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ThrowMeAway_97 OP t1_j9co9ku wrote


I expect there to be all kinds of people on the internet. Those who will call me out for what I'm doing. And those who agree with it and would encourage it. Just kind of leaving it up to the internet to do its thing. Whatever it may be.


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j9dvav6 wrote

And surprisingly, despite my gripes with sexism on Reddit, almost every single person here has pointed out that you're an asshole. It doesn't even sound like you feel bad about it. It's just a very sociopathic take and I don't see this often. Even if someone passionately defended how they weren't an asshole would betray some effort to remain in the clear. But you. You just don't care.

It's astounding. I wish I believed in karma.

You're not the worst person in the world, and you might even be decent to other people. But the thing that horrified me is the senseless blase attitude of it all.

There is something clearly very wrong with you. I hope these women figure it out.


ThrowMeAway_97 OP t1_j9heoct wrote

It's hard to feel bad about something I know won't be changing any time soon. What's the point? I'd just feel like shit the whole time with nothing happening, and that just doesn't sound appealing. Do I, objectively speaking, know and understand that this is all fucked up and whatnot? That I should just own up and accept my fate? Yes. Absolutely. But if I'm being honest. I'm not going to. Not yet. That time will come. I'll accept whatever karma or shit gets thrown my way. Not gonna complain about it. I'll deserve it. But until then. I'm just gonna ride this out and just let things be things. Is that fucked? Yes. But it is what it is at this point 🤷


Love4KittyButtholes t1_j9la6gr wrote

The point of empathy is to _reduce suffering_. That's the point. The point is to be good. If you don't find a point in feeling like shit for doing shitty things, what is the point? Just hedonistically grinding your way through life fucking people over for whatever carnal or base pleasures causes you to just "ride things out" until someone catches up to you? And if the karma doesn't catchup?

When you do something unethical and no one is watching, there IS someone watching, and it's not god or some higher power, it's YOU. When you do fucked up things, you change who you are as a person. You allow yourself to marinate in the harm of others as an acceptable trade off for whatever incidental rewards you receive for the time being. You end up a different person. My argument is that you harm yourself when you harm others, you just don't totally feel it at the moment.

I'm not going to tell you that karma will catch up to you, because I've lived long enough to know that terrible things don't always happen to terrible peop.e. Some terrible people live long and get away with everything. But I can tell you, for the most part, I have not met many terrible people who were happy being terrible people. They're always acting in a way that seems insecure, attention-seeking, paranoid, or base. It's no way to live, man. You sound young, so none of this has made its mark. But someday it will.