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I have to say, as a father of two daughters, by far the most crushing thing about this series is Paul's relationship with his young daughter. It's almost what separates this show like this from all the others. It just kind of shows the Warped effect that he has on all females, including his own child. How she does anything to protect him. It's also so cool to see how much she grows between seasons. And how in season 3, she's full on reading articles about Paul on laptops etc. Putting pieces together. What an amazing series.



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ozgun1414 t1_j67utbj wrote

the fall really a great series, duos dinamics felt so real. last season was a bit different than other 2 but ended decent. definitely recommend it.


Cubegod69er OP t1_j67v1va wrote

I'm actually liking how season 3 starts, how there is so much focus on the detailed procedures at the hospital with saving a couple of these main characters lives etc. And then how things are starting to spiral out of control at the hospital. Also if you Google the fall, you will see that Gillian Anderson has a couple recent statements about how there is a small possibility season 4 might happen..


EvilCeleryStick t1_j67wa6p wrote

Watched the pilot a couple years ago, wasn't grabbed. It's one that'd grow on ya? Or if you don't like the pilot, you wont like the rest?


ozgun1414 t1_j67ztt4 wrote

i would give another chance, deserves it definitely.

while you re watching pilot, youre thinking they didnt leave any mystery and gave me everything why should i watch it but it keeps the suspence enough to engage your feelings.


Cubegod69er OP t1_j67wexl wrote

The seasons are extremely short and dense. Each season is five or six episodes. I was 100% hooked at the end of season 1. Despite having some elements of Dexter and You, I think it's a lot more depraved and disturbing in some ways. I've never seen a show exactly quite like it.


ozgun1414 t1_j67zi54 wrote

it would be news to me if that happens.

i enjoyed very much how paul tries to find a way through season. i liked season 3 no doubt it was just different setup. still good.


batsofburden t1_j69j41z wrote

I liked season 3, but had to fast forward through all the surgeries.


Cubegod69er OP t1_j69lenl wrote

Yeah I have only watched two episodes, and it's caught me off guard when they have jumped into some super detailed gory scenes. I have to look away. It's funny because I'm perfectly fine with gory violent movies, but something about a realistic surgery makes me queasy


batsofburden t1_j69j76l wrote

He's so compartmentalized in his mind between the two different sides to his personality.


Cubegod69er OP t1_j69lle0 wrote

Yeah that aspect of it is very much like dexter. It's really well done in the show. The father daughter relationship especially is touching yet it's so disturbing on the same time. And in a way he's doing things that are even more wrong than Dexter


batsofburden t1_j6eh769 wrote

I've actually never seen Dexter. Is it similar to the Fall?


Cubegod69er OP t1_j6ehcs5 wrote

Dexter is an absolute masterpiece. Yes it is obvious that the fall absolutely took inspiration from dexter.


WaxenWayne t1_j69vkq9 wrote

This show disturbs me on so many levels but I can’t stop watching. The acting is top notch and compelling. Sometimes I take a shower afterwards to get all the negative energy off of me.


Cubegod69er OP t1_j69vqmz wrote

Yeah Paul is such a sociopath and user. Has this toxic control of females he encounters. Especially with his daughter and the underage girl.


Archamasse t1_j67x7kb wrote

Imho the first season is brilliant, but the subsequent two get weird in an attempt to keep the premise going and almost invert a lot of the stuff that set S1 apart.


mdavis360 t1_j6amfd4 wrote

It was a great series that I watched ages ago but I still think about often. It really sticks with you.