitely got a distinct thing. For some reason though, she's one of the only actors I can think of where I'm totally on board about it. I think with someone like Cruise it feels too blatantly like a focus grouped and stage managed persona, whereas with Lyonne it feels like she probably is closer to that person than not.


SeekerOfKnowledge96 t1_j6mhntm wrote

Always sound's like she just got done with 3 packs of cigarettes


dmtdmtlsddodmt t1_j6os7v0 wrote

She probably did, I love how she talks though. Something ol' timey about that accent and cadence. It's like a Brooklyn accent but from 100 years ago.


MetalReddit10 t1_j6mh08v wrote

She is the reason I cannot watch this show. I cannot stand the character she plays on everything. It is bad enough when she is just a side character. Her as the show lead, no thanks.


mdavis360 t1_j6lu0km wrote

It’s a great show. The entire family loves it. It’s like a throwback but with a prestige format.


ehdhdhdk t1_j6m4wfr wrote

I’m happy for Peacock that they have original programming to go with The Office and Yellowstone. I’m in the minority but I think Comcast/NBC/Peacock and Paramount/CBS will still be around in 20 years. I’ve read three blind mice and they are no strangers to evolving landscapes as they have survived cable and HBO/Showtime.


North_Carpenter6844 t1_j6mz95r wrote

Well paramount just merged with Showtime so they increased their chances of success tenfold.


tinoynk t1_j6lokd7 wrote

100%, I just watched the 4 episodes yesterday and yea every episode was pretty great.


mattyhegs826 OP t1_j6lpd8i wrote

Agreed! Think my favorite so far is episode 2. Although I really liked ep 4 with the heavy metal band. They’re all well done, tough to pick a favorite


iskin t1_j6lpmjm wrote

The first episode was okay. It's there to set up the series. I liked the 2nd and 3rd episodes much better. They're great.


kirinmay t1_j6mzhhk wrote

I love it. But I literally love everything Rian Johnson does. But watching Poker Face (which i love) I couldnt help but think that its extremely well crafted. It's very meticulous and even though the bad people get caught what they do is extremely smart and clever. I wonder if Rian Johnson is trying to do a perfect murder in real life.


superfluous_t t1_j6mflv1 wrote

Been on a bit of a Russian Doll binge recently, late to the party I know but it’s created a new appreciation for Natasha Leonne, she’s bloody brilliant. Look forward to watching this.


drelos t1_j6mq971 wrote

IMO Russian Doll drops a little bit in S2 but this seem a more 'fresh' character


superfluous_t t1_j6mrv0a wrote

It’s a little less frenetic and mysterious in S2 but I’m enjoying it. Be good to get into this one :-)


mecon320 t1_j6mqvqv wrote

His comparison of shows like this one and "Columbo" to sitcoms was spot on. The mystery hooks us, but we keep coming back to spend more time with the characters. Every episode I watch the opening murder scenes with interest, but I'm really just anxious for my buddy Charlie Cale to show up and solve the crime while charming the pants off everyone she meets.


travio t1_j6m3bxk wrote

Peacock is on a roll. First Paul T Goldman, now this.


Joabyjojo t1_j6lqk4b wrote

I've enjoyed it so far. The metal band episode was good but the music they played... I'm not a metal gatekeeper or anything but I don't understand how there was nobody at all anywhere near the set who found it in them to explain that what they were singing wasn't metal by any stretch of the term.

Not a dealbreaker because the story itself was cute the same way of Poker Face has been so far (that is, cute in a macabre sort of way) but it's one of those things.


mecon320 t1_j6mrhlt wrote

Their old hit and their new hit didn't even sound like the same genre lol.


Lil-Bill420 t1_j6ouizh wrote

Feel like that was intentional since they admitted >!their old drummer wrote their only hit then the new drummer wrote the other hit. Pretty clear the rest of them don’t have the actual talent to write an even decent song because everyone hates “Merch Girl”!<


NoNefariousness2144 t1_j6m51dq wrote

Is it just an old-school mystery show or are their any Johnson ‘gimmicks’ or subversions? I love the Knives Out for his twists.


mecon320 t1_j6mreea wrote

It's sort of a mixture of the Knives Out formula and your basic Columbo episode. You see the murder happen just like on Columbo, but then there's a short Knives Out-style flashback to show us that Lyonne's character actually just showed up recently and already knew at least one of the involved parties.


drelos t1_j6mq2ss wrote

Natasha has a tell when someone is lying she fells something is off so you even see people she knows indirectly not replying, asking questions instead of a reply etc


RealSunglassesGuy t1_j6mmwr3 wrote

I see people talking about it constantly. Probably Peacock’s biggest original series.


Peelboy t1_j6lk2gf wrote

I've been meaning to watch this, been too busy but I should be getting to it soon. Thanks for reminding me.


mattyhegs826 OP t1_j6lk7nn wrote

It’s great. I love knives out and glass onion so I’ll watch anything Rian Johnson releases. Hope you enjoy!


MrZeral t1_j6m2t4z wrote

Gonna start it once I catch up with Mayor of Kingstown s2


GroovyYaYa t1_j6m6fps wrote

Oh! Thanks for the reminder that it dropped! Love Natasha and honestly, I enjoy Peacock. I'm a Bravo watcher (love Below Deck) and love that I can watch on there and not worry about recording. The Peacock Exclusive Below Deck Down Under was so good, they put it on the network later.

You all should be binge watching The Traitor as well! Delicious show! Interesting mix of people... some "contest reality" with Survivor, Big Brother, etc alums; then Bravolebrities (Below Deck, Housewives, Shahs); an Olympic athlete (they almost have be liking Ryan Lochte), and then average never been on TV people!

Plus Alan Cumming. It is why I couldn't resist.


MurielHorseflesh t1_j6mh9k5 wrote

For anyone who has Xfinity in the US: Check your bill, I have been getting Peacock for free on my plan for a while and literally only just noticed the other day.


bearvszombiept2 t1_j6mrvrw wrote

I’m officially in love with Natasha Lyonne now!


Billthebutchr t1_j6m304o wrote

Trailer had me thinking that it would be a different type of show


RitoRvolto t1_j6mohf6 wrote

I don't think I'll be watching the rest.

It's procedural and very predictable already. I don’t mind procedurals but it feels a bit copy and paste.

Story happens, someone or a group of peuple kill a person.

Then we find out she has some kind of link to that person and finds something quickly that makes her think it's fishy. Her "magic" lie detector superpower already feels like a crutch.


nilsy007 t1_j6mqcq7 wrote

So the first episode has the human lie detector watching hidden cameras of the players faces to then tell the player who is bluffing.

Over just watching the cameras of the cards they are holding?


Enderules3 t1_j6n9cxp wrote

The guy they were trying to cheat was sitting with his back to the window and poker players typically cup or hide their cards only taking peeks so it would be hard to see what the cards were on cameras.


harry_powell t1_j6mv9ad wrote

I think the show is good, but the fact that the main character has basically superpowers (she just knows when someone is lying) feels very gimmicky and cheap.


fuckst1cK1 t1_j6mwclj wrote

I liked the show so far, but my only issue is with how unbelievably coincidental all the events have been relative to the star's timing (when the star showed up in the lives of each episode's guests).


Coolman_Rosso t1_j6n1qum wrote

I'm enjoying it, though I'm only 2 episodes in. It really is a hybrid of Columbo and The Rockford Files.

I got a paid Peacock sub just to watch this show and it's astonishing that Peacock still has such a pathetic library relative to its competitors. I will say it was neat to be able to watch 24 Hours of Daytona, and if I were a bigger wrestling fan this would be neat but aside from Poker Face it looks like they're still the "What, you don't like The Office anymore?" streamer.

If this were on literally any other service barring maybe Starz it would indeed be bigger.


Funmachine t1_j6nx7ay wrote

Doesn't even have a UK release yet, I'm not sure about other international territories. Why delay a streaming only show? Who benefits?


TNWhaa t1_j6oonkp wrote

Same as some Hulu and FX stuff not going up on Disney plus straight away, end up forgetting about some of the shows and when they do get added they don’t even get a banner


YogurtclosetLow7870 t1_j6o4wtc wrote

Great show, I am obsessed with Natasha’s gravelly voice. Can’t wait for the next episode to be released.


shadowdra126 t1_j6nlsr0 wrote

I haven’t gotten a chance to watch this yet. Been catching up on other stuff. I am hoping to get to it this week at some point. If I time it right there will be a 5th episode to enjoy once I start it.


blissfullybleak t1_j6o2d12 wrote

I’ll watch anything Natasha Lyonne is in, she’s such a creative force (don’t know how she didn’t get a Emmy writing nod for s2 of Russian Doll).


lucck3x t1_j6o2qc2 wrote

Fantastic show, wish I could recommend it to friends but its not even available in Brazil yet (we dont have peacock here). Ahoy I guess


myassholealt t1_j6ou72t wrote

I tried watching it but I have always hated Adrien Brody's voice. It always sounds like a New York wise guy from an older era. And it was getting in the way of me enjoying this series. Is he in every episode a lot?


mattyhegs826 OP t1_j6ouvns wrote

Nope he's only in the first episode out of the 4 that are released.


jim-p t1_j6papbc wrote

It reminds me of a blue skies era USA show. I miss those, so I'm loving it so far. I also find it amusing how she's trying to get out of there before the cops show up but also set it up so there is available evidence and so on for the person to not get out of trouble.

My only wish is that, like all of these shows, that they would take on other types of crime than murder. If I were her and people were dropping like flies everywhere I went, I'd start to think I was a death omen of some sort. Taking down the gambler running his own games was a fun plot in the pilot but that got put aside for the central murder mystery.

Also, the Sucker Punch song has been stuck in my head for days since watching episode 4.


hldsnfrgr t1_j6n69dw wrote

Should've been on Netflix like Russian Doll. 😡


hung__sheldon t1_j6mu3y8 wrote

Is peacock going to get absorbed by Hulu or something anytime soon?


r3llo t1_j6ot0hx wrote

Why is anything that Rian Johnson involved in relentlessly promoted on reddit? It's annoying.


mattyhegs826 OP t1_j6ov15s wrote

Because it's a good show? Also I searched for other discussions in this subreddit and only trailers came up. sooo yeah, go be mad about something else.


Sierra419 t1_j6n12x1 wrote

I’ll never watch this. If he ruined Star Wars then I’ll do my best to ruin his show and future movies


Ashcroft10 t1_j6lzegx wrote

Liked first two episodes then they started with the politics and ruined it.


redbullrebel t1_j6ma4wa wrote

i just like to know if my prediction so far is true.

how many white bad men have been the murderer?

and if was not a bad white man, but someone else, then i expect at least that a white man was the problem, like he raped someone or exploited people for monetary gains, therefor the killing was justified in the viewers mind.

so how far did i do i have not watched any episode yet.


isnotit t1_j6mcab2 wrote

insane comment


redbullrebel t1_j6mof0r wrote

why insane?

just asking for facts. 4 episodes released so far. how many broken bad white men have been the murders. that is all i ask. i actually predicted around a month ago the same thing and now that it has been released i like to know if i am right, just based on the trailers.

i like to know if i can simply base a murder on the prediction of producers, directors etc that are involved, without having watch a single episode, because that is how far american writing has fallen. it is no longer about the who done it, but the drama surrounding it.


Enderules3 t1_j6n8xil wrote

To calm your tirade the murderers do not really follow what you've said they've been fairly multi racial and have included men and women. So I guess you are bad at predicting things or the writing is just more clever than most shows.


redbullrebel t1_j6nf6f3 wrote

thanks for the answer. once the show is finished will have a go at it and see if i can predict it by watching the show.


dcm510 t1_j6n1bs8 wrote

Don’t worry, fragile white man - you’ll be happy to hear your assumption is false.


redbullrebel t1_j6n8pb8 wrote

you call me fragile so i know you are lying. so i still do not know if what you said is true or not.


dcm510 t1_j6ncxs7 wrote

I call you fragile because of the comment you made. Watch the show and find out, won’t spoil it for you.


illeaglex t1_j6nd7nb wrote

Hopefully your tinnitus gets worse


redbullrebel t1_j6nfd3f wrote

hahaha so much hate. i am just happy i got tinnitus and not you, you would not survive a day with the tinnitus i have.