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Katters8811 t1_j6yyqwg wrote

Are you saying the bitch at the party assaulted you?? Dude, sooo many reasons to go to the cops..!


Celectionn OP t1_j6z0hzp wrote

i have no proof for anything :/


No proof she assaulted me :/


No proof for the blackmail :/


Katters8811 t1_j704ybf wrote

So what? You reporting it will still force a paper trail in case they do try to release photos/blackmail you, etc. you need to report it dude. This is so not okay at all!!

Edit: hypothetically- if this somehow turns into a HUGE like life altering situation for you, it will mean SO MUCH MORE if you report now instead of waiting around and trying to claim all this happened at a later date.