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Celectionn OP t1_j6sb0ap wrote

i'm afraid of being bullied by boys and girl alike,the girl bullying me at the party was kicking me between my legs laughing and saying "for what you have lol"


CortexRex t1_j6srmb2 wrote

How old are you? Are you in school? College? Stuff like this doesn't last very long, especially as you get older. Once you get out of that social group after school or whatever then this literally doesn't matter.


neontonsil t1_j6sqpc2 wrote

Bullied? You a grown adult. You don't even go to school to face these people forcefully. Just walk away from people u don't like. And it's on u for getting too wasted and passing out in a party full of strangers and untrustworthy people.


Eldryanyyy t1_j6vj7xt wrote

I don’t think it’s really an adult. And somehow the rest of the story makes no sense either.


Katters8811 t1_j6yyqwg wrote

Are you saying the bitch at the party assaulted you?? Dude, sooo many reasons to go to the cops..!


Celectionn OP t1_j6z0hzp wrote

i have no proof for anything :/


No proof she assaulted me :/


No proof for the blackmail :/


Katters8811 t1_j704ybf wrote

So what? You reporting it will still force a paper trail in case they do try to release photos/blackmail you, etc. you need to report it dude. This is so not okay at all!!

Edit: hypothetically- if this somehow turns into a HUGE like life altering situation for you, it will mean SO MUCH MORE if you report now instead of waiting around and trying to claim all this happened at a later date.