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other_usernames_gone t1_jaa4dx3 wrote

It's not YouTubes fault there's conflicting information out there, they didn't write the articles.


YourLifeCanBeGood t1_jaa4o7p wrote

Having to spend two hours on the phone without getting anywhere might be one.


YourLifeCanBeGood t1_jaa83ha wrote

Resolving problems can be much easier than a lot of people think. That, and a lot of problems go unresolved because lots of folk prefer to have someone/something to transfer negative emotion onto.

Steps Towards Resolving Problems: Define succinctly what you want. Make sure it's reasonable, and that you function on your best behavior. Identify as many sources of possible assistance as you can. Rank-order them. Try the top one--give it a fair attempt within a reasonable period of time. Be clear, never raise your voice, and show respect to everyone you talk to. And show gratitude for every attempt to help. If one person reaches a dead end, ask to escalate. If that fails to produce the desired reasonable outcome, proceed down your list. If you've politely tried everything you can think of, without success, at least you can put the matter to rest, and figure that what you lost was tuition in the school of life.