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Celectionn OP t1_j6sbxiz wrote

i did that but i was drunk and the shower had a curtain i was trying to close it but they opened it again and again and because i was drunk i didn't tought that by trying to close the curtain i was stopping to covering up..


RedCatte t1_j6scaus wrote

You have a couple options then, ignore that it happened and assume that it will be forgotten in time, find new friends or report this to the authorities and ask for legal counsel.

Also, I reiterate, get mental health guidance for your drinking issues and your mention of suicide.


Celectionn OP t1_j6sdpec wrote

thanks but I'm not an alcoholic just a dumbass that wanted to drink like i don't know... every young people? like i knew that all of them weren't my friend but i just wanted to enjoy a party you know? did i really played a stupid game? for what? wanting to enjoy myself? didn't i just got unlucky?

i don't know maybe i was dumb and you're right i've always had what i consider now a bad habit that is being optimistic about people,that bullying was just because kids are dumb but i was wrong

today i fucked up! :(


niko4ever t1_j6v7rdq wrote

In that case, dude, just talk to the police. It's super illegal to take photos of someone against their will when they're naked in a private space like a shower.

Or just threaten them that you'll call the police if they don't delete the photos