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JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s1dnb wrote

Not sure what country...

Go to the cops. A shower is not a public space. These people have committed a crime. Then they are threatening blackmail. Also a crime. They could actually end up in jail for these things.


Celectionn OP t1_j6s1ycf wrote

happened in france


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s22a3 wrote

France is not a third world country. I would bet the laws are very similar.


Squigglepig52 t1_j6s2he0 wrote

Yeah, no. French law can be a fair bit different than American law, dude.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s3r8f wrote

Doing a bit of googling. Seems French law is very restrictive of photos without consent. Way more so than the US. So, I'm guessing a trip to the police would do OP some good.


amm5061 t1_j6s4aby wrote

Honestly, I would have expected it. European countries tend to be ahead of the US in things like this. I would definitely report them to the police.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s2v39 wrote

Really? Blackmail is legal?


Squigglepig52 t1_j6s87ty wrote

I don't know, because I'm Canadian, and have a different legal code.

My point was, don't make the usual "American" mistake of assuming foriegn nations have the same laws as the US or Canada.

For one, American law is based on Common Law, French is based on Civil Law.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6sbg91 wrote

Lol. Did you even read my message? No mistake was made.


I_Need_Leaded_GAS t1_j6stq29 wrote

No sweat dude. It’s just world trying to flex as if they are morally superior. Yeah. You can go to the law but if you fix yourself you turn out better for it and the idiots don’t get ahead. Crying to a court just gives the impression of weakness for things like this.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6swrw9 wrote

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

If a woman gets drunk and guys take advantage and post pictures or she gets raped. Should she just make herself better?

If you don't reasonably expect people to not take advantage of you, when you become incapacitated, especially if the advantage is taken when you are in a shower, where you should expect privacy, then so be it. But I would expect people to be better, and I would expect the law to back me when a crime has been committed.


I_Need_Leaded_GAS t1_j6syjgw wrote

If someone put a hand on you then this is a different problem. People aren’t better anywhere. I as a male drunk at a party with “friends” wouldn’t take this straight to the law.


TheLastShipster t1_j6zclb3 wrote

>Yeah, no. French law can be a fair bit different than American law, dude.

Yes, but in this situation it's generally different in a way that tends to benefit OP.

The First Amendment tends to make the U.S. less prone to have laws that limit your ability to share information once it's out there. In contrast, the EU has adopted many digital privacy protections that strongly regulate your ability to share information about somebody else, including their image.

Also, "blackmail" and "extortion" tend to be a crime in most developed countries, even if the precise details differ.


Elocai t1_j6w4evl wrote

EU countries usually are not diffrent but just better and uphold, like they are actually legally binding


macdawg2020 t1_j6v913u wrote

Just fucking own it dude, literally, I guarantee unless you look like that video of the naked guy in Philly, no one will care


darpacheetos t1_j6s2d50 wrote

Not a big deal dude. Just say “I’m a grower, not show-er”. These people do this shit to get to you. If you just shrug it off, they’ll forget about it.


Ultimatelee t1_j6s02ju wrote

I’m sorry you’re feeling super trapped and upset by this horrible thing these assholes have done. I might be wrong but you sound quite young, so potentially still in school? I just need you to know that as important as this all seems right now in the bigger scheme of things this is a blip. These people mean nothing, these pictures aren’t a big deal.


Matchbreakers t1_j6s2lza wrote

As Someone with a small dick, and fat on top of that, believe me when I say noone worth listening to actually cares. Don't feel like you need to prove shit to anyone, when someone tries to make fun, turn it on them like "well I'm not the one looking at pictures of dicks, it's ok to admit if you got a kink bro" etc.

Turn it, marginalise it, ignore it. If you are hurting don't show it to these people, they thrive of your pain. If they share the pictures report it to the police because that is essential sexual harassment and it's illegal. Those dudes sound like they could use a reality dose.


AleGolem t1_j6s0hda wrote

In the grand scheme of life, naked pictures are less than nothing. It's assumed that at some point you will be naked in front of someone, sometimes quite eagerly, so it's of no consequence if other people also see you naked.


Celectionn OP t1_j6s0rtr wrote

Didn't you read? on these godamn pitcures it seems like i have a micropenis and now these pictures are at risk of being shared online, i already got bullied a the party by a girl what happens next when everyone see the pictures? sorry didn't wanna come off rude but like this is not just "naked" its more thant that i don't give a f**ck if some people see me naked you don't get bullied for just being "naked"


F4RM3RR t1_j6spfbl wrote

Seriously, very easy fix here -

HANG OUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE. If you’re an adult, How are you getting bullied? Go somewhere else. You are in charge of your own life. Sure (if you continue hanging around these assholes) the MIGHT continue to rag you for this, but if their collective lives are so small that they cannot move beyond this one thing, they aren’t going far and you can trust they won’t follow your future.


Eldryanyyy t1_j6s6yid wrote

So you’re afraid tons of girls are going to go online and look at naked pictures of you?


Celectionn OP t1_j6sb0ap wrote

i'm afraid of being bullied by boys and girl alike,the girl bullying me at the party was kicking me between my legs laughing and saying "for what you have lol"


CortexRex t1_j6srmb2 wrote

How old are you? Are you in school? College? Stuff like this doesn't last very long, especially as you get older. Once you get out of that social group after school or whatever then this literally doesn't matter.


neontonsil t1_j6sqpc2 wrote

Bullied? You a grown adult. You don't even go to school to face these people forcefully. Just walk away from people u don't like. And it's on u for getting too wasted and passing out in a party full of strangers and untrustworthy people.


Eldryanyyy t1_j6vj7xt wrote

I don’t think it’s really an adult. And somehow the rest of the story makes no sense either.


Katters8811 t1_j6yyqwg wrote

Are you saying the bitch at the party assaulted you?? Dude, sooo many reasons to go to the cops..!


Celectionn OP t1_j6z0hzp wrote

i have no proof for anything :/


No proof she assaulted me :/


No proof for the blackmail :/


Katters8811 t1_j704ybf wrote

So what? You reporting it will still force a paper trail in case they do try to release photos/blackmail you, etc. you need to report it dude. This is so not okay at all!!

Edit: hypothetically- if this somehow turns into a HUGE like life altering situation for you, it will mean SO MUCH MORE if you report now instead of waiting around and trying to claim all this happened at a later date.


abused_toilet_paper t1_j6s0l3s wrote

The public memory is very short. They will care for it if you care. They will release it so what?! When you get drunk next time and someone start joking about it show them the TRUTH 😀


RedCatte t1_j6s906k wrote

This doesn’t make much sense to me at all. Just to follow, you are at a party with a bunch of people who are not your friends.. why? You get drunk.. okay.. you ‘end up’ in a cold shower somehow.. people end up in the bathroom with you taking pictures.. somehow. You don’t cover up, for some reason.. and now you go on Reddit being suicidal?


You have one post on Reddit…


People are too friendly here, and gullible.


Celectionn OP t1_j6sa4xp wrote

throwaway account obviously

I had some friends at the party

Its not somehow they are bullies didn't know that they would go and take pictures,what do you mean cover-up?


and why the fuck would i lie about that this is humiliating,if i wanted to lie i would have said something like that under that shower people saw that i have a horsec**ck and now every girl in town wants some and i have multiple harems, my story is not glorifying, since when guys lie on the internet in my way? generally its: "9 inch flaccid bro"


RedCatte t1_j6sb6r4 wrote

Take your hands.. place them over the area of your genitals, and tell them to get the fuck out.

In either case, if this is true.. then rethink your actions. There is a reason people assumed you were underaged, as I did. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

That being said, if suicide is in your post, then seek professional help, not Reddit.


Celectionn OP t1_j6sbxiz wrote

i did that but i was drunk and the shower had a curtain i was trying to close it but they opened it again and again and because i was drunk i didn't tought that by trying to close the curtain i was stopping to covering up..


RedCatte t1_j6scaus wrote

You have a couple options then, ignore that it happened and assume that it will be forgotten in time, find new friends or report this to the authorities and ask for legal counsel.

Also, I reiterate, get mental health guidance for your drinking issues and your mention of suicide.


Celectionn OP t1_j6sdpec wrote

thanks but I'm not an alcoholic just a dumbass that wanted to drink like i don't know... every young people? like i knew that all of them weren't my friend but i just wanted to enjoy a party you know? did i really played a stupid game? for what? wanting to enjoy myself? didn't i just got unlucky?

i don't know maybe i was dumb and you're right i've always had what i consider now a bad habit that is being optimistic about people,that bullying was just because kids are dumb but i was wrong

today i fucked up! :(


niko4ever t1_j6v7rdq wrote

In that case, dude, just talk to the police. It's super illegal to take photos of someone against their will when they're naked in a private space like a shower.

Or just threaten them that you'll call the police if they don't delete the photos


kushtiannn t1_j6s1g9u wrote

People will forget.

In the meantime: Be positive Get jacked Seek vengeance on the bullies, Rambo style


Scared-Boysenberry71 t1_j6rzwps wrote

If you're underage it's child pornography, write down their names numbers, and talk to your parents or the police. They can get huge charges.


Celectionn OP t1_j6s050s wrote

i'm not underage edited my post


Scared-Boysenberry71 t1_j6s5g0r wrote

Well then my dude stop drinking your ass off and showering at random parties, take some accountability as an adult get yourself together. Build up your self esteem and understand you're born with what you got, be happy regardless. More to life than just size. You're thinking too deep about cold/micro-size. Stop being self conscious about how the picture looks, you know what you got. Meet somebody who doesn't care about that.

Also I'd take a trip to the cops and see if there is anything they can do. Cut those people off either, shouldn't be around some immature bullying adults. Make new friends. Become somebody in life and prove your value is greater than just a "leaked picture." It's not a huge deal. It'll blow over.


Celectionn OP t1_j6seyrd wrote

It was my first time drinking

and the last :/


P41N4U t1_j6sp8ls wrote

Its still illegal taking nudes photos of you in the shower in France, even more to share them without consent.

Also its not a big deal, but you can pursue legal action. Nobody is gonna laugh or actually care about those pics


ImBrokeNowBoi t1_j6v9uou wrote

Someone taking nude pictures of you while you’re out of it is a pretty big deal, is it not?


P41N4U t1_j6wdih0 wrote

I mean we are adults. You shouldnt react like this or fall into depression because of something so insignificant.


ImBrokeNowBoi t1_j6wtxks wrote

I agree but that’s not what I meant. This is definitely something you should go to the police for. Not something you should just brush off; It’s really fucked up.


P41N4U t1_j6x37xo wrote

Yeah yeah, i also meant him to call the police imo


Celectionn OP t1_j6y31xe wrote

you don't think people with bully me for that picture?

That it's not gonna be used against me?

I'm not optimistic about that, bullies are everywhere and really people don't care? well not that girl at the party, and how many others will react the same by bullying me if this goes into social media/public?


P41N4U t1_j6yath0 wrote

If they care about it you shouldnt waste your time with them as they are kids. Also you can go to the police, im sure they can help you.


OhThatEthanMiguel t1_j71zd90 wrote

well, if they do anything with it then you'll have proof. but unless you really ashamed of your body, It's not really a problem. anyone you're interested in who would see that picture and not realize it might be a cold shower, and not wonder how whoever is showing them got the picture? isn't worth impressing anyway.

by stressing, you are giving the bullies all the power. learn to laugh at yourself to take the power away from them.


Battles9 t1_j6s2efd wrote

If anyone says anything just own it, the only reason people bully others is to get a reaction don't give them the win. Girls like confidence way more than anything else, someone else said get jacked that's always a good move. This too shall pass.


docdooom1 t1_j6sbnp5 wrote

Yeah I’m pretty sure they broke laws. You can go that route. You can go the violent route. First off you need to ask yourself why you felt the need to party with shitty people. If they’re the cool kids. They take pictures of people in the shower. You don’t want to be cool with them. So there’s no need to get blasted trying to be cool. Well you also are learning a lesson about alcohol. Never get that fucked up. You didn’t lock a door. People shouldn’t take showers at a party.

People don’t care man. You’ll be fine. Give no fucks. It happened. If you don’t care. They’ll follow suit. It may seem like a big deal. Trust me. It isn’t.


IndijinusPhonetic t1_j6s39qe wrote

It doesn’t matter if you are 12 or if you’re 75 years old. You got drunk, as young folks are often to do, and they unknowingly took pictures of you in the shower. That sure sounds like sexual assault.

Also, so a bunch of people you know think you have a small dick. Fuck ‘em. Even if your dick is 1” long fully hard, it doesn’t matter. Most every person you know right now will not be in your life for very long, and also there is always someone out there, woman or man, who is into that. You do sound very young. The world of sex isn’t as black and white as it seems to be right now. It’s a perpetually changing kaleidoscope of color that you will grow to see for what it is, and when you get to that point none of this will matter.

Also, let’s say you are hiding the truth from Reddit because you are embarrassed about what happened and you actually do have a small penis. It could be there’s a fix for that too. You could see a surgical urologist to find out if there are any surgical corrections. A lot of guys have a normal sized penis, but for some reason it doesn’t fully show.

Lastly, there is such a thing as a Grower-not-a-shower. Guys make look like they have a micro penis and then they get hard and have a 7” penis fully erect.

Anyways, fuck those people. You don’t need them, and there’s literally like 7.8 billions other people out there. You don’t HAVE to see any of those people much longer if you don’t want to.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s2cq9 wrote

You could always get ahead of the game.

Watch a good porno, beat that thing until it's huge, take a picture and spread it all over the internet so everyone knows you don't have a micro penis...


WarXMT t1_j6s76y5 wrote

  1. Most partners don't care about your erect size... much less your flacid size.
  2. People who bully others about this crap, usually are very insecure about themselves
  3. Bullying is illegal in most countries at any age.

Magnusg t1_j6sroi9 wrote

Any girls that tease you just need to be told repeatedly, don't knock it till you try it.


NOT000 t1_j6vfjar wrote



holyfatfish t1_j6s3kau wrote

If it's not usually that small you will have to get hard and show everyone


DonutGold4210 t1_j6s7hz3 wrote

This is why you control your drinks 😂😭


Celectionn OP t1_j6s8vol wrote

BRUH i'm NEVER drinking again you can't trust anyone


PicardTangoAlpha t1_j6s9g40 wrote

If this were a woman it would likely result in arrest for those flaunting the pictures. File a complaint.


MysteriousMrX t1_j6sdel9 wrote

Just tell people that you were in a pool. Like scream it in a high pitched nasal voice "I was in a pool!!"

70% of the time it works every time. 👌


manura23 t1_j6sijnl wrote

Jus tell them, I'm team blood


Akabaneist t1_j6slnya wrote

I was bullied for the entirety of my pre-high school life by the entire class for no other reason than being a relatively easy target.

The only thing you can do is take it in stride and at least act like you don't care. Bullying will never be rooted out completely unfortunately, kids are kids with undeveloped brains, some people never grow up either.

I used to have suicidal thoughts back then too but it didn't take impressive mental gymnastics to figure out that aside from constant excruciating pain, nothing is worth the burden and emotional damage you inflict on the people who care about you for life.

I certainly know it isn't easy but once you get over it you will be stronger and socially smarter for it, trust me. In a nutshell, never become a complete doormat, people will walk over you for the rest of your life.

P.S. approximately 79% of men are growers instead of showers, could use that as a small quip if confronted about it.


P41N4U t1_j6soz1x wrote

#1 Dont hang anymore with the idiots and ignore them, you dont neef them

#2 Sharing nude images without consent is a crime in you country

#3 Nobody really does care or want to see your weird shower nude pictures

You are fine, looks like some assholes and thats it. Its no big deal* dont give it any importance and ignore it or/and pursue legal action if needed.

Also, avoid drinking that much and be positive, this is nothing really


3FtU t1_j6spxl0 wrote

The key to handling any embarrassing situation is to lean into it. Don't show you are embarrassed and you will come off as playful rather than ashamed of your situation.


whyunoletmepost t1_j6srh7q wrote

So I don't know if you saw The Hangover part 2 but in it the guy who plays Chang on community has a scene where you can see his dick and it looks like a tiny button in a ball of hair. They interviewed him and he said he knows it's small but doesn't give a fuck and was happy to flash it to the world. I haven't seen you penis but it's probably bigger than his. Only you can let that shit affect you. And if they see you truly don't give a fuck it will ruin their fun. Just say "your mom said it's the biggest she ever had so...". Also for laughs watching the seinfeld episode where this happens to George. Not all women know about shrinkage!


I_Need_Leaded_GAS t1_j6ss6l4 wrote

If you are not underage and you still are this upset you might have a bit of growing up to do. Just the fact you got upset feeds their egos. And really how are you “done”? Is the whole world looking and making fun? No. You just think it’s so. It’s not and it’s only your brain doing this to you. Turn it around and use it. Own it. Show them confidence. If you feel this bad then maybe you have other problems besides this. But this? It’s not a deal breaker for life.


boomer465 t1_j6ss8bt wrote

Lean into it. Laugh about it. If anyone comes at you, make fun of how the water was cold, say trust the process, a grower not a shower - anything. They will lose interest REALLY fast if you give them zero satisfaction


Mindless_Button_9378 t1_j6ssl1f wrote

They are counting on you being upset. Don't fall for it. Make it a joke and Photoshop the pics. When they see they can't hurt you they will leave you alone and find someone else to bully.


deadwoodbuttman t1_j6svgkt wrote

Where you fucked up was by doing nothing. Should’ve either covered up, or pissed on their shoes.

Grow up and get new friends, what kind of self respecting adult has bullies?


Surf-fishing t1_j6ta38w wrote

Bro, on the extreme end, you really think if you moved countries and got a job, your employer would be like “oh I remember seeing your cock in a shower on video!”? Lol. It’s different if you did porn or something, but a random video? I wouldn’t be to concerned about the rest of your life. The worlds big. The average person knows and remembers MAYBE 1,000 people, and even that’s pushing it. Personally I know and remember about 400ish and there’s billions of people on this planet.


IGetHighAndAdoptDogs t1_j6us2y9 wrote

I’m going to give you some dumb advice that I have found works for me. Maybe it doesn’t for everyone…


When I get into uncomfortable situations, I work up the nerve and just lean into it. Your actual size is irrelevant here, but the next time someone says something about “small penis” or what not, just say something like…

Maybe so, but I more then make up for it with my mouth.


One or two times and no one will bring it up again.


uptown_josh t1_j6vnwra wrote

Dude a lot of guys are growers especially in a cold shower. Mine looks small as fuck in a cold shower. You have nothing to worry about!


CorporalDavid t1_j6z8td8 wrote

Gotta love Europe. Being super comfortable with other people's nudity isn't always a good thing


JRODthehero t1_j70vppp wrote

Own it man. The best thing you can do is absolutely and completely own it. Respond to the guys with "well at least I'm not the one with another man's dick on my phone" and to the girls with "you jealous?" or some other snarky comment. As soon as you back down, they will pounce, so hold your own


caricama t1_j6s6zn6 wrote

Here's a solution nobody is going to give you: tell your family, relatives and friends about what happened and declare that you are going to give zero fucks and that they should too not give a single fuck if they ever come across those photos from the perpetrators of this heinous act. Then, call the cops on those assholes. Problem solved. You're welcome. There is no need to take your own life or someone else's life. There only needs to be due process and appropriate repercussions for any criminal activity, including but not limited to taking photos of your private parts, threatening you and insulting you.


PacketFiend t1_j6sn2ih wrote

If this gets posted online in my country (Canada) it would be revenge porn, legally. It's a felony (indictable offense, technically).

I'm not sure about France, though. Look up the laws and contact the police. If you can afford to hire a lawyer or a paralegal to write a nastygram, send them all cease and desist notices.