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sarduchi t1_j6fgwvr wrote

I look forward to having not watched this.


iwastoolate t1_j6fw1ft wrote

That time is now! I haven’t watched it already.


sarduchi t1_j6g04z7 wrote

No spoilers! I haven't not seen it yet, don't tell me how it doesn't end!


travio t1_j6ghony wrote

It is on Fox Nation, Fox News’ streaming service. It will be easy not to watch.


LandingStripPubes t1_j6gwhp8 wrote

Can’t wait to watch all the oblivious redditors give Roseanne a ton of extra exposure because they won’t shut up about how they aren’t watching something.


Thetimmybaby t1_j6fsb97 wrote

OMG streaming comedy for boomers who hated her ass and called her un-American in the 90s when she scratched her crotch and spit when she sang the national anthem


Ethelenedreams t1_j6jp9ts wrote

They used to hate Russia and the 9/11 terrorists, too, so this really tracks.


HPmoni t1_j6jhiph wrote

Pre social media.

Things change.


LandingStripPubes t1_j6gwr91 wrote

And progressive zoomers who ignore everything she did for the LGBT community and other oppressed people in the 90s because she tweeted some dumb shit decades later.


NotTroy t1_j6ir0ua wrote

She tweeted a blatantly racist attack against a black woman. She wasn't "cancelled" she was fired.


monoscure t1_j6jym12 wrote

Yes how dare a network fire an employee for making openly racist comments, especially ROSEANNE! She's the 90s hero of oppressed peoples because she made She-Devil.


redavid t1_j6fgfrx wrote

oh look, yet another example of someone never actually being canceled


Richard_Sauce t1_j6fua9a wrote

She got kicked off her show, that's at least semi-canceled. I don't give a shit, by the way, good riddance.

It's mostly just another case of a boomer/gen-x comedian feeling aggrieved that they can't say whatever they want without consequences.


NotTroy t1_j6irehp wrote

Again, she tweeted out a blatantly racist attack against a black woman. She wasn't cancelled, she was fired by ABC. This is not a new phenomenon of "woke" culture. This is how business works, especially with hugely public figures.


HPmoni t1_j6jhu0c wrote

Apparently she didn't know she was part black.

But she's been an ass for 40 years. Bill Cosby rapes. There's levels of bad.


19southmainco t1_j6ipi5b wrote

the show named after her booted her off, killed her character by accidental overdose, then renamed the show to continue on without her. she is the definition of cancelled


russdb t1_j6j85gh wrote

Imagine that, actions have consequences.


bhind45 t1_j6glpia wrote

In a way, she's one of the few people to actually get canceled, her show.


PhilAtiatto t1_j6io4qy wrote

Right they killed her off on her own and it’s honestly better without her forced humor


Kaiser_Allen t1_j6g94z9 wrote

Getting canceled doesn’t mean it’s forever. Five years is a long-ass time to not be able to work. If that’s not punishment, I don’t know what is. A lot of you seem to think cancellation is a one-and-done. It’s not, as long as you’re living. Anyone can change.


redavid t1_j6g9ouk wrote

has she changed?

and she was/is making plenty of money from that show still, and i doubt she'd have had any trouble finding work earlier if she wanted it


bhind45 t1_j6gltkz wrote

>has she changed?

Doubt it, she was one of the people (along with Scott Baio) saying the election was rigged and Joe Biden was going to be arrested.


Lidjungle t1_j6nlnsv wrote

Person who gets paid millions just to talk says something that makes people not hear what she wants to say. "Cancelled" This discussion comes up as we discuss her new comedy special being advertised during the NFL championship game. Because cancel culture isn't just one and done.

I mean, I guess I got cancelled at birth! I'm still waiting for someone to give me 26 Million to do a Netflix special where I insult trans people. I mean, 50 years is a long-ass time to not have a Netflix special. How dare they deprive me of my livelihood like this!!!! Just the woke mob run amok I tells ya.


LandingStripPubes t1_j6gwj59 wrote

She did lose her entire career. A career absolutely filled with controversy.


Nodonutsforbaxter44 t1_j6fi3wv wrote

Did you forget the part where she was killed off her own show?


GreatLakesLiving28 t1_j6fk94r wrote

Why was she killed off her own show?


Lenny77 t1_j6fmnb0 wrote

Cause she tweeted some racist stuff. Pretty simple.


GreatLakesLiving28 t1_j6fmrua wrote

Exactly. These conservative morons don’t understand actions have consequences. They’re all constantly offended morons


ruiner8850 t1_j6g3p8a wrote

They also preach about how the free market should decide things without government influence, but whenever a company decides to do something because of the free market that they don't like they complain about it. They want companies to have unlimited "free speech" for things they agree with, but don't think companies who disagree with them deserve the same. In the case of social media companies Republicans actually want the government to step in and force these companies to allow theirs bigotry and lies. They want to do that all while making social media companies responsible for what their users post.


EvenBetterCool t1_j6fmqhs wrote

And she was never heard from again, right?


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j6fps2d wrote

Do you think being cancelled means getting thrown into a gulag and never being heard from again?

She was killed off from a sitcom she brought back, named after her, and she had to give up any future earnings from it so that other people could keep their jobs.

edit: forgot this board is very pro-cancel culture and likes to pretend it doesn't exist


26_skinny_Cartman t1_j6fsi85 wrote

Yes that is what being canceled should mean. Never being heard from again. If you want to use it to replace terms like fired, terminated, let go, or whatever job dismissal term that's on you. It's just become a term that means some rich person had consequences to their actions like when a normal person gets fired.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j6ftrii wrote

>Yes that is what being canceled should mean.

No one thinks that's what being cancelled means. That just seems like some draconian definition so you can say no one has been cancelled.


26_skinny_Cartman t1_j6fucx3 wrote

Then just say they were fucking fired. Tom wasn't canceled by McDonald's for making derogatory comments. He was fired. Larry wasn't canceled from his accounting job for having sex with his subordinate, he was fired. Why do rich people get canceled and poor people get fired? Roseanne was FIRED from her job for being a racist, she wasn't canceled.


SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j6g0fzx wrote

> Then just say they were fucking fired.

They were fired because they were cancelled. What about that are you not getting?

>Roseanne was FIRED from her job for being a racist, she wasn't canceled.

She was fired because she got the outraged mob after her.


26_skinny_Cartman t1_j6g1arr wrote

So we just created the term canceled so people can blame others for the repercussions of their actions. Got it.



SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j6g2i3r wrote

>So we just created the term canceled so people can blame others for the repercussions of their actions. Got it.

No, we created it as a term for when a witch hunting mob arises and does whatever they can to ruin someone's career/life because they said something you didn't agree with.


You're being very disingenuous. Calling customers cunts to their faces is a fire-able offense. Telling a joke to your own circle on your own private time is not. Unless frothing lunatics catches wind of it.


Fthewigg t1_j6j6nij wrote

Funny. When religious groups used to successfully boycott things they found sacrilegious or amoral, I don’t remember the word cancelled ever being used.

Same thing with The Red Scare. That’s how a country that supposedly has separation of church and state has “In God we trust” as our official national motto.


logicalnoise t1_j6fjpeo wrote

And yet her career persists.


gearvruser t1_j6fyyxb wrote

Racism was clearly stopped in its tracks though.

Never to be spoken of again.


Meme_Pope t1_j6flc9j wrote

I love when the defense of cancel culture is “we tried to cancel you, but were unsuccessful”


logicalnoise t1_j6fmh7b wrote

No one has actually been cancelled


Nuciferous1 t1_j6g06c6 wrote

Do you think she should have been able to keep her show?


logicalnoise t1_j6g0grt wrote

I mean she wasn't running it, the actress who plays Darlene does. It was her decision.


Nuciferous1 t1_j6g0sr1 wrote

Asking it a different way I guess, what makes you say she wasn’t canceled? What do you think canceled would have looked like in her case?


davesjustbored t1_j6fh7lh wrote

"Has anyone else been fired recently... I mean... almost five years ago. Is five years still recent or am I grasping at straws here? Anyway, Fauci's a dick, eh?"


WeDriftEternal t1_j6fnp92 wrote

It's on Fox Nation... the Fox streaming service for Fox News ultrafans who are also technically proficient enough to figure out how to do streaming... yup.


Manfrenjensenjen t1_j6fjcq0 wrote

With a special introduction by Tucker Carlson, where he takes the opportunity to whine about, oh I dunno, let’s say McDonald Happy Meal toys.


Richard_Sauce t1_j6fuei2 wrote

"I don't even want to fuck happy meal toys anymore, is this what the liberals want?"


annoyingrelative t1_j6fxly2 wrote

This has been a huge problem when watching the NFL on Fox the past few years.

Fox has been using the NFL to advertise their crappy online service Fox Nation, if you watch football, you get a bunch of adverts for Tucker and Kilmeade.

It's gross, but not unexpected from right wing hypocrites who tell athletes to stick to sports while only criticizing LeBron and Serena.

Fox News could face a drop in carriage fees over the next few years as contracts end and fewer people subscribe to cable. It's creating a new group of future insurrectionists


[deleted] t1_j6fgnni wrote



tetoffens t1_j6fle1l wrote

The article is from before it aired. The person just posted it here after it aired.


LeeF1179 t1_j6fnpdp wrote

I'll check it out. When it comes to 90's sitcoms, there is no denying "Roseanne" was hysterical.


btoned t1_j6fsdrl wrote

At the end of the day, she was the glue in the show but the rest of the ensemble cast was much better. Notably Goodman.


LandingStripPubes t1_j6gwu9f wrote

The connors isn’t nearly as good as Roseanne was. It’s completely lost what made her show good and just went super leftist to distance itself from her


DoAsIDontSay t1_j6fu7dk wrote

Next up. A new season of Roseanne. This time Roseanne is still alive and her family are all dead.


LandingStripPubes t1_j6gx0af wrote

Same people who cry about Roseanne jerk off about Chapelle. One of them did a lot for oppressed people and was a champion for LGBT people, the other makes gay and trans jokes. Weird that the one is so beloved while the other reviled.


kaleidoscopichomes t1_j6knsdm wrote

Wasn't she crying all over the news begging for forgiveness and blaming drugs. Now she is embracing getting canceled with a tone deaf special. Kinda embarrassing


xyzzyzyzzyx t1_j6fqwbz wrote

"The Q That Came In From the Cold"


Subziro91 t1_j6gs2zn wrote

I’ll take a look at this


GhostRiders t1_j6his43 wrote

Really simple, if you don't like somebody then don't watch them...

I'm not a fan of Roseanne so I don't watch her.. It's that simple.

Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean YOU have the right to demand that they never appear on TV again.. Ever..


amendmentforone t1_j6ib0at wrote

Not sure you understand "rights".

In the United States, one can say whatever the fuck they want. And can "demand" that Roseanne's gross ass doesn't show up on TV again. Doesn't mean she won't and that folks saying so will prevent it.

Granted, since her comedy special is only airing on Fox Nation's streaming service it seems the people are being heard.


HPmoni t1_j6jlyl1 wrote

In the 90s, having a gay character on your show could get you canceled.

Now using the F word can get your show cancelled.


bookant t1_j6ik92m wrote

Really simple, if you don't like the posts or comments about Roseanne then don't read them . . .

Just because you don't people criticizing a public figure doesn't mean YOU have the right to demand that they ever do it again . . . ever . . .


[deleted] t1_j6fo50u wrote



SuspendedInKarmaMama t1_j6fqg2z wrote

>I think it is funny that these "offensive" comedians (Burr, Barr, Chappelle) turned into whiny bitches at the smallest sign of rocky waters...

I wonder why comedians are upset that people are trying to have their careers derailed by lunatics who can't stand free speech. What a conundrum.

There are even some morons who are trying to change the definition of freedom of speech do that it only applies to the government. All they do is show their own ignorance and lack if intelligence as they've clearly never heard of Salman Rushdie.

Insane to think how Reddit used to be pro-free speech and anti-censorship.

>meanwhile Winkler was laughed at by the JumpTheShark fad for fucking years and years, he just shrugged that shit off and made great comedy.

What even is this comparison? How is that comparable all?


DontSleep1131 t1_j6gy221 wrote

Chapelle like many people who talk about cancel culture alot have not in fact ever been canceled. a portion of the population got offended, which happens all the time, it used to be religious groups.

now they use, im getting cancelled, line as form of advertising. its a way to draw in some of their fanbase. its very tried and true tactic.

and it works.


Quexana t1_j6g80yd wrote

Blue states closed down or emptied out the comedy clubs when COVID happened.

Some comics found money going to red states and appealing to right-wingers. Can't blame them.