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1Land_1Keep t1_j6o9986 wrote

> log-in through your cable or satellite provider

Not quite. It's on the cable box on demand, but is not on City's site even when logged in. Even with cable, it can only be accessed online through CityTv+ via Prime.


Briscotti t1_j6o9tbt wrote

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’m on Bell Fibe TV and it pops up there on demand.


1Land_1Keep t1_j6oaaxm wrote

On the page itself? Can you link it? Maybe I have access too but can't find it for whatever reason.


Briscotti t1_j6obyk4 wrote

Sorry I mean it’s on the Bell Fibe TV on demand section. Not sure if Rogers or other services their their own standalone service outside of cable box on-demand.