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anoldoldw00denship t1_j6ly0dd wrote

I want to watch, but not enough to add another streaming service


Champloo- t1_j6mks5x wrote

I'd check it out, but there is not even a legal way to watch this in Germany right now.


RichardCheeseLicker t1_j6ms4hw wrote

Ahoy, matey


MaxGhost t1_j6mvs67 wrote

Arrrr, says I, a Canadian.


Briscotti t1_j6nolvn wrote

It’s available via Citytv in Canada. You can either log-in through your cable or satellite provider and watch it on demand, or add Citytv+ as a Prime Video channel.


1Land_1Keep t1_j6o9986 wrote

> log-in through your cable or satellite provider

Not quite. It's on the cable box on demand, but is not on City's site even when logged in. Even with cable, it can only be accessed online through CityTv+ via Prime.


Briscotti t1_j6o9tbt wrote

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’m on Bell Fibe TV and it pops up there on demand.


1Land_1Keep t1_j6oaaxm wrote

On the page itself? Can you link it? Maybe I have access too but can't find it for whatever reason.


Briscotti t1_j6obyk4 wrote

Sorry I mean it’s on the Bell Fibe TV on demand section. Not sure if Rogers or other services their their own standalone service outside of cable box on-demand.


MaxGhost t1_j6ovdmu wrote

Wow, that is very hidden. Prime doesn't do a good job of bringing those extra channels to prominence.

That said, not sure I want to shell out $5/m for access to only one show I care about. Especially when uh, sailing the seas is so easy these days.


RSomnambulist t1_j6mumt0 wrote

There are several good shows on Peacock. If you aren't into the high seas, you could get something out of a month long sub for sure: the resort, killing it, girls 5 Eva, Rutherford falls, Vigil, bust down, wolf like me-- to name those I've seen.

I don't watch psych, but the new psych stuff is on there. One year of premium is $30.


HometownHits t1_j6nfeka wrote

Would add Dr. Death to this as well, enjoyed S1 a lot.


44problems t1_j6n67hn wrote

Yeah they're doing a lot of specials lately, probably because they need subscriber numbers. Might be tempted to pick it up.


CleverZerg t1_j6omele wrote

Paul T. Goldman is amazing and the Macgruber series is solid as well if you're into the movie.


TommyHamburger t1_j6nnmf2 wrote

I get peacock for free, but I'd rather pirate a peacock show than open their buggy/slow and ad-filled app.


stamps1646 t1_j6o4701 wrote

You can watch the first episode for free without subbing, that's at least an option if you care to see it.


OkayAtBowling t1_j6p6u13 wrote

Yep, same boat. I have enough other stuff I still want to watch on the services I already subscribe to that I can't justify adding another one, even though I really want to check out Poker Face.

I might consider adding Peacock for a month or two next time I unsubscribe from something else, but at this point it's really getting tough to justify so many subscriptions, even though most of them have at least one or two shows that I'm really interested in.