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Celectionn OP t1_j6s1ycf wrote


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s22a3 wrote

France is not a third world country. I would bet the laws are very similar.


Squigglepig52 t1_j6s2he0 wrote

Yeah, no. French law can be a fair bit different than American law, dude.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s3r8f wrote

Doing a bit of googling. Seems French law is very restrictive of photos without consent. Way more so than the US. So, I'm guessing a trip to the police would do OP some good.


amm5061 t1_j6s4aby wrote

Honestly, I would have expected it. European countries tend to be ahead of the US in things like this. I would definitely report them to the police.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6s2v39 wrote

Really? Blackmail is legal?


Squigglepig52 t1_j6s87ty wrote

I don't know, because I'm Canadian, and have a different legal code.

My point was, don't make the usual "American" mistake of assuming foriegn nations have the same laws as the US or Canada.

For one, American law is based on Common Law, French is based on Civil Law.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6sbg91 wrote

Lol. Did you even read my message? No mistake was made.


I_Need_Leaded_GAS t1_j6stq29 wrote

No sweat dude. It’s just world trying to flex as if they are morally superior. Yeah. You can go to the law but if you fix yourself you turn out better for it and the idiots don’t get ahead. Crying to a court just gives the impression of weakness for things like this.


JustSomeUsername99 t1_j6swrw9 wrote

I guess it depends on how you look at it.

If a woman gets drunk and guys take advantage and post pictures or she gets raped. Should she just make herself better?

If you don't reasonably expect people to not take advantage of you, when you become incapacitated, especially if the advantage is taken when you are in a shower, where you should expect privacy, then so be it. But I would expect people to be better, and I would expect the law to back me when a crime has been committed.


I_Need_Leaded_GAS t1_j6syjgw wrote

If someone put a hand on you then this is a different problem. People aren’t better anywhere. I as a male drunk at a party with “friends” wouldn’t take this straight to the law.


TheLastShipster t1_j6zclb3 wrote

>Yeah, no. French law can be a fair bit different than American law, dude.

Yes, but in this situation it's generally different in a way that tends to benefit OP.

The First Amendment tends to make the U.S. less prone to have laws that limit your ability to share information once it's out there. In contrast, the EU has adopted many digital privacy protections that strongly regulate your ability to share information about somebody else, including their image.

Also, "blackmail" and "extortion" tend to be a crime in most developed countries, even if the precise details differ.


Elocai t1_j6w4evl wrote

EU countries usually are not diffrent but just better and uphold, like they are actually legally binding


macdawg2020 t1_j6v913u wrote

Just fucking own it dude, literally, I guarantee unless you look like that video of the naked guy in Philly, no one will care