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Boopcember31st t1_j966r7y wrote

Oh noooo. I hope it turns out alright. Was there anything sexually explicit in it? This could go from anywhere from having a good laugh to what you described but hopefully your boss understands it went to the wrong person and it just is what it is.


thrwaway9932 t1_j97c3wn wrote

Hope for the best, be ready for the worst.


Empire2k5 t1_j98evue wrote

You know what you must do now, I don't make the rules.


BumbleCute t1_j9958io wrote

Don't bring it up again, it will make things more awkward


Foul-Tarnished t1_j9aiff0 wrote

Are you seriously not going to tell us what the text said?


Whane17 t1_j9aaxok wrote

If it comes down to it you can always show your boss the texts between you and your crush (assuming they don't get explicit) to prove it wasn't meant for them.