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Scared-Boysenberry71 t1_j6s5g0r wrote

Well then my dude stop drinking your ass off and showering at random parties, take some accountability as an adult get yourself together. Build up your self esteem and understand you're born with what you got, be happy regardless. More to life than just size. You're thinking too deep about cold/micro-size. Stop being self conscious about how the picture looks, you know what you got. Meet somebody who doesn't care about that.

Also I'd take a trip to the cops and see if there is anything they can do. Cut those people off either, shouldn't be around some immature bullying adults. Make new friends. Become somebody in life and prove your value is greater than just a "leaked picture." It's not a huge deal. It'll blow over.


Celectionn OP t1_j6seyrd wrote

It was my first time drinking

and the last :/


P41N4U t1_j6sp8ls wrote

Its still illegal taking nudes photos of you in the shower in France, even more to share them without consent.

Also its not a big deal, but you can pursue legal action. Nobody is gonna laugh or actually care about those pics


ImBrokeNowBoi t1_j6v9uou wrote

Someone taking nude pictures of you while you’re out of it is a pretty big deal, is it not?


P41N4U t1_j6wdih0 wrote

I mean we are adults. You shouldnt react like this or fall into depression because of something so insignificant.


ImBrokeNowBoi t1_j6wtxks wrote

I agree but that’s not what I meant. This is definitely something you should go to the police for. Not something you should just brush off; It’s really fucked up.


P41N4U t1_j6x37xo wrote

Yeah yeah, i also meant him to call the police imo


Celectionn OP t1_j6y31xe wrote

you don't think people with bully me for that picture?

That it's not gonna be used against me?

I'm not optimistic about that, bullies are everywhere and really people don't care? well not that girl at the party, and how many others will react the same by bullying me if this goes into social media/public?


P41N4U t1_j6yath0 wrote

If they care about it you shouldnt waste your time with them as they are kids. Also you can go to the police, im sure they can help you.


OhThatEthanMiguel t1_j71zd90 wrote

well, if they do anything with it then you'll have proof. but unless you really ashamed of your body, It's not really a problem. anyone you're interested in who would see that picture and not realize it might be a cold shower, and not wonder how whoever is showing them got the picture? isn't worth impressing anyway.

by stressing, you are giving the bullies all the power. learn to laugh at yourself to take the power away from them.