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cryptic-fox t1_j6lqrxr wrote

For sure. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people can’t watch it because Peacock is not available in a lot of countries.


HowManyMeeses t1_j6nh5qg wrote

I live in the US and have never been able to get the ad-free version to work. Peacock is the only service I outright refuse to use at this point.


kinvore t1_j6nvrx9 wrote

Yeah they apparently don't have any tier with zero ads, which is ridiculous. I'm certainly not paying someone to show me commercials.


lowerdectrlifestyle t1_j6or2oq wrote

And that's my biggest gripe. I was watching it by avter the 3rd commercial break I was out. I grew up with commercials and now the only time I put up with them is sporting events.


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cryptic-fox t1_j6luh5z wrote

As an independent streaming service: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

Through SkyShowtime: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, Nordics, Portugal, Serbia, and Slovenia.

I know about all that. Still a lot of countries are left out.


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cryptic-fox t1_j6m06b0 wrote

Just because Australia and New Zealand get Peacock shows “all over 5 different services” doesn’t mean it’s the same for other countries.


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cryptic-fox t1_j6lynba wrote

You already said that and I already replied to you. Not sure why you deleted your previous comment (because of the downvotes?) only to reply to me again with the same comment.


MrZeral t1_j6m2zwh wrote

Not all of them. I wanted to watch Heels some time ago, it's nowhere to be found in my country.