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YourLifeCanBeGood t1_ja8btvs wrote

Also, your dad should contact the bank that issued the card that was used to pay for the service; explain what happened; and request a charge back.

If you can provide screenshots of the contradicting info, that will help your case.


Your_Daddy_ t1_ja8m4r8 wrote

YTTV is pretty good about pro-rating the service. If you have only had it 2 weeks and cancel, they will refund the time not used.

That may have changed though - in the early days YTTV was very flexible with a 30 days free trial. Now its like 3 days.


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YourLifeCanBeGood t1_jaalwga wrote

Oh! I had no idea that a request for reasonably-owed charge back that attempts to resolve proved fruitless, could result in a ban from all the Corporate products. THAT is scary.

A few years ago I'd protested a charge from Ebay for an item that never shipped and the seller was 100% nonresponsive, past his allotted time to respond. I had to protest it because eBay's position was that since I'd (in desperation; eBay wasn't helping) contacted PayPal about the fraudulent charge, that PayPal was responsible, while PayPal made eBay responsible.

I received an immediate (provisionary) credit to my bank account, and got to keep it. I will say that since then, eBay's Customer Service has greatly improved standards of customer care, and that since then, every concern has been immediately reasonably addressed, and their follow-up has been great.

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Taynt42 t1_ja8pb5a wrote

There's no reason to do that, services change and the internet can make it very hard to find the most up to date info. That doesn't really make it YTTV's fault.


bros402 t1_ja90662 wrote

No need to do a chargeback when you can just cancel and see if they pro-rate it


other_usernames_gone t1_jaa4dx3 wrote

It's not YouTubes fault there's conflicting information out there, they didn't write the articles.


YourLifeCanBeGood t1_jaa4o7p wrote

Having to spend two hours on the phone without getting anywhere might be one.


YourLifeCanBeGood t1_jaa83ha wrote

Resolving problems can be much easier than a lot of people think. That, and a lot of problems go unresolved because lots of folk prefer to have someone/something to transfer negative emotion onto.

Steps Towards Resolving Problems: Define succinctly what you want. Make sure it's reasonable, and that you function on your best behavior. Identify as many sources of possible assistance as you can. Rank-order them. Try the top one--give it a fair attempt within a reasonable period of time. Be clear, never raise your voice, and show respect to everyone you talk to. And show gratitude for every attempt to help. If one person reaches a dead end, ask to escalate. If that fails to produce the desired reasonable outcome, proceed down your list. If you've politely tried everything you can think of, without success, at least you can put the matter to rest, and figure that what you lost was tuition in the school of life.


wibblywobbly420 t1_jad4din wrote

Unless he is going to claim it was a fraudulent charge, i.e. lie, than I doubt they would do a chargeback in this case. He did order the service and YouTube will prorate the refund to the length of time they used it.


YourLifeCanBeGood t1_jad54ee wrote

...except that the prorated refund hasn't happened and has not been agreed to.

What happens in YOUR world if YT fails to refund?


wibblywobbly420 t1_jad5jyc wrote

They do offer a pro-rated refund. Just jump online and cancel. My guess is they are trying to get a full refund and they won't get it.