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Gary_in_Tas t1_j6metys wrote

Love the show, in my eyes Natasha Lyonne is the Tom Cruise of television, she plays herself in everything, I don’t mean that in a bad way, I find her totally intriguing and entertaining. I hope I never tire of her.

Soundtrack is good too, the gentle understated banjo just seems to fit nicely.


Archamasse t1_j6mho3m wrote

She's definitely got a distinct thing. For some reason though, she's one of the only actors I can think of where I'm totally on board about it. I think with someone like Cruise it feels too blatantly like a focus grouped and stage managed persona, whereas with Lyonne it feels like she probably is closer to that person than not.


SeekerOfKnowledge96 t1_j6mhntm wrote

Always sound's like she just got done with 3 packs of cigarettes


dmtdmtlsddodmt t1_j6os7v0 wrote

She probably did, I love how she talks though. Something ol' timey about that accent and cadence. It's like a Brooklyn accent but from 100 years ago.


MetalReddit10 t1_j6mh08v wrote

She is the reason I cannot watch this show. I cannot stand the character she plays on everything. It is bad enough when she is just a side character. Her as the show lead, no thanks.