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redbullrebel t1_j6ma4wa wrote

i just like to know if my prediction so far is true.

how many white bad men have been the murderer?

and if was not a bad white man, but someone else, then i expect at least that a white man was the problem, like he raped someone or exploited people for monetary gains, therefor the killing was justified in the viewers mind.

so how far did i do i have not watched any episode yet.


isnotit t1_j6mcab2 wrote

insane comment


redbullrebel t1_j6mof0r wrote

why insane?

just asking for facts. 4 episodes released so far. how many broken bad white men have been the murders. that is all i ask. i actually predicted around a month ago the same thing and now that it has been released i like to know if i am right, just based on the trailers.

i like to know if i can simply base a murder on the prediction of producers, directors etc that are involved, without having watch a single episode, because that is how far american writing has fallen. it is no longer about the who done it, but the drama surrounding it.


Enderules3 t1_j6n8xil wrote

To calm your tirade the murderers do not really follow what you've said they've been fairly multi racial and have included men and women. So I guess you are bad at predicting things or the writing is just more clever than most shows.


redbullrebel t1_j6nf6f3 wrote

thanks for the answer. once the show is finished will have a go at it and see if i can predict it by watching the show.


dcm510 t1_j6n1bs8 wrote

Don’t worry, fragile white man - you’ll be happy to hear your assumption is false.


redbullrebel t1_j6n8pb8 wrote

you call me fragile so i know you are lying. so i still do not know if what you said is true or not.


dcm510 t1_j6ncxs7 wrote

I call you fragile because of the comment you made. Watch the show and find out, won’t spoil it for you.


illeaglex t1_j6nd7nb wrote

Hopefully your tinnitus gets worse


redbullrebel t1_j6nfd3f wrote

hahaha so much hate. i am just happy i got tinnitus and not you, you would not survive a day with the tinnitus i have.