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The_Iceman2288 t1_j6dpudm wrote

I've seen lots of Nepo Babies and their parents say "Hey, I work my ass off in this industry!".

Yeah, the issue isn't your behaviour in the club it's how you got past the bouncer.


WordsAreSomething t1_j6dse1k wrote

It goes from nepotism to nepo baby when the person benefiting tries to act like they didn't benefit and got to where they are on talent or will alone.


wongo t1_j6dni4f wrote

Well, when a nepo mommy and a nepo daddy love each other very much....


OShaunesssy t1_j6ifgbj wrote

Nepo mommy and nepo daddy were in the closet making nepo babies, and I saw one of the nepo babies, and the nepo baby looked at me!


Lardkaiser t1_j6dl095 wrote

Yeah, leave the poor nepo babies alone, they have it hard enough.

Thank you, vulture and Nate Jones, finally someone who stands up for the unfairly maligned and oppressed!


Copywrites t1_j6dm626 wrote

I'm actually asking because I can't see the article but is that what he's doing?


AgentElman t1_j6dnne5 wrote

It's a very long article that goes through the origin of the calling out nepo baby craze on social media. And it goes through a long list of nepo babies describing who their parents are and how they got their roles. It is very detailed and names names.


yazzy1233 t1_j6e23su wrote

There's nepotism in every aspect of society, why do people act like this is just a Hollywood thing? Hell, you can get a job at even McDonald's if you know the manager.


Possible-Extent-3842 t1_j6fybfd wrote

And really, Hollywood's pretty inconsequential when it comes to nepotism. It's entertainment, who cares if an actor or actress comes from parents who are in the industry? It's already a difficult industry to navigate, so it makes sense that there are family connections built in. Nepotism is a much bigger problem when you are talking about politics or banking or whatever.


FoCo87 t1_j6l6ref wrote

Yeah, the saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" exists for a reason.


LandingStripPubes t1_j6gxe9c wrote

I never understood the freak out over Lori Loughlin’s whole college admission thing. Like duh this is how college works and has for centuries. She just forgot to donate a new library first.

Nepotism runs the world and always has.


Bronco4bay t1_j6eskrm wrote

Real crab pot behavior, honestly.

People will whine about everything.


SerDire t1_j6dv0vu wrote

“In a rough study, approximately 100 percent of celebrities’ children were hailed by their collaborators as talented, humble, and ready to put in the work.” This is hilarious. They mention that Malia Obama worked for Donald Glover. Of course he’s not going to bash the daughter of a former president


meatball77 t1_j6fq3yu wrote

All they need to say is I'm blessed that I was able to get a start because of the contacts I have because of my family and acknowledge that I have privilege that others don't have which helped me get started.

We know you work hard, and that your talent is there. You also got your agent and initial auditions because of who you knew and it would have taken a lot longer for you to get started if you hadn't been rich and connected.

Even someone who barely has any nepotism like Meghan Markle (whose father worked behind the scenes) had knowledge of how to get agents and how the entire system worked (and a lack of student loans) that someone whose parents were factory workers or teachers in the midwest wouldn't have.


brokenwolf t1_j6goa17 wrote

Are people going to stop going to the doctor now because their dads got them a job at the hospital?


PAUMiklo t1_j6iipfw wrote

why has this suddenly become the flavor of the month topic as if it's a new thing in the industry?